10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Visiting New York City !

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What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon and us New Yorkers are used to some pretty crazy things living here But on your first visit to the Big Apple There’s going to be some things that I think will surprise you So today i’m going to be sharing 10 Things That Will Shock You about Visiting New York City Make sure to leave me a comment down below Telling me something shocking about your city Here we go This place is dirty And it’s not a knock against the city’s sanitation workers In Manhattan alone on any given work day there’s over 4 million people here New York City has a population greater than 40 of the 50 U.S States It’s just tough to keep clean And you’re commonly going to walk past trash strewn in many parts of the streets And then there’s the disgusting stuff Like puke, poop, other unidentifiable things you may run into from time to time And as somebody who may be coming from small town America I think this could be your greatest shock It’s really loud here No joke finding peace and quiet in New York City Can be very difficult We’ve got sirens, we got trucks We have people blasting music, honking horns It’s something that you just kind of get used to living here But noise pollution is a serious thing in New York City And something that can definitley shock you.. Depending on where you’re coming from There’s so many things that could shock you about the New York City subway system The first of which is I don’t think it’s that complicated Now Tokyo.. that’s one complicated subway system Your best bet for New York City on your first trip here Is to use Google Maps on your phone It’ll help you out a lot One thing you’re definitley going to see here If you take the subway enough Are rats Rats running on the tracks over there So if you don’t like the site of rats Do yourself a favor and don’t stare down below at the tracks At any point while you’re waiting for a train Another thing that will shock you Is when you’re riding a subway car your’e crammed next to a lot of people And from time to time.. You’re going to run into some.. Mentally unstable folks Who are shouting Cursing Doing weird things.. Usually they’re not going to bother you
But I think it could be a bit of a shock
To see.. That sort of behavior.. people sleeping on the seats People who haven’t showered in a while One piece of advice If you get onto a subway car.. And nobody’s on it And all of the other cars are packed There’s usually a reason for it Homelessness is sadly a problem in New York City As it is in many cities around the world You are likely to get approached multiple times a day Being asked for money There’s going to be a lot of people begging on different corners Holding up signs Asking for food Asking for money
Depending on where you are And as a resident of this city It’s sadly something that you just get used to seeing And I think if you come from a place in the United States Where you can leave your front door unlocked at night It could be.. A really big culture shock Now if you do want to help out combat homelessness I’m leaving a link down below in the description to coalition for the homeless If you want to donate your time, your money, or goods Check them out You’ve probably realized how diverse New York City is Before even coming here But did you know that there’s over 800 languages spoken in New York On any given day And that 40% of the population here.. was born outside of the United States This.. is the most diverse place.. on earth The cab driver whose going to pick you up from JFK Is likely not to have English as his first language And the diversity goes beyond culture And it also goes into politics, religion, sexuality Visiting New York City is a place for people who need to be open minded.. and that’s something That you’ve got to be aware of You may be shocked to hear that it’s actually easier to find Halal Trucks than it is Hot dog carts around New York City And not all shocks on this list are a bad thing Especially if you’re a big late night eater like I am What taco trucks are to L.A Halal carts are to New York City Rice, Chicken, Veggies.. it’s cheap And you bet it’s delicious In all the movies New Yorkers have such a bad reputation for being rude Or obnoxious But the truth is.. if you just ask for help We are more than willing to assist you I have helped out tourists with maps, who’ve looked lost before Heck I had a stranger walk up to me Because I dropped this very glove about 10 minutes ago All of that stuff is just stereotype Definitley not true But the one thing that get locals the most upset Is when you walk slowly in front of them That’s the only thing I have to say There’s many big cities in the world that are just not pedestrian friendly New York is not one of them You can walk just about anywhere You can walk over the George Washington Bridge You can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge Anywhere in Manhattan Up to Down Bring comfortable walking shoes This is an extremely pedesterian friendly city People here complain disregard traffic signals and the crosswalk They cross the street and jaywalk basically
Wherever they want And i can usually tell who are the tourists are because they actually wait.. Politely at the crosswalk.. It’s not like Vietnam where people are zigging and zagging there way through oncoming traffic But if we’re in New York and a local sees no cars coming.. We’re going to cross the street And I had a bit of a reverse culture shock when I was in Tokyo And I saw all the people there stopping at night There were no cars in site anywhere And they still waited until the signal changed You’re going to discover how expensive New York City is before you even arrive here When you begin to look at hotels Unless it’s the dead of winter like it is right now Hotel prices can be pretty ridiculous But it’s not just hotels I’ve covered cheap food before on this channel Check out that playlist.. But generally speaking Restaurants can cost you a lot of money It is tough to get a drink And an entree for under 30 dollars in many places And then if you want to go out after to a bar Or a club A lounge We’re talking about 9 to 10 dollar beers in many spots 15 dollar cocktails It can add up very quickly And that is something I can see shocking a lot of people Since I couldn’t narrow this list down to just 10 potentially shocking things I’m giving one bonus And when you come from smaller places in the United States There’s this strip mall culture Where you can go to just one location and get your food shopping, get your errands done, go to a restaurant All in little segmented areas While in New York there’s a lot more mom and pop shops We do have the chain restaurants.. but most New Yorker’s don’t commonly eat at them And that’s why I’m always telling my viewers If you’re in Times Square, don’t eat at the Olive Garden There is so much to explore here And that’s one of the many things that makes New York City so unique in the United States Is there are so many individually owned restaurants and places To explore Tell me down below in the comments what was the biggest shock when you first came to New York City Or if you haven’t visited what your most anxious about Be sure to subscribe if you’re new for more tips, tricks, and adventures From New York City and beyond Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time Guys we have a new co-host Is it a girl or boy? A boy.. what’s his name? Snacks. Snacks.. Snacks wants me to ride him like a horse..


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