12 TRAVEL HACKS to Save You Time, Space, and MONEY!


This video will show you 12 travel hacks to
save you time, space, and money. If you are new here, why hello! Be sure to click the subscribe button and if you’ve been here for a while, click that notification bell so you can get the travel, food, and
weirdness right when its happening Today I’m going to walk you through the process of booking flights, packing, and boarding your flight the day-of. Before we hack away, heh, so funny this video is sponsored
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hack (and it’s really really good) Okay, let’s begin! Let’s start with searching for flights and booking tickets. Number 1, there’s a hack that people talk about about turning off your cookies when looking for flights So the idea is that when you’re searching for flights, travel websites will then store your web-browsing activities in a cookie, and then they’ll up the price because they see a demand People go, “clear your cookies!” Well this is actually not true. It’s been debunked by airline software developers It’s only kind of true for third party websites like Kayak. But actually airline websites, they want you to book the flight So they’re not going to bump it up just because you’ve been searching. A true hack is to change the destination from where you are booking. Some people say you need to connect to a VPN, but I love just changing it right on the website. For example, if you’re looking to go to South America, Instead of booking from the US, I’d change to an actual country in South America and pay in pesos. Often times, the conversion comes out cheaper than if you were to pay in dollars. Two, using hopper to check for cheaper flights Hopper is an app that analyzes tons of flights to tell you when is the best time to fly. For example, if I wanted to go to Thailand
from San Francisco, I plug it in and I can see when is the cheapest. So it looks like September is pretty good. Once I select the dates, Hopper will tell me whether or not I should book right now, or if I’m not ready to book, that I could watch for deals There’s also price prediction and some travel tips so you don’t have to book blindly from now on. Three, Hidden city ticketing. Now, this method is very much frowned
upon by airlines and there’s a lot of things that could go wrong but, if you’re willing
to risk it, you can be saving half of what you’d originally pay. The idea is if you were flying from LA to
Dallas one-way that’d be $250 but that same day, there’s also a ticket from LA to Austin with the stop
in Dallas that’s $150. You’d buy that flight to Austin but exit
the airport in Dallas. Of course you can’t have checked bags and
this doesn’t work so well for roundtrips. The go-to website for this hack is Skiplagged. They’re so good at finding deals, United
Airlines actually sued them for it. Number four, check for FREE stopovers. What’s a stopover? A stopover lets you stay in a connection city
for longer than 24 hours. The idea is that you can explore two cities
for the price of one. For example, international travelers flying
on Hawaiian Airlines can stopover in Honolulu. Icelandair lets you stay up to seven nights
in Reykjavik, Air Canada lets you stop over in Toronto or Vancouver and there are
so so so much more. When you sign up for a travel credit card
such as Chase Sapphire, you’d get around 50,000 travel points. It might change up and down You can turn these points into miles
by transferring them to participating airline partners. The real hack is knowing how to use these points
efficiently so that you can get more for less points. For example let’s say I want to fly to Hawaii. On United it might cost me 23,000 miles. But if I transfer the points to Singapore
Airlines – it’ll only cost me 17,000 miles. WHEW that was a lot of information on saving
money when booking flights. Now let’s clear up some space in your mind
– and in your luggage. Its time to pack for your trip. Here’s some quick and easy packing tips. Everybody knows rolling saves space. Here’s a little trick to roll the t-shirts
so it doesn’t expand. You want to save all the space you can, so what you want to do is put your shoes in a shower cap and then your socks into your shoes. If you are a girl and have a hot curling or straightening iron, bring along an oven glove It’s just a simple go-to solution to store things. Or, I learned this hack from my good friends Cara and Nate, if you have camera gear, or anything breakable, this is my stabilizer, the oven glove is super great to keep stuff from scratching or damaging. When you buy a regular toiletry bag, it takes up a lot of space on the sink, and it’s really spillable. You can just get a hanging toiletry bag to keep all your stuff in one place and out of the sink. Also to keep it dry! If you don’t have room to pack a travel pillow but you have a sweater, what you can do is convert your sweater into a travel pillow and just bring it with you as a carry on. It’s travel day time! On the day of your flight, there’s some things you can do to ensure you save time and to make sure it’s a more pleasant experience. This one is really only for U.S. but if your country
has a similar program, please share it with everyone in the comments below. You may have heard of TSA Pre-Check which
lets you skip security lines on domestic flights. Take it a step further and apply for Global
Entry, which includes TSA Pre-Check. Global Entry is a Customs and Border Protection
program that makes getting in and out of the US so much easier. And if you guys fly international, you KNOW that sometimes it really takes forever. The last hack – well there’s actually a bonus if you stay until the end – if you want to make the actual flight experience pleasant, buy a bag of chocolate or some kind of snack, and when you’re boarding the flight, give it to the flight attendant. While this may not always work and you should
do this out of the generosity of your heart many people have reported that they got treats or upgrades in return. In general, you guys, making the flight crew happy is going to make the overall flying experience so much better. Happy crew, happy flight. Alright! You’ve made it this far, be sure
to give this video a big thumbs up because I’m about to reward you with a bonus hack. Getting bumped from your seat for airline
credit or giftcards. Now, hear me out. There are actually people who search for these full time, And you’re going to see why. Many airlines purposely overbook because of cancellations. So during holidays or busy travel seasons, you’ll most likely run into a situation where you’re at the gate and the flight attendant goes on the speaker and says “is there anyone who wants to volunteer their seat?” In exchange for your seat on this busy flight, airlines will give you anywhere from $300 to $1000. If you’re on a flight that’s really overbooked, you can even negotiate and bump it up to $1300 or more! Isn’t that crazy? Especially if it’s just a domestic flight. That costed you $200. There’s actually a whole system behind getting on a full flight. And the best website or resource for that is Expert Flyer. Recently, a woman was able to get $11,000 worth of airline credit because she gave up her seat for a busy weekend. It’s pretty pretty crazy. WHOO! Oh my gosh, that was a lot of good stuff huh? Thank you so much everyone for watching this travel guide on tips and trucks to save you time, space and money. If you enjoyed it, please give it a big thumbs up, leave some love in the comments below, and share it with your travel buddies, I appreciate you I love you, and I’ll see you next
time! Bye!


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