7 Ways to Score the Best Deals on Flights

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Hey guys! Tessa and Zelda here with
another travel budget video. Today we’re gonna be talking about cheap flights and
all the tricks that I used to get them. Are you gonna help me all by sleeping?
Okay, lay down. Always, always, always use incognito or
private mode when you’re searching for flights. If you use your normal browser to
search for flights, websites can track your cookies. They can see how many times
you’ve searched for specific fare and will jack up the prices if you’ve been
looking for the same fare over and over again. More flexibility means more
savings. If you don’t know where you want to go, this is awesome. Skyscanner has this amazing tool where you can search your airport and go
anywhere in the world. You select a specific date or a whole month and the
results will show you the flights to everywhere in the world, ordered from the
cheapest to the most expensive. Search for multiple nearby airports. This is especially helpful if you’re going to a big hub or region like Europe or
Southeast Asia. Kiwi comm is my favorite website for
this. Their flight tool allows you to search multiple dates, cities, countries
or even use my favorite: the radius tool to search for a specific region you
might want to fly to. Set price alerts for really specific fares. If you have a
specific place you have to go or want to go you can use websites like AirfareWatchdog, Kayak or tons of other sites to set price alerts. When a price drops,
you’ll get an email right in your inbox that says this time a book. Sign up for airfare newsletters. If you don’t mind getting a ton of emails into your inbox,
there’s so many sites you can sign up for that will send fares right to your
inbox. In the article below I have links to some of my favorite newsletters but my all-time favorite is Scott’s Cheap Flights. I’ve never found another
newsletter that comes close to the deals that he sends out. Once you find a flight,
compare compare compare and then, compare some more. My favorite site
to use is BookingBunny because you can search on 10 different sites all with
one click. Nine times out of 10, I’ll use their search engine for a specific
flight that I found and I’ll find the same airline, the same time, same
everything, for so much less. If you see a good fare, book it. As long as you book your flight 7 days in advance the D.O.T. requires that all airlines have to issue
a complete refund if you decide not to go within 24 hours of booking. So if you
find a good fare, don’t sit on it. Book it and then in the next 24 hours
make sure that you can go with work, travel plans, family, whatever. That’s all the tips I got for you today. Don’t forget to check out the article below for more
details on all the tips I just listed. I’ll see you guys next time,


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