✅ 360: Аэропорт Доха (Doha): Транзит на Мальдивы! Qatar Airways аэропорт Доха (Qatar Airport) :))

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Now we are at the airport Doha (Doha Qatar) here we make a transit change on the way to Male between our flights two and a half hours now we are in the center of the hall Here is such a bear Teddy (Urs Fischer’s Bear) is very popular tourists like to be photographed near him we are now like there is such information airport scheme and description of services which are here Duty Free Zone (DutyFree) Here’s a teddy bear Teddy yellow we are at this place for the first time we already walked and looked I came back to take a panoramic video well seen large volume of the hall people are many flights arrive and are on the decline there are all directions where do I go? we have the direction “B” (Gate) we will go there here is an airport room Doha Qatar we independently travel to the Maldives here we have a transit stop You are watching a video blog about travel TaksaTravels If you like our videos Write comments, put us a husky Subscribe to our channel Receive information about new releases You can click on the Bell In the upper right corner of the screen See you!


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