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Hey everybody, it’s Damon! And it’s Jo It’s the DamonAndJo channel I’m in Paris right now, look at this view Okay, you can’t see much, but… I’m telling you, it’s snowing I can’t believe it Yes I can, since I spent 3 days- Looking for this AirBnb I’m in Rome in my AirBnb It’s ginourmous And look how I’m basically on their basement This is my view Hey everybody Happy Domingão in Rome It’s good right? To be always travelling It’s really really cool But what’s not so good about it It’s when you leave a country And you miss a couple things For example: Brazil! I miss Brazil We went to Brazil together Twice There are a lot of videos on our channel After those trips There are so many brazilian things that I miss And so does Jo She’s brazilian I miss my hometown I’m a honorary brazilian So today we are talking about these things The things that we miss “Se sinta falta”? “Sinta falta”? “Se sente falta”? The following is a list of the things I miss the most about Brazil Prontos? (ready) Pretos? (black) Let’s go You know those little soups that brazilians make A courgette soup Anything soup Pea soup I miss those soups so much I always try to make them I never succeed It turns into a creamy rice It turns into everything but soup Starting out my favourite thing to do in Brazil It’s like When I get to any place I don’t look- I don’t have the features This is not brazilian I miss this Surprising everyone They’re going to think that I’m just a “gringo” Who speaks english, who’s american Who doesn’t speak another language No! I’m Damon And this is the DamonAndJo channel And we speak a lot of languages Next thing I miss brazilian chocolate, of course Like “Bis” “Sonho de Valsa” “Toddynho” “Nescau” “Brigadeiro” Next thing I miss brazilian people because they seem very happy I don’t know if that’s true If they’re genuinely happy But- Anyone on the streets, at the restaurant, at the bar They’re not going to have this french thing No They’re not going to be like Like snobby They’re going to talk to you They’re going to ask about you I remember my Uber driver in Sao Paulo She was called Zenilde After our 10 minute ride I felt like I had made a new best friend Brazilian people is more open Did you get it? I also miss the brazilian music A bossa nova A pagodinho An axé ♪ Poeira ♪ ♪ Levantou poeira ♪ ♪ Eu quero ouvir você falar ♪ You only have this in Brazil I miss music with a lot of “batuque” I miss people who know how to dance Also, here in France no one knows how to dance! I need you Next thing I miss the “salgadinhos” A kibe So crunchy, so delicious chicken and cream cheese coxinhas It doesn’t exist anywhere else It’s so good Tapioca! Yesterday I had tapioca here in Paris Comment down below how much do you think a tapioca costs here in Paris Pause I would show you my bank account But… You’ll see nothing Because it’s empty now Because the tapioca I had here in Paris Cost me R$38 R$38 €10 A tapioca This next one is a bit weird I miss seeing people that look like me In Rome I’m the only one who has curly hair and brown skin Big booty In New York there are Dominican people but it’s not the same. In LA also. No one looks like me I’m not 100% black, I’m not 100% white I’m brazilian Another thing that I really like in Brazil Seeing people drinking- Having Chimarrão tea Because this brings me peace I don’t like chimarrão tea No, no, no I miss a little barbecue Every sunday That party Which is not even a party But it end up being one The barbecue Music playing Beer I also miss this All of the brazilian bars Take a moment Go to the bar Order an açaí Another thing that you know I really like about Brazil Açaí With granola With banana With chicken- Oh no Chicken Açaí with chicken I also miss the afternoon coffee Like 4PM, 5PM There’s always an aunt with coffee on the table With some fresh bakery bread I miss this Everyone in the world Which is everyone Everyone already knows that the beaches in Brazil are the best What everyone also knows Is that you’re very handsome Beautiful bodys, beautiful faces The most beautiful country in the world I think you are Beautiful on the outside, and on the inside! What about the rice and beans?
That I used to hate it when I was little I tremendously miss some delicious beans made in a pressure cooker I’ll never get a pressure cooker Because I’m afraid of pressure cookers Farofa You mix it with farofa, that’s it. Another thing that I don’t know if you guys notice Is that you have cakes of every flavour There are even cake stores Everything turns into a cake Pineapple cake, strawberry cake, chocolate cake Thingymabobber cake, cornmeal cake This is so brazilian And I love a good cake with afternoon coffee Do you see? Everything connects It’s really good to make these videos about the things we miss About Brazil Because We have to tell you something ♪ It’s time, it’s time ♪ We no longer have to miss those things Because Because we are going to Brazil again! Look at this everyone It’s working If you edit this and don’t put music for that part I quit this channel Is true everybody We are going back to Brazil I’m so so so happy! Because it’s been a year and a couple months since we went back For a couple reasons It’s true everybody. After a year After my accident I’m ready to go back to Brazil We are going to… Bahia, Salvador Comment down below If there’s something in Bahia that we must do! And I think we may have a meet up again Go to our social media to follow us on this trip @DamonAndJo There’s also @DamonDominique And @Jo_franco On Instagram Kisses everybody I’m happy To go back to Brazil Or we see you next time In Brazil Its good right? It’s good that we have those things To miss about Brazil It’s good that That we are making this video Because Like, it’s good right? It’s great- Someone is a little sick, with a cold This was my tripod everyone Another thing that I miss so much Having a cellphone that’s not broken But I like to surprise Does that mean choke Jo? I don’t mean to choke people You guys! My neighbours must hate me


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