21 Little-Known Tricks to Buy Cheap Airplane Tickets


I have this friend who never seems to stop
traveling. Tired of her “just arrived in –insert-beautiful-exotic-location-here–”
feeds, I asked her if she either owns a gold mine or knows some secrets on how to find
cheap airfare. To my delight, it turns out to be the second
option! Here’s what she does: 1. Play with countries and currencies. Before you book your tickets, check if they
cost less on some other country’s version of the airline website. You can often get the same class ticket on
the same flight for cheaper if you choose to view the price in a weaker national currency,
than, say, Dollars or Euros. A VPN can help you hide your actual location
or “relocate” you to some other country. 2. Choose the cheapest payment method. When it comes to the payment stage, many people
just click on the first available option without looking at how much the processing fee will
be. Often, using online money transfer is cheaper
than paying with your credit card. However, if you’re traveling internationally
and want to earn some flyer points and miles, you’d better stick to your credit card. 3. Book your tickets at the right time. There’s no such thing as the perfect day
of the week to book your trip – it’s a myth. Instead, there is a perfect time interval,
and it’s 6-8 weeks before your departure date. Buying far in advance, like 5 months before
the flight, will be pricier. Buying last minute can sometimes mean a great
deal, but in most cases, airlines will raise the price by then. They know if you really have to go so soon,
you’ll pay whatever it takes! 4. Be flexible with your flight dates. You can’t shift a trip back home for some
holidays or a major sporting event, but it will cost you way more than flying off-season. If you can be flexible with dates, just open
the calendar in your favorite travel aggregator and see how you can shift the dates a bit
to save some cash. In general, flying in the middle of the week
is cheaper than on the weekends. 5. The time of day matters too. It’ll normally cost you less to take off
early in the morning or late at night. No one likes 3AM wake-ups and red eyes, right? 6. Experiment with your destination. Let’s say you want to go to Amsterdam, but
the tickets are through the roof. Open the flight routes map and see if you
can get a better deal for other airports within a 3-hour ride. You can just catch a bus or train, arrive
in Amsterdam a couple hours later, and see an extra country on the way! 7. Pick the right airport. Large cities typically have more than one
airport. Don’t fall for a famous name where everybody
flies. Instead, look around and see if there’s
a better deal for tickets to, say, London Luton instead of Heathrow. 8. Mix and match airlines. If your travel aggregator or common sense
is telling you a flight with a stopover somewhere on the way will be cheaper than a direct one
– book it. It’s always safer to do the booking directly
from the airline website, so you might have to type in all your information twice, but
it’s worth it. Low cost airlines, for example, don’t normally
do long-haul flights, but you can book a ticket halfway with a regular airline and then buy
the next one from that budget line. 9. Try the hidden city trick. For some reason, a direct flight from point
A to point B can be pricier than a trip from point A to point C with point B as a stopover
spot. If that’s the case, book it, and just get
off at point B – a.k.a. “the hidden city.” 10. Check the flight route before you book. How long the flight is going to take and how
much you’ll have to pay for it doesn’t depend on the distance, but on the route your
plane will fly. It can be more expensive to fly over certain
countries or airspace, and in some cases, even forbidden for airlines of this or that
origin. If a flight has to take a detour, then it’ll
be more expensive. You might even have to pay extra for checked
bags! 11. Delete your cookies/history when looking for
the best deal. Have you ever noticed how ticket prices go
up when you come back to check them after a while? This is because websites can store your search
data and offer you a more expensive price for the destination you’re interested in. They do this to pressure you into buying the
ticket faster before the price gets even higher. 12. Use multiple search engines. Some travel aggregators don’t list certain
low-cost carriers or websites that aren’t in English. Check a few options before you do the final
booking to get the best deal. 13. Don’t ignore points and miles programs. Spend an extra minute and sign up for a travel
rewards card. I know, you hear about them all the time,
but they really do work! Airlines love loyal customers and reward them
with free hotel stays, events, other travel perks, and, of course, huge discounts or even
free flights! Just curious: do you collect bonus miles? Let me know in the comments below! 14. Set up a price alert. Most travel aggregators have an alarm bell
icon – turn it on, give them your email, and you’ll be personally notified when the
price for your itinerary goes down. This works well if you have plenty of time
before the trip or make regular flights to the same places. 15. Follow airlines on social media. This way, you can get some insider deals or
secret offers. You can also sign up for their mailing list
if you don’t mind some extra notifications in your inbox. 16. Find out if you can get a flight pass. For their beloved loyal customers, many airlines
offer flight passes that are much cheaper than individual tickets. You can check with major lines in your region
or some international carriers if they have this kind of a deal. 17. Use any discounts you qualify for. It differs country-to-country and airline-to-airline,
but most offer good discounts to students and people under 26, seniors, and other categories. Just check out if you belong to any of them! 18. Check all the terms and conditions when flying
low-cost. Low-cost airlines do offer great deals, but
it’s better to double check if luggage or even carry-on is included. Check-in can also cost you if you decided
to do it at the airport instead of online. There might be some extra hidden fees you
couldn’t even imagine. Plus, low-cost carriers mostly fly to secondary
airports, so add the price of ground transportation to your ticket fare and see if it’s still
cheaper than regular airlines. 19. Try booking two one-way tickets instead of
a round trip. It’s normally cheaper to book a round trip,
but there are those rare occasions when two one-way tickets will cost you less. So price out both options or even check out
two different airlines before you book your flight. 20. Watch out for mistake fares. No system works perfectly 100% of the time,
so a zero can accidentally drop on a $1,500 ride, or all the tickets to some destination
can suddenly become a fixed low price. If you see something like that online, book
it, but wait for an official booking reference from the airline before you pay for a hotel
room or concert tickets on the other end of the ride. The airline might cancel your deal. Finally, here’s an idea for the most adventurous
travelers… 21. Go plane hitchhiking! It’s been a thing since the ‘60s. Of course, you can’t hitchhike on a passenger
Boeing 737, but small private plane pilots do take passengers on board for a minimal
fuel fee. There are even special flight-sharing online
platforms where you can find pilots or passengers to travel with. And if you’re spontaneous as can be, try wandering
around a small town airport – you can get a free ride to some place you might’ve never
even heard of! Sounds like fun! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!


