360° cockpit view | SWISS Airbus A320 | Geneva – Zurich

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[Flugbegleiterin] On behalf of captain Wolfensberger and his crew, I would like to welcome you aboard this Swiss and Star Alliance flight to Zurich. [GVA Tower] Swiss 57 Papa-Uniform, behind landing Airbus 319 on short final, line up runway 23, wait behind. [SWR 57PU] Landing Airbus 319 on short final, line up runway 23, wait behind, Swiss 57 Papa-Uniform. [GVA Tower] Correct. [RAAS] Approaching 23 [First officer Radinger] Check. [GVA Tower] Swiss 57PU, wind 190 degrees, 5 knots, runway 23, clear for take off. [SWR 57PU] 23, clear for take off, Swiss 57PU. [First officer Radinger] Clearance, checked. [Captain Wolfensberger] Ready? [First officer Radinger] Ready. [First officer Radinger] V1. Rotate. [First officer Radinger] Positive climb. Gear up. [GVA Tower] Swiss 57PU, contact departure 119.525, «au revoir». [SWR 57PU] Departure 119.525, «au revoir», Swiss 57PU. [SWR 57PU] Departure «bonjour», Swiss 57PU, passing 3600, climbing FL90, KONIL 4J. [GVA Departure] «Bonjour» Swiss 57PU, identified, climb to FL150. [SWR 57PU] FL150. Swiss 57PU. [ATC] Swiss 57PU, turn right, direct SOSAL. [SWR 57PU] Right turn, direct SOSAL, Swiss 57PU. [Captain Wolfensberger] A9, that is just… …just in at JULIET. Perfect. [Cockpit door bell] [Captain Wolfensberger] Look at this. Isn’t that beautiful? Splendid Views. The Bernese Alps. Lovely, isn’t it? We land at 5 past… 6 past 12. That is in 20 minutes. [SWR 57PU] Swiss 57PU we established ILS 14. [ZRH Approach] 57PU, roger, and you should reduce to 180 you are closing up. [SWR 57PU] Roger, we are reducing, Swiss 57PU. [ZRH Approach] 57PU, reduce to 160. [SWR 57PU] Reduce 160, Swiss 57PU. [ZRH Approach] 57PU, connect Tower 120.225. «En schöne». [SWR 57PU] Hop to 120.225, bye bye, Swiss 57PU. [SWR 57PU] Tower this is Swiss 57PU, established ILS 14. [ZRH Tower] Swiss 57PU, Zurich Tower, «grüezi». You may vacate taxi H2 [SWR 57PU] «Merci vill mal», Swiss 57PU. [ZRH Tower] Swiss 57PU, Airbus 319 about to vacate, wind 230 at 6 knots, runway 14, clear to land. [SWR 57PU] 14, clear to land, Swiss 57PU. [GPWS] 300. [GPWS] 100 above. [GPWS] 200. [GPWS] Minimum. [GPWS] 100. [GPWS] 50. [GPWS] 40. [GPWS] 30. [GPWS] 20. [GPWS] Retard. [GPWS] 10. [ZRH Tower] Swiss 57PU, contact Apron, 121.850, «ade». [SWR 57PU] Apron 121.85, «schöne», Swiss 57PU. [SWR 57PU] Apron, Swiss 57PU, runway 14 vacated, H2. [ZRH Apron] Swiss 57PU, «guete Mittag». Keep it rolling, JULIET. Hold short runway 28. [Swiss 57PU] We keep it rolling, JULIET, runway 28, Swiss 57PU [ZRH Apron] That is correct and give way to outbound Turkish Airlines Airbus 330 crossing right-left on taxiway CHARLIE. [SWR 57PU] Giving way to the Turkish on CHARLIE, Swiss 57PU.


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