15-Year-Old STREET PERFORMER turns into Austarlia’s next BIG STAR! | Journey #60

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I feel like we’re looking at
Australia’s next big star. Beautiful. So beautiful. Hello.
– Hi! What’s your name?
– My name is Lucy Sugarman I’m 15 years old… and I’m from Camberra
– Oh my god. Theres always been music in my house.
Mom and dad love playing their songs. My passion for music definitely
comes from the emotions that I feel… when I hear a beautiful
piece of music. Apparently one day I woke up when I was
about nine and told my parents… that I wanted to go busking. And dad figured that, because I’m pretty
quiet, no one would hear me. So he went and bought like a little amplifier
a microphone and a mic stand, so I could go out people would
hear me on the street and I managed to… be able to pay back my dad for all that
equipment after about three or four… busking sessions.
Which was awesome. I’d really like a career
where I can perform. I just want to connect with people,
write songs that people relate to and love. Music will always be around for me.
The world without music… would be pretty lame,
I must say. What made you choose a
David Bowie song? Well David Bowie had always
been around in my household… I mean, I knew hero’s, I knew life on Mars
I love those songs but… I think unfortunately for me, when he passed
away was when I started getting in to Bowie. Yeah, so thats why I chose the song. Well the good news for you is, the only thing
I left school with was A-level Bowie. I actually have my Bowie
battle scars on my arm. Wow, that’s awesome. And that doesn’t mean I’m the
right coach for you. Obviously, you’re not just gonna spend
the whole time singing Bowie songs. But clearly you’re attracted to
David Bowie’s individuality. And I’ve spent my entire career being an
individual and a maverick. And to be inspired by something like that
at 15 that’s just the most beautiful…. thing in the the universe.
– Thank you. If you came to team George
we definitely explore that together. Thank you so much. What a wonderful performance.
I really, really enjoyed it. The reason I turned around as quickly
as I did was because… It’s always a risk taken on a song like that.
But your approach to it is really what… impressed me so much.
– Thank you so much. It was awesome and so what I did is
I turned around quickly… so that I could really
kind of see your performance. Cause it was the first couple of bars
I was pretty convinced…. by the tone of your voice
which is wonderful. I’d really love to work with you,
I think you’re wonderful. – Thank you so much. You know what I love, you’re 15
and you did it with ease. I’m so impressed. I got my first record deal
at 15 one of my first Grammy’s at 16. I feel like we’re looking at
Australia’s next big star. And feel like we’re looking at a real artist,
and I would love to be a coach Thank you so much! Alright, I have to choose. Seal, Seal! Do you want any help at all?
– Can I have a bit of help please? Thank you. I would so know
what to do with you. I can’t believe this just happened. Can I just say something? I’m not standing up
because I don’t want to intimidate you. I want you to feel… I don’t feel intimidated though,
I love you guys. I’m standing up in my heart, I’m floating
above you in my heart. Thank you. But listen,
this is the way the industry is honey. When people do want to work with you
they’re gonna put themselves on the line… Because they see great talent
in front of them. So they don’t mind putting themselves out
there and being like… I want to work with you, I want to
work hard with you. I wanna see you grow,
I wanna see you be great here. Ooh, I love it. I’m gonna have to go with Seal. Thank you for turning.
– No, you are so talented. Keep shining baby, you are a star. The first group will consists of: Lucy, Liz, and Brooke. Lucy has a lot of originality and uniqueness
in both her voice and her personality. She is quite put together
she is very confident. Ok, do me a favor.
I want you to focus on letting people in. Confidence can be your worst enemy.
– Yeah. She has to show vulnerability I think
it’s important because you bring people… on the journey when you show
them your vulnerable side. The manthra that I want you to take
away with you today is: Strength through vulnerability. The knockouts are in a word brutal.
You get one shot to do it. They’re gonna have to show me. Convince me, that is the person who
needs to go through. I think you all did a really incredible
job. However the person I feel that I need… to have more time with. The person I
feel that will make me a better coach… and will benefit most
from that coaching… is Lucy. Aha, there you are.
– Hi. It is really, really weird going in blind.
And kind of not knowing… who you’re battling against. First instict was probably just
to wave and say hi. You’re gonna be battling against each
other. Really bring the best that you have. They need to prove that they’re
worthy of going through to the lives. I’ve picked a great song:
Issues by Julia Michaels. Oh that’ll be cool.
– Yeah That’s a really cool song. Yes, you say that it’s a really
cool song Lucy, but… It’s gonna require you to be quite percussive
– Yep, so that’s very different for me. And this is really what I’m looking for. The song is very different from what I
normally sing and it’s completely… out of my comfort zone. It’s called a battle for a reason.
