17+ MOMENTS WE’RE LEAVING BEHIND IN 2017 (ft. Kingsley) | Collabmas Day 1 | DamonAndJo

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Haha What up? It’s Damon. It’s Jo. And it’s Damon and Jo. And… Kingsley! Kingsley’s here with us to kick off our 12 collabs of Christmas which means every single day until Christmas, we’re going to have a new collab video. On my channel we did this video quizzing them about pop culture in 2017 since they travel so much and don’t know what’s going on. How do you feel about 2017 in general? It was bleak. Because 2017 was a pretty grim and bleak and “blum” year We’re gonna head to the driving range to drive those worries away (singing) we’re going to drive it away (imitating Cranes in the Sky by Solange) But all of these negative moments are gonna be knocked the hell out of my life You can do it, Kingsley. This is to all the airlines that charge me $25 for a carry-on like I didn’t just spend $500 on a ticket. That’s the truth. This one goes out to its student loan debt. How student loan debt? (jokingly imitating Monster by Nicki Minaj) $50,000 to a verse no money Debt be gone. I’d like to dedicate this one to all those times that iCloud doesn’t sync from your iPhone to your Mac. This it’s for whoever decided to let Arby’s purchase Buffalo Wild Wings. Oh! He mad about that one. Apple’s new update that ruined everybody’s phone. Mhmm! When American baristas don’t know the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white I want a flat white! Nobody served this man a cappuccino This is for mother nature because that bitch has been out of control in 2017. Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes fires…who hurt you?! You know…mother nature wins on this one. This one goes out to interest rates that are compounded daily. I want to dedicate this one to all those colleges and universities out there who think it’s okay to ask for a donation when your $50,000 in debt. Give me my money! Yes. Pennywise You pasty, big foreheaded ass clown You did not have to buy Georgie’s arm off like that. You had an entire town full of teenagers and shit And you went with the infant Fuck you. They all float down there. This next one goes out to everybody who faces increasingly severe back and neck pain because of our digital age. I’m going to stretch it before this one. Oof. Look at the form! This one goes out to all those people trying to create beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj all the time. They are two legitimate artists in their own lanes. (singing Bodak Yellow) If you wanted to Oh! Zamn! This is for all the cashiers at the grocery store who didn’t give my my discount just because I forgot my rewards card. Y’all know my face. That’s right. This one goes out to non-refundable tickets. like why y’all acting like we all know what’s happening the next day of our lives. I’ll always know! Give me my money back! This one goes out to paying 200 dollars monthly for a health insurance plan and you still have a 7,000 dollar deductible. I want your European healthcare and I want it now! This is for Nazis, sexual predators, white supremacists, Tomi Lahren, Donald Trump Sara Huckabee Sanders and everything that comes out of her mouth, the whole administration Long distance relationships being really hard. Passports and the fact that if you’re not born in a certain country, you can’t go everywhere and that’s unfair! Visas being unnecessarily expensive and constricting. When your hair randomly decides to be a different texture When you take a picture with all your friends And you’re the only one that ends up looking so frumpy and nobody cares because they all look good When acne cream doesn’t even work! We’re gonna get antiperspirant, and you don’t even anti-perspire. When you put on chapstick and five minutes later, your lips is crusty When you’re in the drive thru, you got a 12 piece nugget, a large fry and some extra nuggets and you ask for some extra sauce and they act like the one packet they put in there is gonna be enough for you and like you just asked them give you a room in their house rent-free Incorrect password. Incorrect password. Incorrect password. When you dial zero for the operator and there’s no operator When the seatbelt sign is on and you have to pee. When you accidentally tap an ad and it opens. That Sunday feeling before work. Oh my god. I thought I hit a car. You know, I came in here today and 2017 was just weighing me down and now I feel so liberated. I feel like I’m just ready for next year. You know I feel like you’ve gotten out of my system, and it just feels really good You know I came in here to this golf driving range thinking that I had a good 2017. Then when I get up there I realized this year has been really hard The end of the year is always such a painful time for people because you know you feel like you’ve lost something but today. Today I gained something. I gained control of my 2018 by knocking all the negativity out of the park. Knock it out of twenty every-teen. I thought I was bad I can’t stand you ! Joanna Franco! (laughing) This is for Pennywise You pasty, big ass forehead ass…wait. (laughing) It needs to disappear. Dis-apparate. Condense. What’s the…what are the the? Condensation. Evaporate into the cumulus clouds that will then be driven through my airplane of life and positivity. Oh my god. Get stuck there. Get constipated up there and don’t precipitate. Yup.


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