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I’m not gonna hold you guys up these are my top 20 travel hacks when it comes
to booking, planning, and preparing for your
flights now first things first
when it comes to researching your flight you need to do it on incognito mode in
your browser and clear your cookies websites use your browsing history
and cookies just to track you and track what you’re interested in so if they see
that you’re looking up a flight to Korea repeatedly they’re gonna keep raising
the price for that like because obviously if you’re researching it enough you
probably want to buy it eventually I’ve heard that six weeks before – that’s
like the standard number that people, youtubers, advice people, will just say
when it comes to when you should what’s the most affordable time to book your
flight I wouldn’t necessarily say six weeks before
I would say anywhere within that two-month period before usually if you look months and months and
months in advance it’s gonna show you the same price
for like every day that’s how you know that that’s probably not
going to be the best price ever because every day is never gonna be the same
price next up you want to sign up for promotional
emails with your favorite airline I receive these emails all the time
typically from Spirit or Frontier I don’t want to hear it about Spirit we’ll get into that in a second basically this way you’ll be alerted a
lot of those times it’s like a “Today Only” flights are $20 flights are $25 “Get it Today” type of thing so when you have those promo emails
you can be on it and not miss that deal when it comes to research a lot of
people will recommend Expedia, Priceline and those work just as well, but I’ve found
that the website that has kept me the most up-to-date kept me the most informed
about my best options it’s Google flights by a longshot like I don’t even check Priceline, Expedia,
kayak all those I just use Google flights, however,
it has a lot of cool features on it that I feel like you have to be informed and
know how to use in order to work it properly so let’s get at that one cool thing that Google flights does is
that it shows you the most affordable dates for the flight that you’re planning so you just want to be open-minded when it
comes to the exact date that you leave and this is one way we’re just gonna
talk one-way flights at this exact moment so for the sake of this video I’m
gonna use the example of the flight that I just booked last week Long story short,we’re going on a cruise. the cruise leaves on Thursday however if we were
gonna be a stickler about it and try to leave Thursday morning flight prices were like $300 if we were gonna try to leave Wednesday which
is the day before- it’s still safe but flights were still $200 per person and
obviously I did not want to spend $200 per person on a one-way flight. that’s totally against
everything that I believe so Tuesday’s flight, there was one flight
in particular that was $50 per person on Google
flights. That’s what it showed- $50.00 per person obviously that’s gonna be the one I’m going
for yes, we’re going two days
earlier so our cruise leaves on Thursday but we’re not leaving Wednesday the day
before we’re leaving Tuesday By us being open-minded with which dates we’re
leaving therefore we saved like I said originally it was 300 let’s just
say to be safe we’ll go with the $200 one on Wednesday instead of paying $200 for that Wednesday
flight that would have been a little bit more convenient instead we paid $50 so we’re getting there
day early now, thing two
right now we’re in the Detroit area and our cruise leaves out of the Orlando area that being said if we were to be sticklers
about exactly which airport we were leaving out of we would have paid a ton of more money so another hack is to be open-minded when
it comes to exactly what airport you’re flying out of and
what airport you’re arriving at let me give an example so with this flight
in particular the $50 one that I was talking
about obviously we want to fly from Detroit to Orlando
because that’s where our cruise is leaving out of well, the Orlando flight was a hundred and
fifty dollars I’m pretty sure I didn’t really want to pay
150 dollars either the one to Jacksonville is the one that
ended up being the one that was fifty dollars Jacksonville is two hours away
from Orlando so let’s do the math just this way you guys can actually
physically see the savings could have paid $150 per person that would
have been $300 total that I would have paid just to go from Detroit to Orlando on Tuesday instead I paid $50 per person which equals
into a total $100 our rental car is $100 for the day that equals two hundred dollars in
total just to get to that same destination on the
same day and if you guys don’t want to get a rental
car or too young to get a rental car you can always like get a
family member to pick you up assuming that that’s who you’re going
to visit reimburse them for gas 20 or 40 bucks
it’s only two hours on the highway it’s not that far. But you can always reimburse them. explain the situation that there was just
a ways cheaper flight. While are you doing that, you’re saving yourself
so much money and like I said at the end of the day you
can always just pick up a rental car real quick it’s not that hard nowadays typically bigger airports are more
inexpensive for instance I used to live in the Tampa Bay area however the Tampa
Airport is not nearly as big as the Orlando Airport so when I used to come up here to visit Michael
all the time I would typically leave out of the Orlando
Airport if I wanted the cheaper airfare. however, it would be an hour and a half ride
to get to the Orlando versus the 30-minute ride to get to
Tampa so like I said by being flexible with it
that might be a huge difference in what saves you a ton of money another cool feature that Google finds has
is it allows you to track your flight now I get these emails all the time
basically they alert you to when the flight prices are about to go up or down it’ll say within the next 24 hours this flight
