20 MOST OVERLOOKED Flight/Airport Hacks – BEST Flight Ever 2020

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so today we’re gonna share with you 20
airplane and airport hacks to help you save time and money after two years of
full-time travel we will cover everything from the best and the most
up-to-date booking heck baggage hack checking hack and flight hacks. this is
something that took us years to learn after making hundreds of mistakes. Make
sure you watch till the end so your next flight can be the best flight that
you’ve ever had most of the time we found out that the airline check-in
counter assistant they don’t normally weigh our personal bag. So the only thing
they weigh is the carry-on luggage so if you carry on end up being overweigh, you
can take the heavy stuff and squeeze it into your personal backpack instead I don’t know about you but you know that
point in time where the plane starts doing one of these and the babies start
crying and all the people start screaming yeah that’s like my worst
nightmare to cut down on terror of turbulence just sit near the wings
because planes are designed to rock like seesaws and turbulence conditions you’ll
experience less movement in the middle you know physics and stuff also fly in
the morning if you can because the plane tends to get less turbulence during this
time of the day sorry guys this won’t solve the baby crime but it
might make it better so once we have to flight from Taiwan to Kazakhstan but
there is no direct flight so we have to do the connecting flight in China and to
make sure that we will be on time in catching the next flight we ask the
staff at the check-in counter to help move us from the seat way back up to the
front where it closer to the door so then we can be some of the first
person to get on the plane and that totally works so if you have a short
connecting flight or layover flight make sure you don’t forget to ask the person
and the check-in counter to move or adjust your seat in that case
you just have to show proof that you have the connecting flight or you have
the layover and you don’t have to pay extra to move the seat especially from
our experience if you fly and have connecting flight in China the process
in China tend to take way longer than everywhere that we happen to because we
went to immigration they sent us back to this transfer lounge transfer lounge
sent us back to immigration immigration sent us back to the transfer lounge and
it’s been in the last 2 and 1/2 hours of our life back before trying to figure
out so bloating is a really common issue
I’ll fly like so much that in the airplane industry they’ve named it jet
belly it’s caused when you’re on a flight and drop in cabin pressure and
the gases expand inside you well fairly inevitable you will get some amount of
bloating but there are ways you can cut down on the pain before boarding the
plane just try and avoid all carbonated drinks if you have a soda at the airport
you might leave your experienced gastric distress also eat a meal that is really
high in protein low in salt and has few carbohydrates sometimes if you eat too
much before boarding the plane and it’s the wrong type of food it can cause you
a stomach ache even though a lot of people we know love the idea of being
the last person on board to the plane because you don’t have to basically
spend in line while boarding and you could potentially be able to pick any
empty seats at the end however what we have learned is that being the last
person on board is not always a good idea it had to get on the plane first
this last time we tried getting on last see if we get upgraded
we didn’t have any room for our luggage so we decided to be the first ones on
the plane this time to make sure once we had to even put our luggage 10 rows
behind OSE and that becomes an issue when we have to get on the plane so for
us we have come to the conclusion that being the first person or one of the
first person on board is much better because when it comes times for us to
get on the plane we don’t have to worry about our luggage to the last step
before we get off the plane if nobody’s sick – I know I’m I’m over in the middle
right now just like waiting praying that nobody else comes up I’m just gonna all right so this is a new hack and one
that we’ve absolutely come to love so this one is for booking flights it’s a
company called soar fair comm and it’s basically a Netflix account for travel
so what we are is jetsedder we have chosen the jet setter at $100 a month
and you get two international flight so instead of paying a large sum of money
for your flight all at once using soar fare is a little like saving money over
a long period of time and while you collect the points as time passes by
soar fare will also generate the best time so you can get a cheaper fare as
well so while we’ve been home for three months we’ve been able to save up these
points in order to get the flight and generally it’s still cheaper than
putting it on a credit card and paying them crazy high interest rates so we
have a total savings of thirty four dollars and seventy six cents which is
great so if you are a traveler and you’re looking to take a flight check
the description box below for soar fair comm you can sign up for a completely
free profile and even if you don’t have the points and somebody that you know
uses a site they can transfer their points to you at no extra charge
you can transfer them to anybody that you want to as long as they create a
free account they’ve actually offered you a discount that you can find in the
description box below you want to know something really cool anything that’s
been in the lost-and-found for over 90 days is basically up for grabs so if you
need anything desperately like a phone charger just be honest and ask if
there’s one available for you to borrow chances are not only will they let you
borrow it but they tend to give it to you if one’s been unclaimed for over
ninety days so one thing that took us a little bit
too long to learn is some cheap flights come with connection flights with less
than 45 minutes to connect to them which in most cases some of them come with
different terminals that is quite far from each other so you have to take a
bus or a train to transit within the airport
moreover some airports are just huge and they’re bigger than you could ever
expect yes huge the New Delhi Airport at least the duration is not that far
but he is and it can be filled with different cue
lines and long walks so do yourself a favor and avoid the 30 to 40 minute
connection flights the rule of thumb for us is no matter how cheap the flight is
but if the connection is less than one hour in 30 minutes
we don’t take that flight at all so let’s talk a little bit about the rule
of left when you arrive at the immigration check-in or security make
sure you turn left the line tends to be shorter there because most people would
likely go to the right which is the dominant signs we have test this out
multiple times and it does work all right the last thing you want to do is
be putting your headphones in sitting at the boarding gate and missing your
flight this is one of the top reasons people miss their flights the fact that
