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So today was my first day in the Emily Skye
28 day shred program. I started off with a morning cardio 40 minutes in the pool. This
Evening we are going to do some strength training. Its leg day today on a monday – awesome. I
just got my car washed and filled the car up with gas – crazy cheap gas prices at the
moment. I think it hasn’t been so cheap in like years. This is crazy awesome the gas
prices are so cheap. One thing I wanted to let you guys know – At the moment you can
get crazy cheap air fare from Europe to United States flying out of Copenhagen, flying out
of Dublin and flying our of Warsaw so you know even if you’re from the US traveling
to Europe you could get a one way ticket to Europe and grab a return ticket from Europe
to the US and use the second return flight for another time because you will be saving
a bunch of money. Like the business class fare is around 800 Euro which would be around
1000 Dollars to New York so definitely go check that out – I will have a link on our
Blog travel-love.org. Check it out we always have awesome signs outside for the people
to find our coffee place. That is awesome. My girlfriend is looking super serious. I
am writing an offer. What kind of offer are you writing. Its for an event so its a big
event. And I think you have been writing quite a few offers today. Yes – I think its about
5 offers. Which is very good.Today is a good day. You’re awesome! You’re awesome! Another
thing I wanted to talk to you guys about is nutrition because a lot of people think that
loosing weight and dieting means eating nothing and thats actually completely wrong – you
need to eat more – you need to eat a lot – you need to eat many times and you’ve got to eat
the right stuff guys that is crucial. You’ve got to get a lot of protein, you’ve got to
get a lot of fiber and you’ve got to get a lot of essential fats – fish in general or
avocados for example. Those are all good fats that you need that your body needs to loose
weight. I just got home from leg day to find that our sneaky cats have raided the trash
can. Are you looking guilty? Or was it you barney?


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