10 FASTEST Takeoff Verses

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COOKIE! MAMA! HOCKEY! ICE! Yes, today in fastest verses we will be looking
at Takeoff, the man with some of the best ad libs in the game and the one most people
considered to be the underrated Migo. As you know, he just recently dropped his
solo album The Last Rocket which my twin CDTVThaG reacted to on his channel, so I figured now
would be the perfect time to look at what his fastest verses are, and honestly some
of them are surprisingly fast. So with that being said this is CDTV, there’s
my Instagram, I’d appreciate you following cause I’m tryna hit 10k over there by the
end of the year, and let’s take off right into this list. Honourable Mentions: 12 – Hate It Or Love It (Verse 3) – 7.2 SPS Now while this doesn’t compare to the classic
Game & 50 Cent song of the same name, which Takeoff actually references in his verse,
it’s still a very enjoyable song with an impressive Takeoff verse. 11 – 1017 (Verse 6) – 7.3 SPS Now this song is weird to me, because the
instrumental for it is something that kinda starts to annoy me after 20 seconds, but Takeoff’s
verse is so good and when you combine that it just confuses my brain. The song has me conflicted but Takeoff kills
it. List: 10 – Look Alive Remix (Verse 4) – 7.3 SPS Look Alive is already one of my top songs
from Rae Sremmurd, and the Migos putting their own spin on it made for a pretty good remix
in my opinion. As with a lot of Migos tracks, Takeoff comes
in clutch to deliver the most solid verse, and he gives us a nice bit of speed while
doing so. Now I do prefer the original version of this
song, but this is not a bad alternative to that track by any means. 9 – Nawfside (Verse 2) – 7.4 SPS Each member of the Migos trio provide a great
and relatively speedy verse on this song, and that of course includes our man of the
hour, Takeoff. Hearing tracks like this actually really makes
me wish that Takeoff dropped his solo album around the time when this was released, because
whilst I still don’t think he woulda been amazing as a solo artist back then, he seemed
to rap with a lot more force and passion when this dropped. Not to say he never does that now, but it
was something that to me was severely lacking on The Last Rocket. 8 – Came to Party (Verse 3) – 7.5 SPS Unlike most of the songs on the project this
song came from, and just most Migos songs in general, we have Offset performing the
hook here, making for a nice switch up from Quavo doing them, and his hook leads perfectly
into Takeoff’s energetic verse. Now one thing you’re gonna notice with almost
all of these verses is that the lyrics are all very similar, with Takeoff commonly dropping
lyrics about “trapping and dabbing” and jewelry etc. but that really shows how good
his flow is when it can make these repetitive lyrics sound smooth as hell. 7 – Run It Up (Verse 2) – 7.5 SPS Here we have another verse that shows Takeoff
is perfect for coming through killing guest verses. The flow switches he pulls off here keeps
his verse changing up, and he was a fitting replacement for Skippa Da Flippa, who featured
on the original version of this track. Also, Jose Guapo should sue Lil Pump for copyright
infringement, because this track was released in 2015, before Pump had even released a song,
and Jose clearly drops an esketit at the start of this track (Play clip). Absolutely despicable, I guess Pump isn’t
the original rapper we all thought he was. 6 – Narcos (Verse 3) – 7.5 SPS This was the best song, or at least one of
the best, on the overloaded Culture II album and Takeoff’s verse definitely enhances
the track a lot. This song stood out as it was one of the few
tracks on the album that actually had a kind of interesting theme to it with the whole
Narcos idea, with the instrumental itself contributing to this idea too. And Takeoff’s flow is beautiful here, and
his calm delivery he employs makes the verse sound even smoother. He honestly was the highlight on most of the
Culture II tracks, and that is the case with this song. 5 – Fall Back (Verse 3) – 8.1 SPS And at number 5 we’ve already hit an 8 syllable
per second verse, which is pretty impressive for someone who isn’t typically considered
as a speed rapper, I didn’t think he’d have so many verses above this threshold. This track showcases why Takeoff is often
the best member of the group to have the last verse on a track, because he really does make
sure this one closes out strong. From bar one he instantly launches into rapid
flowing, giving the track the energetic finish that it deserves and showing that saving the
best till last is always a pretty good idea. 4 – Migo Flippin’ (Verse 1) – 8.2 SPS This was a collaboration between Takeoff and
Skippa Da Flippa, and they made an incredibly entertaining song with this one. The hook is already pretty enjoyable, with
Takeoff and Skippa both performing different parts of it, but oh my god when Takeoff’s
verse hits things step up to the next level. This definitely contains one of his smoothest
flows, and is one of those songs where once he starts rapping, he just does not take a
second to press the brakes. This track also makes me realise that sometimes
people don’t give Takeoff enough credit for his rhyme schemes. Whilst he does have repetitive lyrics, he
often has very smooth internal and multisyllabic rhymes, and that sometimes goes under-appreciated. 3 – Don’t Tellem Remix (Verse 3) – 8.3 SPS This has definitely become one of my favourite
Takeoff verses, there’s no question about it, he 100% takes the spotlight on this remix. One thing you’ll notice with a lot of the
verses on this list is that quite a few of the verses were essentially slight variations
of the same flow, but that isn’t really the case with this one. I can’t think of many other occasions where
Takeoff legit sounds like he’s going almost at chopper speeds, but that’s what he does
with this. With his enunciation also being pretty damn
solid, it shows that Takeoff has the most potential as a speed rapper in the trio. On top of that, something about his delivery
sounds a bit more emphatic than usual, and this only enhances how rapid the verse sounds. He did an amazing job on here. 2 – Bars (Verse 2) – 8.5 SPS Here we have another song on this list from
YRN 2, which is probably one of the most impressive Migos albums in terms of Takeoff verses. It’s always fun to look at which member
did best on which album, and I think Takeoff took this one with tracks like Commando, Fall
Back, Trippin’ and this song, Bars. This one is pretty great because unlike most
Migos songs, it just features back to back verses with no hook, just a straight five
minutes of the trio going off. I don’t know if we’ll ever hear many more
tracks from the Migos like this because they seem more concerned with making catchy hits
now rather than bar focused tracks, but at least we can always revisit tracks like this. Every member impresses on here, not least
of all Takeoff. 1 – Bachelor (Verse 2) – 8.7 SPS This verse is just non-stop speed and it is
very impressive. I’m not lying when I say Takeoff’s entire
verse sounds exactly like that 10 second snippet you just heard, he does not take a pause after
he gets going on this one. This is one of the few Migos songs where Quavo
actually raps fast too, so I guess Takeoff decided to kick it up a notch just to make
sure he wasn’t being outrapped on this one. In fact, now that I think about it, this just
might be the fastest Migos song as a whole, not just Takeoff’s. The album this comes from is probably the
most impressive display from the Migos in terms of speed overall, so if that’s what
you want, check this project out. All 3 members come through and destroy it,
and as you know by now, this results in the fastest verse that we have received from the
man who was left off bad and Boujee so far.


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