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    Thanks for the useful tricks. Btw Utrecht doesn’t have an airport 🙂 and choosing Luton over Heathrow means paying a 32 pound train ticket to get to central London.

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    $210 for a flight from LAX to LHR with stopover in JFK. Flights are out there, just have to look

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    March 3, 2020 5:54 pm

    If it helps, use a lower quality device when ordering anything
    It will show lower prices
    It may also show different prices depending on where you are

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    Plane hitchhiking… That's something new. Need to try that when I'm travelling with my wife and kidz 😏😏

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    March 3, 2020 7:44 pm

    Be careful with that “Hidden City” trick. Make sure you only bring a carry on. Also, if the airlines catch you doing it too often you could get banned from booking with them.

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  16. William Hawkins

    March 3, 2020 9:57 pm

    A few things about the hidden city idea. If you are traveling with baggage, the airlines will refuse to get your bag from the connecting flight. If you are trying a flight for instance NYC-LAX-YVR (Vancouver), you must check in with a passport. If you are trying it internationally, you must have a visa for the country you are going through customs. If you made it as a round trip and try to board at the "connecting" city, the airline will refuse you from checking in there instead of the originating city, as your ticket is like a contract going from A to B to C and not from B to C, as well as the return may have been cancelled if not traveled on it.

  17. Irene -

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    I bought tickets from Australia to new Zealand because coronavirus made them cheap. Saved myself $300.

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    It seems that tip #9 would only work if you didn't have any checked luggage, otherwise, your luggage would continue on to point C, whilst you remain in the "hidden city."

  23. Jon B

    March 4, 2020 10:16 am

    My quick travel secrets. Use Google Flights to get the best dates for the best prices. Use Skyscanner or Monondo to book flights. Both are wonderful airline aggregators. Use travel credit cards, and figure out the most efficient way to use them. Mine are w/ Amex and Chase. I've booked countless free flights using my FF miles.

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    Isn't hidden city ticketing illegal ? And what about your check-in baggage ? And even if you manage to get out with only hand baggage, can the airline take any legal action or put you on a no-fly list later on ? Because they sent some people to check your boarding pass at the intermediate stop into the aircraft.


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