Ground: “Pushback in progress, you’re cleared to start the engines!” Captain: “Ok, we start engines 1 & 2.” Ground: “Roger, you’re cleared to start engines 1 & 2.” Captain: “Start engine 1.” Captain: “Start engine 2.” Captain “Ready for engines 3 & 4?” Ground: “Affirmative, I’m ready for engines 3 & 4.” Captain: “Starting 3 & 4.” Ground: “Roger that.” Guillaume: “Flaps 1…” Ground: “So, push is completed, you can set the parking brake.” Captain: “Parking brake is on, you may disconnect the tow bar.” Ground: “Ok sir.” Ground: “So I confirm: truck and tow bar are now disconnected.” Captain: “Ok, and startup is now completed, you may leave the aircraft, we’re waiting for your signal on the right handside, thank you, bye bye, good night!” Ground: “Ok, we’ll see on the right handside with the by-pass pin, have a safe flight, see you next time sir.” // Captain: “Thank you!” Guillaume: “So the truck is leaving, with one man, I assume that there’s one more, under.” Captain: “Did you hear that he wanted to welcome us soon!” Guillaume: “It’s good!” // Captain: “He said « See you next time »!” Guillaume: “I can see the by-pass pin in his hand, thumb up, the truck is leaving on the right handside.” ANTI-ICE …… OFF ECAM STS …… CHECKED PITCH TRIM …… 32% RUDDER TRIM …… 0 Guillaume: “After start checklist completed.” // Captain: “Flight controls check?” Guillaume: “So… Full up! Yes, it was ok, don’t worry. Full down… Neutral. Full left… Full right… Neutral. With you for the rudder. Full left… Full right… Neutral. It’s clear right side. Guillaume: “AFR513B, is ready to taxi.” ATC: “AFR513A, cleared to the holding point runway 04.” Guillaume: ‘Yes, AFR513A, sorry for that, so we taxi via A to the holding point 04. Thank you.” ATC: “You’re welcome.” Captain: “Clear left side.” // Guillaume: “Clear right side!” Captain: “So B2 is here, on the left… onto B.” And on B2 on the right. And after that…” // Guillaume: “Yep.” Captain: “Brake check.” Guillaume: “Pressure 0.” Guillaume: “You see those echos?” Captain: “Hmm” Guillaume: “I’ll set the tilt on 4.” Guillaume: “And I’ll switch the terrain radar on.” Guillaume: “Well, I don’t think that there’ll be many traffics today…” Captain: “Here, on the left.” // Guillaume: “Yep.” Captain: “Nobody on the left…” // Guillaume: “Clear right side.” Captain: “Now on the right, onto B.” Guillaume: “Exactly.” Guillaume: “All good!” Captain: “And it’ll be the first on the left…” Guillaume: “Yes, there’s a hotspot here, we have to be careful.” Guillaume: “And cabin is ready.” Captain: “Here on the left.” Captain: “And here it’s straight ahead: we can’t miss it!” Guillaume: “You got it!” ATC: “AFR513A, copy ATC clearance.” Guillaume: “Ready to copy ATC clearance, AFR513A.” ATC: “AFR513A is cleared to Paris via […], climb FL380.” Guillaume: “Cleared as flightplan route, cleared Paris – Charles De Gaulle. And we climb FL380, AFR513A.” ATC: “That’s correct.” Guillaume: “38’000.” // Captain: “3-80.” Captain: “Briefing?” Captain: “Nothing changed, we’ll takeoff from runway 04, 203.5 tons, configuration flaps 1, with reduced thrust, 52°C, first turn by the left, while climbing to FL380, security is 5’000, and our… oh it’s going down, that’s what I thought.” Guillaume: “It may be slightly better on the right?” Captain: “We’ll bring it back to 10 and…” Captain: “Failure trajectory is in runway axis, 2nm, ABC we’ll turn left towards DIRDU, we’ll climb to security altitude, which is 5000, we talked about the return… overweight… and if it’s an emergency we can land on 04. In case of a failure before V1, it’ll be “STOP” or “GO”; if it’s “GO”, TO/GA thrust is available. And there is a bird hazard… Questions?” Guillaume: “No. This is landscape, 4.5nm ahead. It’s the little hill in runway axis. Just to tell, so it won’t disturb you if we come back.” Captain: “Before takeoff checklist.” FLIGHT CONTROLS …… CHECKED FLIGHT INSTRUMENTS …… CHECKED BRIEFING …… CONFIRMED