is probably gonna be this price here so you might want to get it now when it comes to flights inconvenience saves
so much money for that reason early morning flights are
typically way cheaper
those are like typically the cheapest flight so when I fly I do fly at either 5 6 or 7
in the morning I think it’s convenient for me that way I
can have a whole day at my destination instead of arriving late but a lot of people don’t like to get up that
early so usually those red-eye flights- I guess that’s what they call them- they are the cheapest now. another
inconvenience when it comes to flights is the days of the week. most people like to travel on the weekend
typically you guys will see that weekend flights are extremely expensive even some people what they’ll do is to leave
the day before Friday (Thursday) or the day after their weekend is over (Monday) so Thursdays and Monday’s can be
pretty expensive too sometimes Tuesdays and Wednesdays are found to be
the cheapest days typically to buy these flights and like I said our flight on Thursday was
way out of the question Wednesday was better but Tuesday that Tuesday
flight is what got us that $50 price when you get those promo emails from Spirit
and Frontier most of the time it’s gonna be for a Tuesday or Wednesday another things are flight that
Google flights showed us $50 -we booked with Spirit now already know I already know I hear it
so much like Spirit Airlines is trash like I hear that so much and it drives me
so crazy I have flown with Spirit so many time at least
two dozen times within the past three years I’ve owned on Spirit and I’ve never once had a bad experience we’re gonna address those concerns because
like I said I already know that’s a thing here’s another hack for you, though,
Spirit Airlines and Frontier airlines are literally the
same thing I feel like it’s just a trend today to hate
on Spirit Airlines but at the end of the day
it’s literally the same thing as Frontier Airlines so we booked that flight with Spirit Airlines
on their website specifically because Spirit Airlines
has a nine dollar fare Club
it”s amazing now I’m going to have to do the math for this
too because it’s gonna sound weird if I just say it without you guys actually physically
seeing it when we went to go book the ticket on Spirit
Airlines website specifically the $9 fare Club allowed for this flight that was once $50 to now be $20 this is one
way but still $20 per person one way they’re pretty much as good as they get how do you get into the $9 Fare Club it’s the $60 membership so you’re gonna
pay $60 that doesn’t sound like saving money so was $50 per person that’s $100
in total now $20 per person that’s $40 plus the $60 membership which is $100 the membership literally paid for itself just like a whole year that I’m covered
a whole year that I get discounted flights now if you join the $9 fare Club
not only do you save on your flights you also save on your bags
instead of paying $30 for each bag you’re paying 23 here’s another complaint spirit makes you pay for everything like you’re
bags but let’s do the math again I love doing the math because this way I can
actually put these people on facts with numbers not just with emotions. I feel like y’all are just
emotional like it might hurt you a little bit to see the
price -but you just paid- okay anyway … my Spirit Airlines flight was $20
per person. let’s just say you’re not a $9 Fare club member. I would have paid $50 per person okay a hundred
bucks total for the same day the next cheapest flight
was a hundred and fifty dollars that would have been $300 for 2 people. it was a Delta flight. Being that it was a Delta flight, that
means that you get one free checked bag so now I’m paying $300 for two people
we both get a free check bag but with spirit I’m paying $100 in total
$50 per person and I’m paying $30 per bag so if
each of us give one bag that’s 60 bucks so now I’m paying a hundred and sixty
dollars for my spirit flight two people two bags when I would have been paying $300 with a
free bag okay so I’m saving a hundred and forty dollars
that’s the base point get this, your bags will always be
cheapest when you’re first buying your tickets now I get it sometimes you don’t have the
money sometimes you just want to get the ticket
while it’s a good price and that’s fair keep in mind though after you hit that checkout
button the price of your bags is automatically gonna
go up Not a whole lot- five to ten bucks,
but it’s gonna go up more on top of that if you wait until check-in time it’s gonna go up even more ten to 20
bucks maybe even thirty depending on the airline if you wait till you’re at the gate it’s gonna
be ridiculous I’ve seen like $100 checked bags so they make you pay everything literally
even your snacks I heard one person say I can’t even get a bottle of water for free most other airlines don’t even give you a
bottle for free they might pour you up a small little cup like this with water for free but
they don’t give you a full bottle people get upset about this stuff like they’re
actually wasting a ton of money spirit airline snacks are not that expensive
last time I went with Spirit Airlines said I had the A1 seat it was literally a1 and I didn’t pay a dime
for it I was feeling bougie so yeah I got myself
a drink like a drink drink and I got I think two snacks with it yeah
I got two snacks and a drink – $12 third complaint I hear about Spirit the seats are so uncomfortable like there
is there is no space- like you can’t even breathe guys I’m so prepared to like dispute this
because all right so let’s let’s let’s just
understand something okay if you’re booking a flight then obviously the
saying it’s not the destination it’s the journey obviously that saying doesn’t apply to you
because you’re just trying to get where you’re going otherwise you would
take a car you just want to get there and not not waste
time which makes sense to me okay this is a two-hour flight let’s just say for
instance from here to Florida so am I going to pay a hundred and fifty dollars
more which is the number that we did the math on
earlier right? am I gonna pay a hundred and fifty dollars
