this video is available in multiple langauges! see the links in the video description to subscribe to this channel in a different language Ra:// Hej, my name is Ramón Patrique. I share my weekend trips and international traveling on this channel. Subscribe if you like my content. Also leave a like and share your thoughts about this video in the comments to increase my algorithmic value. Now sit back, relax and enjoy this journey. Last Winter I had the Idea to travel around northern Europe for at least a month, because I didn’t have a feeling for those areas. I have been to England and Scotland a few times as a child but now I see the world with completely different eyes. I started off by looking for good times to fly and then I requested some offers for apartments. When I booked I made sure that I had a pre-confirmed room and then I booked first the flight and then the room. Only after booking the flight and a room, I figured out where I want to fly next. I repeated this for 5 weeks of planning and then i kind of had enough and booked a flight back home. At the end I had bookings from the beginning of November til mid December. Today is November 8, 2016. Flight day to London. I stay at my family in Vienna the night before departure And I leave very early in the morning to get a train to the Blue Danube Airport Linz. I’ve booked the train ticket early so it is just 9 euro for vienna to linz, from their I have to take a regional train for 2 euro. I jump off the train in Hörsching and request the free airport shuttle service from the train station to the airport. Everyone at the airport seems to be quite happy and the whole airport experience is first class. The flight has amazing views but I don’t have a window seat so I ask my seating neighbor to take a picture, I usually don’t book window seats because the airplane was build for children and I don’t have a chance to look out of the window. After arriving in London Stansted, which is actually nowhere near London, I have a first time experience taking the bus instead of the train. it’s okay and very well organized. I strongly advise you to take the bus instead of the train when you don’t go to London Liverpool Street. I have no traffic and arrive after 53 minutes in London Stratford, which is a district in east London. I have a room right next to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with a nice view on the lee river navigation and the London Stadium, I also have a terrace but It’s too cold and we don’t have sun for tanning. It’s November, lol. Thats the end of my first day, I went back to the mall, went by some very interesting stores and got my microwave food at M&S, and now I have to go to sleep. Tomorrow is Park Walking Day, I will check out the Victoria Park, one of London’s most important historic parks. Thursday and Friday will be a combined episode about the Queen Elizabeth Park and the Westfield Mall. I will get the chance to swim in the Aquatics Stadium, the architecture is striking in the eye, most likely the most beautiful stadium you will ever see. Thanks for watching everyone! Don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up! Aaand… what else can you do? I don’t know, laeve a comment or something. Maybe I’ll reply. Laeve a comment! Let’s get something happening, down there! if you are planning to travel, fly tomorrow. Ra://


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