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Hi. Welcome to engVid. I’m Adam. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about
flight safety; but more specifically, I want to tell you about the things you’re going
to hear from the flight attendant on the plane – before you land, before you take off, etc. You know how they stand in front of all the
seats; they stand in the aisle and they make that whole show? Like, everything’s on video now, but they
still stand there, they put the vest on, they put the tube – the oxygen, and they tell you
where the… You know, the emergency exits are, and you
have to pay attention to all of that. So, if you’re not sure exactly what they’re
saying, I’m going to go over some of the vocabulary today that you’re going to hear during that
speech. Okay? We’re going to start with: “Fasten your seatbelt.” You’re going to probably hear this quite a
few time during the flight, because they want you to be safe, they want you to be in your
seat with your seatbelt fastened. Now, “fastened” means closed; together tightly,
securely. Right? So, how do you do that? You have your belt, which is actually the
strap that goes around, the black part; and then you have the buckle – this is the metal
part where you actually close it. The two pieces are the fittings. So, the one… One fitting goes into the other fitting, you
hear a click, and then you know it’s closed, and then you can lift the tab to open it. Okay? So that’s what it means “to fasten your seatbelt”. It means put it on, put it tight, be safe. Now, the reason you might hear it a few times
is because your plane might go through some “turbulence”. So, if you’re not sure what that means, you
know sometimes you’re on the plane and everything’s, you know, quiet and there’s that hum of the
engines, and then suddenly the plane starts shaking like this and you get all scared – not
a big deal. “Turbulence” is just basically unsteady air
movement. The air outside is not flowing in a stream,
it’s a little bit shaky, so the plane’s a little bit shaky. It’s perfectly safe; nothing to worry about. Okay? But… But just in case they have to make an emergency
landing; they have to come down because something happened, maybe the engine blew up or there’s
fire on board, so they have to land and they want you to “evacuate” the plane. “To evacuate” means to leave a place that’s
dangerous to go to somewhere safe. Now, this is not only on airplanes; if there… If your building… If you live in a building or you work in a
building and it’s on fire, the police department will come and they will evacuate everybody;
they will get everybody out and get them to a safe place. On a plane, that means it’s getting away from
the plane. Now, how do you evacuate? So, usually, because if they do an emergency
landing, it’s not at an airport so they don’t have the stairs or they don’t have the gangway. Sorry, I should have put this one on, here. The “gangway” is that… You know, that hall that when you come off
the plane, you have that hall until you get into the building. So, they don’t have that, they don’t have
stairs, so they’re going to use an inflatable slide. Okay? “Inflatable” means that it can be filled up
with air. So, that life vest that you’re going to put
on… If you land on water, you put on that yellow
life vest – that’s also inflatable; means it can be filled with air. You can inflate it. The verb: “to inflate” – to fill with air. So, they will have this big slide that’s full
of air, and you jump on it, you slide, you get off the plane, you run. Now, what might also happen with an emergency
landing is that the cabin will decompress. The cabin is the space where you’re sitting,
and it will “decompress”, means the air pressure… They adjust the air pressure to be like outside. It will decompress; it will lose all the pressure
and you will not… Won’t be able to breathe, you might have a
major headache, etc. and then the oxygen masks will fall from above you, and you put these
on and you just breathe like normal; get oxygen, be okay until the landing. Okay? So, these are all, like, cases of emergency
and safety, but there’s a few other words… There are a few other words that you need
to know to understand that they will say in their speech. Let’s look at those. So, we’re going to continue on the, you know,
emergency situations. Hopefully this never happens, but they tell
you… Again, they have to tell you all these things
in the safety speech. So, if you’re about to crash or if there’s
going to be an emergency landing, they want you to “brace for impact”. “Impact” Is basically when you touch the ground. Right? So, “brace”, basically they want you to put
your hands over your head and put them between your knees, and get ready. So, “to brace” is to support. It could also mean to lean, so you lean against
the front seat, you brace, you get ready for that impact. Okay? So that’s “brace”. Then, there’s a life vest, that yellow thing
with a tube, you can blow into it, you can fasten the belts on it, etc. Sometimes it’s called a “life jacket”. It’ll be under the seat where you’re sitting. Now, before you land or before… Before landing and before takeoff, they will
say, you know: “Please turn off all electronic devices.” So, “devices” are basically tools or machines. Phones, iPads, iPods, laptops, tablets; anything
electronic, turn it off. Once you’re… Once you’ve hit cruising altitude, you can
turn everything back on; we’re going to talk about that in a second. Now, they also tell you: “Do not tamper with”. So, if you’re a smoker and you get on an airplane,
just get used to not smoking for the length of the flight. Okay? You’re not allowed to smoke on the plane. If you go to the “lavatory”, which is the
washroom (the toilet)… If you go to the lavatory, thinking you can
smoke there, nobody will notice – they have alarms and sensors. They will know that there’s smoke and the
alarms will go off. Okay? The sensors will pick up the smoke, the alarms
will sound, you will be arrested. And they also tell you: “Do not tamper with
or disable the alarms in the washroom”. “Tamper with” means, basically, make any changes
to; manipulate. Right? So, try to turn it off so it doesn’t ring
or it doesn’t connect, or disable; turn off. So, “tamper with” – make changes to in a bad
way; “disable” – turn off in the lavatories. “Cruising altitude”. This is the height that the plane will be
at for most of the flight. Okay? The plane takes off; goes up, up, up; gets
to this height; and this is the height it’s going to stay at until it’s close to the destination. Right? That’s the cruising altitude. “Altitude” – height; “cruising” – travel. Then once they reach cruising altitude, they
say: “Okay.” The fastening seatbelt sign goes off, you
can take it off, but doesn’t matter because you can’t go anywhere, and then they will
start serving the complimentary drinks. “Complimentary” – free. Of course, you paid a lot of money for the
plane ticket, so I don’t know if you can really call it free, but they call it free; complimentary;
compliments of the airline. When you’re about to land, they will tell
you: “Please put your seats and your tray tables in an upright position.” So, you have your seat, maybe you press a
button and you’re leaning back, and you have the… The table in front of you, you’re working
on your computer or maybe having a snack. Before landing, press a button, sit back straight
up, put the table straight up. “Upright position”. Up, down, straight – safer. Okay? So, now you’re ready to fly, anywhere you
go. When they give you that little speech, the
flight attendants are standing there, the video is going – you know exactly what they’re
saying, you’re ready for anything… Hopefully none of it matters except the seatbelt. Just put it there in case because sometimes
the turbulence can actually shake you quite a bit. So, if you have any questions about any of
these words, please go to www.engvid.com; there’s a quiz – you can check your knowledge
of the words; you can also ask questions – I’ll be happy to give you answers. And if you like this video, please subscribe
to my YouTube channel, look at all the other videos around; there’s lots of helpful tips
for all kinds of travel purposes, and come back again soon – see us again. Bye-bye.


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