we experience all the time is that the flight can change at any time the gate
for the flight can also change the flight may get cancelled so whether
there’s the announcement on the loudspeaker or somebody just shouting
depending on the size of the airport you’re in you always want to make sure
that you can hear what’s going on because if something does change you
definitely want to be up-to-date well if you plan on making the flight actually
some airlines provide mobile applications that allow you to keep
yourself up to date on boarding information as well so make sure you
have it downloaded before the day you fly the fact that you need to know about the
airplane is that is very dry and humid in the plane so some of the drink to
avoid on the plane if you can is coffee some sort of the drink that contain
caffeine or even alcohol alcohol dehydrate you and make you feel much
more excited and groggy when you arrive your destination so for me for example
because it’s so dry on the plane I always avoid wearing contact lens on the
plane so whether you wear contact lens or not you will notice that your eyes
and your skin will feel dry during the flight wear glasses instead of contacts
and bring the small bottle of hand lotion or I drop will help you stay
moisturized so for easy access to your flight materials just go to google and
type in my flight it will show you all your upcoming flight details this trick
has saved us so many times while trying to access quick flight details in this
case you don’t have to go back to your email and dig through your email to try
and find that one ticket that they’re requesting you give information about
yeah these are both this is Sri Lanka visas fucking logged
on it’s not a big log returned to get no continuation to get
past mr. so there you go it worked out so at the luggage check-in counter you
can ask the staff to put a photo tag on your luggage making your luggage as
fragile not only means that your back is more likely to be handled correctly but
it’s also fine itself and the top of the pie in the storage compartment of the
plane the result at the end you will also tend to get your back first before
anybody else on the planet saw one of the dirtiest place is the tray in front
of you and the seat belt buckle Oh seat belt buckle so most of the time you
can ask for sanitizer wipe on plane for free or to be safe if you fly with some
budget airline make sure that you pack the sanitizer wipe so then you can use
that for yourself because some air lighted on provide you the sanitizer why if you love legroom or sitting near the
power outlet yes some planes even have USB ports so you could also use
something like seat guru to see all of your seat airplane and airline details
this app is usually used prior to booking your seat so that before you
booked you can see which ones are the best seats from there you can also check
if a seat map populates with a color-coded key that details three
levels of seating good be aware and just plain bad if you happen to feel like
you’re getting sick on the plane do you know that you can also ask for some
basic medicine stuff from the flight attendant I used to have diarrhea and
upset stomach on the plane and up the flight attendant even have the pews for
that they have the shark off you for your food poisoning they have the basic
painkiller stuff and they also have the medicine to deal with your headache to
deal with your flu so if you have this issue make sure you ask from the fire
tendon you’d think that the airport bathroom is
really nasty right and like full of germs no actually a new study says that
you find more nasty microbes when you’re going through security the most germ
land in places are those plastic bins where you drop your shoes in you know
the time that they force you to take your belt off and your shoes and your
sunglasses and like everything else you’re wearing where they put liquids
and your shoes and all that those are full of germs
these trays are not routinely disinfected and the researchers point
this out so bring your own hand sanitizer and gel better yet as soon as
you get through security just one right to the bathroom and wash your hands with
soap and water so next here is the tips for you if you
have long-haul flight actually sleeping on the planes will never be easy for us
but you know you can also trick your brand into sleeping by carrying out your
normal routine like you would do before your bedtime
for us for example changing into the confucian wash our face brush our teeth
before we go to bed that way we convince our mind to think that it’s time to
actually rest all right while you’re waiting to take off or
before you board the plane make sure you sync up your watch and your cell phone
and all them other crazy devices you got with your destination timezone so you
can follow in your destinations rhythm by getting your brain used to it early
that way you can adjust your sleeping schedule on the plane accordingly this
is honestly one of the best tacks for us sometimes you may have to stay up 24
hours but if you can set your sleeping schedule prior to landing in your
destination you’re more likely to not experience that crazy jetlag and miss an
entire day of your trip doing this tends to make you less confused when you land
so like when you get there you’re not all confused okay it’s six o’clock at
night but actually it’s supposed to feel like 3:00
in the morning because at 3:00 in the morning where you took off just make
sure you do this prior to boarding your flight the liquid limitation that you
can bring on the plane is pretty strict in any Airport and that caused many
people to think they have to buy water once they are through the security which
most of the time the water there tend to be twice or three times more expensive
you can bring the empty reusable bottle water through the security and you can
fill it up at one of many water fountains throughout the airport you can
also ask the flight attendant to actually refill the water in your bottle
of water you can also even pack your own pack of tea or your favorite coffee as
well if you want I do it all the time because on the plane or even at the
airport you know one thing for free that you can ask is the hot water so one last tip from us is for
international flight if you want to go to the new destination on the plane
normally the flight attendant will hand you the arrival card or the custom card
and in that case always the information that is required on those card the
address so make sure that before you board on the plane you have the
information of your address ready so then you can fill it in easily so those
are the tips based on our experience of two years in total of traveling full
time if you have any extra tips that we didn’t mention in the video make sure
that you share with us in the comments below
also if you want to get more travel advice with location specific you can
head over to our website at that we live in calm so thank you so much for
watching this video guys we hope this one is helpful for you we will see you
in the next video which we will cover travel essential that we could not
travel without so make sure that you subscribe and turn it bere notification
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