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Aircraft unusual events compilation #1
I have simply made a collection of what I think fits together. Some of these qualify as official accidents but the main theme is that these events could have turned out much worse. Bell 206 Long Ranger – Pilot does not have right of way and should not be around taxiways – thats why you buy a helicopter! Airbus – awful landing with tail strike. Boeing 747 – releases parking brake too soon! R44 helicopter – maybe the student pilot forgets what the cyclic control does? Not sure of the type of helicopter but its heading for a roll over!! This is what an actual, official near miss (or near collision) looks for all you new you tube people! (I have seen many videos where the “near miss” was miles) (speaking Italian) Notice the contrail of the approaching aircraft (speaking Italian) And in case that wasnt close enough…. here is a T38 training jet “OH MY GOD !!! ”
” YOU HAVE CONTROL” (air traffic control in background) (cleans out pants) “ok lets go home” 747 airplane – rejected takeoff because of #1 engine compressor stall/surge “fire #1, hes aborting…. yeah” Suhkoi fighter – all this aircraft needed was to be a couple of centimetres lower and the hook would have grabbed the arresting cable. TU144 – Russian pilots dont understand “pilot caused oscillation”. I guess if you slam the airplane onto the pavement that’s one way to deal with it.
(remember that these aircraft were scrapped partially due to design and structural issues) one two three slam I really hope this next video was some kind of test flight. I would be angry as a passenger. TAIL STRIKE while we are here, lets smash the nose gear on the runway as well !! “Ground loop” in some kind of aircraft with back tire. Looks harmless but this is why “tail draggers” can be tough to control right after landing “That looked nice” “woops” “Im glad that was on video”,
“that doesent feel right now” Eurofighter Tyhpoon – nice aircraft but the pilot nearly crashed or “bought the farm” with this stunt. “shit, shit” Airbus A340 rejected takeoff certification test – did not go as planned!! “Its braking”, “spoilers” (speaking french) “dont move”, “4 seconds”, “OK”, “time” “dont move” “6 seconds” “you can move” “power”, “its coming” , “sorry” Explosion, central wheel NO FIRE “OK Im shutting down the auxiliary power unit air system ” Explosion of the right Fire is starting, central wheel Yes Fire, fire on the central Oh its not a big fire No Tell him not to start (with water) No intervention yet No intervention No intervention yet Its not an important fire (french) , We are looking Well, hes not listening Well, its their job. We are forced to spray some (water/foam) We wont extinguish the fire (pilots) OK lets got ouf of this plane Yes, they should bring the stairs Stairs ?! Are they already fire fighting ? Yes he is already spraying Shit Explosion central wheel Well we have to leave !! (pilots) They should bring the stairs!! The stairs, damn ! Please bring the stairs now The stairs! Evacuate, evacuate! The stairs!! OK, we are leaving. Shit, its the (wheel) metal block which is exploding. Yes, its burning. Its burning well. Ok guys Im leaving. Oh shit Whats going on down there ? A 74 nearly hits a fence at ST. Maarten airport.
This place is famous for a beach where new tourists get thrown into the water during a large airplane departure and landing aircraft cut your hair during arrival.
Years ago, an Air France 747 took out the fence, and probably some hair as well. Korean Airlines 777 – watching this plane land was just painful, almost like the flight crew couldnt device if to land or not. Why werent the spoilers armed for automatic deployment at touchdown? This A320 did hit its wing tip on the ground. Near crash landing? This BAE airplane was removed for a hard landing inspection after this. The passengers sued for whiplash (just kidding). slow motion The pilot forgot to turn and pull the airplane nose up before landing and cost about 15,000,000 British pounds in damage. This E3 Sentry was trying to get fuel from a KC-135R when the tanker appears to lose autopilot control and pitch down sharply.
The miss distance was probably measured in centimetres instead of metres. Notice how the tail of the tanked rises quickly against the horizon just after the refuelling boom disconnects, causing the tanker to descend. ” go , go , go”


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