I want them to fight, I want them to… look at each other and go, oh my god like
I’m faced with that person. You are each others’ enemy I will take
through the person I feel will be… the best representation of Team Seal. I never really imagined that I’d be
in this position, on The Voice… battling for a spot in the lives,
but the further I get the more… I just want to keep going
and keep going. I am gonna fight for my spot
that means proving to Seal that… I have diversity and that
I can sing this song. Lucy the challenge for you
was to show versatility. I feel that you showed that. And thank you for trusting me,
but I have to make a decision. There can only be one
of you that I take through. It’s gonna take uniqueness
it’s going to take originality. And I feel that the person
who showed me signs of that is… it’s Lucy. The song that I have picked for you,
is Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Well, it’s very different to everything
that I’ve ever done before. Different in what way?
– I guess it’s a big belty song… And I tend to do like more
floaty, angelic kind of things. Let’s have a crack at it and then
we’ll go from there shall we. I think Seal chose this song for me
because, it’s a test. It’s a really difficult song to
sing it’s got such a big range… And I know I can’t match Miley’s belt, so I’m
going to have to figure out… My own way to really sing this song. You have a tendency to make things your own,
so that’s why I picked this for you. Yes, the risk is great like if you mess up
then you’re exposed. But if you pull it off,
you are a champion, you win. And I have every confidence in you. you know I think everyone knows by now,
that my name for Lucy is little star. And on the best show, in the best country,
amongst the best talent she’s just… proven that once again no.
– Thank you so much I gave you this song,
because it was a big song. And I think these are the lives now.
So you either go big or you go home. And you instill a level of confidence
in me that you can and will go big. And I am so impressed by what you
just did tonight, I think… Australia is very fortunate
to have you. In order to win this competition,
you’re gonna have to be versatile. That is tricky with you because,
I have to keep reminding myself… that in spite of the fact that you’re so
mature, you’re still 15. – Yeah This week for Lucy
I’ve chosen Alan Jones. classic song Candle in the Wind. I feel like this song is definitely back to
kind of, what I do and what I love doing. And that is telling a story. I love what your voice
does at the end. Keep that, keep that, keep that.
– Yeah. Hearing her voice crack, that was
a dynamic that I kind of been searching for. Because it’s an emotion
that people will connect with. I definitely can’t afford to go into
cruise control with this one… just because it’s back to what
I love and what I’m used to doing. I really have to focus on putting the
emotion in and doing a great vocal. And most of all just connecting. Australia has got to see so many
different sides of you but this is… for a spot in the Final four.
We’re holding nothing back now. – Ok. You’re up against really,
really good singers. I’m gonna give you a song by Alicia Cara – Ooh, okay. As a coach or trying to pick the
right song. But today I felt my
failings as a coach. Sorry I’m not confident in this song
for you and it is completely on me. It is nothing to do with you.
The songs not good enough and it’s… not big enough.
I’m doing you an injustice I need to go back to the
drawing board and uh… come up with something
better for her. there’s too much
to lose and uh, I would hate myself if I felt that I was
responsible for not giving you the best… chance possible, all right? Ok, thank you. Here is little star, Lucy Sugarman. Singing Bjork’s: Oh So Quiet,
like a shooting star. You never cease to amaze me Lucy,
you came on this show five months ago… with so much maturity that it was,
we were all kind of taken aback. I’ve seen you grow from week
to week and it’s really been…. a question of me just
getting out of your way. Because you are heading for greatness.
We are all just along for the ride. Your performance tonight was spectacular.
It was everything that I’d asked from you. And I think you’ve once again showed Australia,
that you started out as this little star. And you are now a shooting star,
heading for greatness. I am so honoured to be your coach
and well done tonight. The fourth and final artist
going on to our grand finale is: Lucy from team Seal! I can’t emphasise to you how
big this finale is, it’s everything that… you’ve worked for your whole life.
It’s gonna take a big song cause… quite frankly this is your moment.
It’s all about playing to your strengths… So that you can be as strong
as possible. You said that your favorite
artist was Taylor Swift. Therefore I’m gonna give you
a Taylor Swift song. You Belong With Me. Yes, this is like the most
relatable song of my life. It does?
– Like it’s about being friend-zoned… when you’re a teenager.
– It relates with you? That’s my life.
– Wow. You know, you mentioned age earlier on .
You said that you felt a little bit… intimidated because you were the
youngest in the final four. She was signed at age 14. And so 14, 15.
There’s a lot of similarities here. – Yeah. I’m the youngest in the competition
and I’m going up against adults. But at the same time it’s a challenge
that I’m ready to accept. Okay only one more artist will
continue on. For two of you it finishes here. The second artist through
to the final two is: Judah from Team Delta! Fasika and Lucy sadly that means
it is over for you here. Certainly not over for you out there. But what an incredible
achievement so far right? And Lucy,
what would you like to say? To all the coaches,
George I love our tweets. I love our conversations of passing. Thank you Kelly,
you slay my life, I love you. And Delta, you are like the most gorgeous
person I’ve ever met inside and out. And Seal, thank you so much for believing me.
Thank you for having faith in me. And thank you for helping me
in ways that I didn’t even… I couldn’t even imagine.
Thank you for everything. For being so invested and
for really championing your artists. It means so much to me.
Thank you for this experience.


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