#103 — Ever Miss A Flight? Airport Lessons Learned in Bangalore


It’s the Hotel Guys, Paul and Rich. We arrived in Darjeeling a few hours ago. But we’ve had quite a day and we want to tell you a
little bit about getting here. Well at our hotel we were supposed to have had a 3 a.m. wake-up call which never came. And fortunately Paul had been up for hours.
Yeah. And our flight was at 5:30 a.m. Right, so we ordered a car from the
airport to take us at 3:45 but we didn’t leave until 5 or so after. No 4:10. Yeah, 10 after 4. We got onto the toll road except it
was a big delay getting through the toll booth. And we would think at 4 a.m.
there’s not much going on. We did. Wrong assumption. Yes, we should have left earlier. So we get to the airport and you have to present your credentials in order to enter the terminal. And there was no internet right there. So we had
waited in the queue and I couldn’t bring up our online boarding passes. So we
stepped out of line and went over to the machines. We tried three machines and at that point I was sweating profusely because I knew we could not possibly
make it. To print the boarding pass. No I didn’t think that. To print our
boarding passes. Was what the machine was all about. Right. So they
kept saying you check in at the counter. So I figured out that there was just no
internet right underneath where the guys were looking at our credentials. So I
stepped away from the terminal loaded the boarding passes, got back in line. And
we get inside. We check our bags with relative ease. We get to the security and… We knew we weren’t gonna make it.
So we flagged down a few people. Oh my gosh yes. And they helped push us through to get our our bags through security scan. And lo and behold both of my bags
got called. But mine didn’t. So I’m pulling all the stuff into —
and telling Rich, I have your phone, I have this, I have that. I’m gonna run to
the gate and if they won’t hold the plane — I didn’t think they’d actually hold it — but I just see what was going on let ’em know you were coming. It
turns out there were a number of people that were in the same predicament we were. Maybe seven or eight. Maybe even more. Long story short we were able to get on the flight. And we had a wonderful flight. It
was a three-hour flight actually up from Bangalore. But our tip would be to get to the Bangalore Airport earlier than the hotel
might say. My tip would be if in India, you get to any airport earlier
than you think you need to be. And we know better. We were making some really bad assumptions. We were. That such an early flight would be somehow easier and
it wasn’t really easier on any count. Well after — we’re jet-lagged already.
I’m still jet-lagged… But here we are in Darjeeling and we survived. The ride up to the 7,200 foot elevation community is at
our fingertips. From Siliguri. What was it? A two and a half hour
drive up? It was beautiful. Amazing! So here we are. And we’re gonna start our trip.
But we thought it’d be fun to share with you. Everybody’s wondering how we’re
doing. And we will be posting pictures. No guarantee on the internet quality. We’ll do our best. It’s pretty bad. So he’s Rich. And he’s Paul. And we’re the Hotel Guys.
Take care everybody and keep traveling.
We’ll see you next time you


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  1. Nancy Ward

    September 3, 2019 2:45 am

    OMG! I would have probably just turned around and gone back to the hotel and climbed into bed. Good on you for persevering.

  2. Roger Schoepf

    September 5, 2019 12:59 am

    Yeehaaaa…..love being late to the airport and finding a LINE! I once got to LAX in the 80's 10 minutes before my flight was to leave. I ran through the terminal, back when you could do that, and made it on just before they closed the doors. So happy you guys made it!!


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