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Hello everyone, it’s Damon Hey everyone, it’s Jo And it’s Damon and Jo Welcome to French Friday I don’t know if you have already watched this video where we made crêpes Sorry, we’re making crêpes in this video I meant the video where we made croissants It’s impossible that these are croissants How to make croissants for dummies We don’t know We don’t make them and I am prepared for another disaster today How to make crêpes I am here at my grandparent’s who are in Florida at the moment Since Damon is at his grandparent’s and I am home We’re going to use the same recipe to make the dough for our crêpes To make crêpes the Damon and Jo style you need… 250g of flour Eggs, specifically 4 a dash of salt 2 tablespoons of sugar 50g of (melted) butter Here in the United States, we like portions to be big We are only going to use half a liter of milk Half a liter of milk, that I totally forgot at home Ok milk All that for some crêpes that are probably gonna end up tasting disgusting Half a liter of milk And well I am making savory crêpes so I got faux meat and cheese I am making crêpes with chocolate Obviously I bought chocolate and strawberries at the supermarket It’s cute isn’t it? Damn, it’s super fancy now I’ve been coming here since I was 5 Everyone is looking at me here because nobody speaks any other language in this city French doesn’t exist here Wow, this is my home What do you think of France? What do you think of French people? Yes Yeah Did you ever eat crêpes? Oh My God It’s the pasta section And do you happen to need some bread? Oh god, it keeps going and it’s just one brand and it’s only the bread section Isn’t it mom? It’s the bread section There are only 20,000 citizens here It’s a lot of food for a little town It’s just that I don’t understand why there are so many products in here but there is no vegetarian meat right mom? yes Exactly! This is the United States there’s only meat I need some chocolate that melts Chocolate, chocolate I’m gonna buy it and we’ll see A day in the supermarket for me… nothing but chocolate My mom in this video Me in this video um mom, I think we have reached the maximum number of articles There is no maximum and after all of this, there is even a McDonalds Even the bag is free I am more European because I hate when we waste plastic It’s minus 6 Degrees here Damn, it’s hot! You’re meeting me there? Ok! I live so deeply in the countryside that some people come here riding their horses The Amish but in French, the Amish? Yes Ok so on the other side of the street there is another shop called Myer It’s as big as Walmart but here there is faux meat Hello? Hello? I don’t know how people can live in the countryside like that Okay! Let’s start! Let’s start! Let’s go! 50g of melted butter 4 tablespoons! Damn! It’s like that right? I hope that’s what i’m supposed to be doing I love cooking especially when there’s nothing for me to do Except changing my hair a thousand times like a true chocolate lover pshh like chocolate lover?! no like a… like a true chocolate fan It’s extremely important to know how to melt it It’s something I learnt from my grandmother The most important thing here is not to burn the chocolate Holy sh*t! This looks so good Put the flour in the mixing bowl with the salt and the sugar Put the flour in the mixing bowl I am lightly whisking the eggs okay! kind of toxic You know what? I would never have imagined me in the kitchen cooking things like that because you see what happens hey that’s not bad! I prefer putting my hands in it Damon, are you doing alright? Half a liter of milk How much is half a liter? I don’t think that’s ok Ok I don’t eat crêpes very often so I don’t know how it’s supposed to look like It’s a soup! Step 2: when all the milk has been mixed The dough has to be pretty runny We are going to do a little American improvisation Yeah, you have seen in our previous videos that me in the kitchen results in something pretty shocking This time around, I think it will end up being what you expected of me A joke! Damon and I, we bought these things to make crêpes I have lost them When the edge of the crêpe changes to a light orange color it’s time to flip it, leave it cooking for about 2 minutes and the crêpe is done ahhh I’m scared Omg it’s terrible Darn it! You take me for a fool who doesn’t even know how to make crêpes They always do that don’t they? um nothing’s going on here just a crêpe trying to be a crêpe Okay, I’m not touching it ohh doesn’t matter no good! Stay with me, I’ll try it again oh no! Oh shoot! Now we’re talking now we close it Did I just make my first crêpe?! ok, excuse me Seriously! You should be proud of me! I started making disgusting quiches and disgusting croissants and now I am making a normal crêpe Impressive Damon! A crêpe made by an American Jojo, she knows how to make them crêpes This is my crêpe No taste and super greasy It’s so good Here is the final result all the good ingredients are in there um ok It’s not that it’s not good ok, vote in the poll above which crêpe you’d prefer eating mine or Jo’s Leave a comment below Did you ever make your own crêpes? Comment which meal we should make next Make sure to subscribe for a new video every French Friday That’s all! Kisses now I gotta try to make a savory crêpe kisses, see you soon! in Paris! When you’re gonna be watching this, the French Friday I am already going to be in Paris so my brother is here but he doesn’t like being on camera ah I’ll just leave that to my grandma no haha, I’m joking The good thing today… and yeah, this was a disaster which is normal for me in the kitchen Wow, la lumière est parfaite ici! Do we remake the video another day?


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