FLAPS SETTING …… [interrupted by ATC] ATC: “AFR513A, tower?” Guillaume: “Yes, AFR513A, listening to you.” ATC: “Please report your inital routing, from ABC.” Guillaume: “From ABC we take Upper V224, bound to SOK, then UB731, BIRNI, UT258, to [waypoint].” ATC: “Copy. Confirm exit point is BNA?” Guillaume: “BIRNI. B-I-R-N-I.” ATC: “Ok, cleared to start climb FL380.” Guillaume: “We’re cleared to climb FL380, I’ll call you back ready for departure.” Captain: “So flaps…” // Guillaume: “Yeah, where were we?” // Captain: “Flaps.” FLAPS SETTING …… CONF 1 V1, VR, V2, FLEX TEMP …… 131, 135, 143, 52°C Guillaume: “131, 135, 143, 52°C…” ATC …… SET ECAM MEMO ….. T/O NO BLUE Guillaume: “Shall I continue?” // Captain: “Yes please.” Captain: “There are lots of birds, so…” // Guillaume: “Yeah, I noticed it too.” Guillaume: “Below the line?” // Captain: “Yes.” TAKEOFF RUNWAY …… 04 CONFIRMED CABIN CREW …… ADVISED TCAS …… TA/RA ENGINE START SEL …… NORMAL PACKS ….. OFF Guillaume: “Before takeoff checklist completed.” Guillaume: “Are you available?” // Captain: “Yes.” Guillaume: “AFR513A is fully ready for departure.” Guillaume: “AFR513A is fully ready for departure, runway 04.” ATC: “AFR513A, surface wind calm, after departure, runway heading. In position, cleared for takeoff runway 04.” Guillaume: “Ok, lining up, cleared for takeoff runway 04, after takeoff runway heading; for AFR513A.” ATC: “That’s correct.” Guillaume: “I let you do it.” // Captain: “‘l’ll do it.” Airbus Callout: “Approaching runway 04.” Captain: “We’re cleared, nobody in final.” Guillaume: “I can display 037 for you.” // Captain: “Yeah.” Captain: “Or we can just take a heading… runway heading.” Guillaume: “So, we’re cleared, clear right side.” Captain: “So, takeoff.” Captain: “You advised cabin crew?” // Guillaume: “Yes, before the checklist.” Airbus Callouts: “On runway, 04.” Captain: “MAN FLEX 52, SRS” Guillaume: “You’re maybe not on the notch…” // Captain: “Corrected.” Captain: “MAN FLEX 52, SRS, A/THR BLUE.” // Guillaume: “Checked!” Guillaume: “Thrust… set!” Guillaume: “100kt.” // Captain: “Checked.” Airbus Callouts: “V1.” Guillaume: “Rotate… 5 up.” Guillaume: “Positive climb.” // Captain: “Gear up.” Guillaume: “Gear up!” Captain: “Runway track…” // Guillaume: “Checked!” ATC: “AFR513A… airborne… cleared left turn on course direct BIRNI… climb FL390.” Guillaume: “Ok, left turn to BIRNI, AFR513A, and for information we’re requesting FL380.” ATC: “Ok, stop climb 380, cleared direct BIRNI.” Guillaume: “Cleared direct BIRNI and climbing FL380, AFR513A.” ATC: “Correct. Contact radar 127.1, have a safe flight.” Guillaume: “127.1, AFR513A, bye bye!” Captain: “THR CLB, speed 250 managed, NAV BIRNI.” Guillaume: “Check.” Guillaume: “Departure, this is AFR513A, good evening, 3000ft, climbing to 380, on course to BIRNI.” ATC: “AFR513A, identified on departure, on the radar control, cleared to BIRNI, direct from present position. FL390, […]” Guillaume: “Ok, so, we’re too heavy for 390, so we can accept 370 or 380, AFR513A, setting course to BIRNI.” Captain: “Flaps 0.” // Guillaume: “Speed check.” ATC: “Confirm you request 370?” Guillaume: “We’re able 380, but if we need odd flight level, we can accept 370.” ATC: “From BIRNI, you’re turning east, and no traffic to… odd level… so I’m clearing you… […] standby.” Captain: “What is he talking about…?!” Guillaume: “And for the moment, we’re far from it…” Guillaume:” I’ll put 37’000 blue, is it ok?” // Captain :”Yes.” Captain: “Transition was 5’000, we’re approaching transition… standard.” Guillaume: “I didn’t release the cabin crew yet.” Guillaume: “STD set. Crosscheck… passing FL048… now.” // Captain: “Checked. You can release them.” Captain: “And after takeoff / climb checklist.” LANDING GEAR …… UP FLAPS ….. RETRACTED PACKS …… ON BARO REF …… STD SET Guillaume: “STD set, after takeoff / climb checklist completed.”


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