#8 Podróż Za Milion Zdjęć – Dubai Travel with budget 200$

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I arrived! I arrived in Dubai! So many difficulties, so many problems … But it was worth it. I didn’t see shit yet really. I just arrived. Dubai does not have to be expensive. You can come here for less than 200 PLN. from Katowice Wizzard I was flying for less than 200 PLN. You can live in a hostel for 50 PLN per night. with a hearty kitchen. So in the supermarket you buy food and you prepare it yourself. Transport as in Poland, the bus costs about PLN 6, and the MPK ticket also costs about PLN 3. The subway is very fast and very accessible, and it also costs about PLN 3 or 6, I do not remember. Also, you have a choice – to go for a picnic – I don’t know – to the sea or to the lake and rent a house. This is the same price. And the fuel(for car) – 200(PLN) would be drinked. Only one thing – you have to buy it three months earlier, to get a ticket price like this. I recommend just planning ahead of time what you want to do, because it really is not big money to explore the world. … but it depends on what anybody wants, because this view did not cost me anything, but I’ll take an elevator in there soon and see what it looks like. I started the journey I planned and saved money for three months working in England. I’m going to make a million pictures during this trip and I will sell each one for a dollar. If I succeed, I’m gonna earn a million, which I will spend on the entire trip, for a million. And if I fail, it will still be f%%% great, because I will do these photos anyway … The difference is that I will upload, describe and share them with you. Welcome to the 124 floor of the tallest building in the world. I do not know if I like it yet. I will definitely like it. Well, why should I not like it? Immediately I’m going outside … For now, it’s just high and a lot of people. I don’t know. For now, it just did not make me such a su … Oh f%%%! Okay, it impressed me. My advice to people who will come here – pay to come here on the sunset, you will see Dubai in daylight, at sunset and at night. I bought a groupon that didn’t contain it. I paid 150 PLN I would pay 300 to see the sunset and night here. And yes, I am only in the day. That means I have to come here again with someone and show it to him. Will shoot a selfie, huh? It must look stupid. Awful, but what a souvenir for a lifetime. Apparently, you can not do it … … but I don’t care Have you seen how it flies? You’re just falling. I could not hold back. There are miles of road everywhere. I just can not do it. I can not? OK sorry. I did not know. Well, I do not drive in Dubai Mall. It was obvious, but what? I had to. There are miles here. In general, I do not want to visit any shopping center. Even the largest in the world. I was in Harodsie, where the queen is shopping. The prices are such that there are no prices. Ie. there are no prices at prices, because nobody looks at it as it comes, only if anybody likes something, he buys it. Well, that’s it. They charging without an account and after all, he will not check his account. Well, how many went down there? Such things only in Dubai, no? I asked in three places how much does the sim card cost? In the first one it cost 50 dimars and I had 5 minutes of talks, no internet. In the second 100 dimars, there was nothing on this card. You had to buy the rest. Well, in third, also 100 dimars, but there was already internet and conversation and everything. Also, in general, in Arab countries one must ask. Ask a lot, because they push the putty. Well, they built this country that way, huh? And on oil. And if it goes well, we’ll get to the fountain show. Two years ago, I was a corpo-rat I was working in a corporation. I tried to make my dreams come true. And of course I was running after this carrot or sausage. You know, they hang it in front of you and you run after it, run. You’ve almost got it, you’ve almost got it, it’s always something and so on. Otherwise, well, people working in such a corporation… when I realized that there are 365 days a year and someone kindly gives me 28 days off. More or less. Paid, yes, great. For 365 days I have 28 days off? Well, this is probably some f%%% joke. It is probably slavery. Apparently, it’s illegal. And I tell you that it is legal, but it is called differently. If you even make good money Let’s just say, I do not know, 2000+(PLN), on hand. One only has enough for bills, food and travel to work. Back. So let me tell you that when they built the pyramids, so they provided food for slaves for them to be strong, they gaved them shelter, so that they would be refreshed. And they worked one’s ass of … Well, now we have this comfort, that we choose food for ourselves. We choose the mattress ourselves and for even 28 days in a year we can afford a leave. Ah! Only we do not decide when to take these 28 days, only the boss. Mmmm … Freedom. I am very happy with my decision, I f%%%ed everything, I left. I do not know if you see, but there is the moon. This building is higher than the moon. In such a place I’m chilling now. I look at the map, I’m looking for what to do now. I must admit that I was so impressed with this building, that I no longer have the strength to think what else I could want to do it, yeah? I’m overwhelmed by these attractions. Well … An eternal problem. Take out the camera and shoot a picture, or there will be more f%%%ing than the effect, huh? Because it’s dark and I do not have a tripod. I am still blocking the street like a bot in cs. Well, no, it looks cool. By the way, I wonder how much oil this building cost. Huh? I do not ask how much the building cost, because they inform it there, yeah? But they also say that the London metro is no-profit. It’s great, it’s no-profit. Metro in London and just as the price of this building is not what they say. Some tankers had to sink to make it arise. Slut cards on every car. They kind of have the Sharia law. Women have to walk hidden. They told me to be careful, do not look at the women because they’ll cut your head off…


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