more to have this much space instead of this much Or am I just gonna deal with it because it’s
the cheaper flight. this airline is doing you such a great service
providing you with cheap flights and you guys gave it all the hate
the seats are typically smaller that way they can fit more people on the plane therefore making the plane write more inexpensive
for you on top of that if you really have a problem
with it you saved $140 bucks right on this on this
plane ticket so why don’t you use that to buy one of the
seats in the front where they are bigger Spirit Airlines does have some big seats they have like I think four rows of a big
seats. why don’t you just pay 30 bucks per person
and sit up front where it is comfortable this is a secret that you guys probably won’t
find anywhere else on YouTube I figured this out all on my own because like I said I have rode Spirit at least two dozen times okay so I have figured this out
how I get towards the front of the plane on every single plane with Spirit specifically I check and when I’m on my way to the airport
Spirit is an airline specifically that assigns the seats from back to front if you check in right at the
24-hour mark you’re gonna be right in the back don’t quote me on Delta all those other flight
lines but Spirit Airlines specifically you will always not be in
the back of the plane I’m not gonna say you’re gonna be in the front
you can get a closer seat and maybe sometimes you can even get a very front seat just general facts I feel I just need to be
said with planes there’s no need to arrive to an airport more than two hours before your actual boarding
time a lot of people don’t know this there is a
difference between your boarding time and your departure plane boarding starts boarding typically 30 minutes
to an hour before your actual takeoff time which
is the time that you’ll typically see when you go to book the flight so if I’m booking a flight for 5 p.m. which is the
one that I did booked for Jacksonville I know that my plane is
probably gonna start boarding at 4:30 or 4 so I need to get to the airport around
3 2:30 or 3:00 thing number two you get off the plane
you’re headed to the bag pickup area I don’t know why
cant recall what it’s called right now you’re going to pick up your bag and you
see this whole swarm of black bags coming along the belt and they all look the same I’ve seen so many people walk off with other
people’s luggage or I’ve actually personally mistaken other people’s luggage as my luggage before because
they look so much alike save yourself the headache- don’t get a black
bag But, if you do get a black bag – just tie
something around the handle put some washi tape over it you know like that decorative tape or stuff. do something to make your bag stand out that way you can see from a distance that
would people know yeah that one’s definitely not mine and that way you can know “yeah that one’s
definitely mine” okay Spirit Airlines
going back to this again Spirit Airlines doesn’t give you a check bag doesn’t give you a free carry-on bag
but it does give you a free personal item basically that just means something small
that you can carry typically, I have my backpack and it’s not
a hikers backpack but you know it’s a pretty decent sized bag
but i’ll fill that with stuff i’ll also have my
big coat on I’ll have my blanket in one arm I’ll have my computer in the other arm so I am taking as much as I possibly can on
the airplane without having to pay for it just take advantage of what you can bring
on the plane that way you save space when you pack that way you
save money because if you go over that limit you will have to pay a pretty big fee and
that’s what all airlines this kind of helps with the whole save money
thing but in general this is just money related
and I feel like it needs to be said you do need to put a travel notice on your
card before you leave let them know what states you’ll be in even if you have a layover you know me I’m going to Florida I don’t have
a layover in this specific instance but say I did in Atlanta, I need to let my
bank know that I’m going to stop in Atlanta and that
I’m going to Florida because otherwise they’ll be like
“how’d she get there??” “somebody probably stole her card”
and they’ll cut my card Error Fares, last-minute flight deals,
and any super low flight notifications you want to have those all down there’s a website for that specifically I
think it’s called like Secret Fares or something
like that It includes Error Fares.. which basically
is like human made mistake they’re just ridiculous fares that happen
very very rarely those are on there also the super low flight deals like
and I’m talking not just within the US but even outside of the US California to China for 200 bucks
and those aren’t always just last-minute flight deals they’ll give you a list of dates and they’ll
say hey you can get this for round-trip these days
for only 250 bucks to China like that’s pretty great there’s a ton of
websites that do it but this is the one that I recommend I’ll just link it up here because I don’t
really know what it’s called if you’re just like an on-the-go
person you’re trying to make this a year travel I definitely would
recommend it and of course my last and bonus tip if I did
go over 20 is to SUBSCRIBE because this isn’t gonna be my only
travel hacks video there’s an airport hacks, there’s packing
hacks, there’s a cruise hack- because you guys know that’s where I’m going this week and there is just a vacation hacks in general. I can do one on booking hotels – rental cars
stuff like that if you want it make sure that you comment
it below if you have any other hacks also make sure
to comment it I would love to see what other things you guys do to save money because you guys know I am #SaveDatMoney I’m
all about it hopefully you guys learned something
from this I tried to keep it simple because I know it can be confusing especially when it comes to the math and stuff
but like I said if you guys have any questions, comments, tips.. please please please leave those below anyway see you guys next time- peace


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