A Flight with ABBA! Air Belgium – British Airways A340


– [All] Welcome aboard Air Belgium! (laughing) – Coming up is quite a special
flight from Dubai to London. The BA lounge in Dubai is quite small but it looks nice and posh. (upbeat techno music) A few hot food items were on offer. These included a great chicken stroganoff and a potato and leek soup. There is a separate first class section, the Concorde Bar in the lounge, in to which I took a quick peek. Guys, welcome back. Today I’m flying ABBA. Hi guys, I’m ready to set off
on another 10 days of travelling and I like to travel light and so can you! Introducing the Away Daypack
and the Away travel suitcase. So, do you like the colour on my suitcase? It’s the same as my shirt – pink. What I like about the suitcase is that it is such a smooth ride. It’s the biggest carry-on size you can find. It’s a high-quality build at a very affordable price. It comes in four different sizes and colours. There’s a TSA built-in lock
that can protect your belongings. One of my favourite
features on this suitcase is the removable battery that can charge anything by USB on the go. This Daypack sits comfortably right on top of the suitcase securely. High performance nylon,
three different colours. It holds a lot; an incredible
lot of stuff inside. I have a 13 inch MacBook. In the main compartment you can see I’m holding all my gadgets, camera lenses. I like it because they
have different compartments for all of the items that I travel and shoot with. Yesterday I was travelling
with this Daypack and I actually forgot to zip up here but because it’s on the side
the things didn’t fall out. So I’m very lucky with that – good design. Now the good news guys. For $20 off a suitcase,
go to awaytravel.com/SAM. Use the promo code SAM at checkout. The Air Belgium A340 is operating for BA as the BA 787 Dream-liner was grounded with a Rolls-Royce Trent engine related problem. This is not the usual
British Airways, right? – Yes, this is Air Belgium.
– Alright. – Hello, welcome aboard sir. I think you have eight Lima. – [Sam] This aeroplane is one
of the last A340 delivered originally to Finn Air
in 2007, so it isn’t old. – [Passenger] Hi, how are you?
– [Steward] Hi, how are you? – Good day. – [Sam] Hi, my seat is here, actually. – Okay, go ahead sir.
– [Sam] Okay thank you. (upbeat techno music) Very different cabin today on BA. The seats and operating
crew are from Air Belgium. The soft products such as pillows, bedding, comfort kits,
and food, are from BA. There’s a huge storage space
here right next to me. I put all my clothes and
stuff right next to it. It’s Air Belgium flight attendants on this flight, no BA flight attendants. Hello Jeff.
– Jeff. – You’re from Belgium? – I’m from Belgium,
originally from Mauritius. – Mauritius? – Mauritius, yes. – And how many languages can you now speak? – So French, German, Dutch,
English and some Creole. – [Pilot] I welcome you on
behalf of the entire crew and British Airways on
board of this flight, operated by Air Belgium. Airbus 340 to London-Heathrow. Unfortunately this flight back today
is a bit longer than usual. It’s seven hours and 50 minutes. So it will be a bit, not so
easy to make, you know, time, due to the strong headwind to Heathrow. Anyway, we will do our best. (engine sounds) (upbeat techno music) – This flight was sold as
just business and economy. There’s no premium economy. But the first few rows in
economy have extra room, so if you’re flying economy,
you can take advantage of this. (upbeat techno music) Hm, something is missing here. I’ll let you know what it is later. There is actually no British
Airways In-flight magazine on this plane. – So, as a starter we have (mumbles) And the prawn salad. So we have a curry and coriander soup. (relaxing guitar music) – Here you are. Enjoy your meal.
– [Sam] Thank you. (relaxing guitar music) Now I’ll talk about the food. I think the food was very average. The presentation was nice, but the beef was overcooked and the dessert was far too simple. I hope BA continue to improve
their onboard catering. It took almost three hours from take-off to conclude the main meal service. I was getting a little
impatient, wanting to recline and rest. The entertainment on this
plane was quite limited. There were only two options: movies and the air map. No games, TV or WiFi were available. (relaxing guitar music) I have a surprise here. I found Emily today on
my Air Belgium flight. Emily, where are you from? – I’m from Belgium.
– From Belgium. – My parents are Chinese. – Right, so you are actually a, I don’t know how do you call, Chinese-Belgium, Belgium-Chinese. – Oh, Chinese-Belgium or
Belgium-Chinese, both ways. – B-C, C-B. C-B, you’re C-B. What do you speak in Belgium, actually? – Actually we speak Dutch in Belgium. We actually speak three languages. We speak Dutch, we speak
French and we speak German. – Oh, you can speak three, then? – I speak a little bit of French, but my mother tongue per se is Dutch. – Amazing. Can you say something? – (speaking Dutch) – I’m just wondering. What made you want to join Air Belgium? Is this your first airline job? – I always loved the aviation, actually and I love travelling.
– Really? – Most of the people that join an airline, join because they love to fly and I was a teacher before, but that wasn’t really my cup of tea, so really, I wanted to try
something completely new. I like to make people happy. Most of the time when
people take an aeroplane, they go on vacation or
they meet their loved ones. So, it’s always nice to help those people. – Oh, could you say
something in Chinese now? To our special Chinese viewers on YouTube. – (speaking Chinese) – (speaking Chinese) (relaxing guitar music) Okay, now is the time to try out the bed. I must say, British Airways has a
really good bedding product. They have a pad, so you can put it on top. And they have two blankets here. One as a comforter, and one as the main blanket. I mean, this bed is a little
bit better than the others because I have a much
bigger foot-well here, a really good seat, aisle
access and a window seat. I’m really happy
with the width as well. Got to take a nap, see you later. (relaxing guitar music) We were chasing the setting
sun, flying westward and arrived in London just after dusk. All in all, Air Belgium operating for BA is an interesting hybrid experience. The crew on Air Belgium were very nice. Best of all, I love flying the A-340. (relaxing guitar music) (engine sounds) (relaxing guitar music) (aeroplane door opening) – [Ground Crew] Hello there, good evening. – Thanks.
– Take care, bye. – Bye.
– Take care. – Thanks very much.
– Bye. – Good bye. – Bye.
– Bye. – Thank you, have a nice evening. – Bye-bye. – [Sam] Captain, I have a question. What’s the call sign of Air Belgium? – Obvious, it’s Air Belgium. – [Sam] Oh, it’s as simple as that. – On this flight, as we are
flying for British Airways, we use the regular
British Airways call sign, which is the speed bird. So on this particular
flight, speed bird 104. – [Sam] How bad was the head wind today? We had a lot of strong wind today. – Yeah, today we had
some quite strong headwind, like 50 knots, but at
certain stages we had, to express it in regular
units that people know better, we had like a 300 kilometres
per hour headwind. – [Sam] Up to 300 km per hour.
– Yes. – [Sam] Alright, thanks
for flying me, Captain. – It was our pleasure. – [All] Bye, bye. (relaxing guitar music)


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  1. Pastoor Anderson In Het Nederlands

    July 15, 2019 2:28 pm

    I'm confused. So the Belgians had Sabena, that went bust; then there was SN Brussels Airlines. What is Air Belgium? Another new airline?

  2. FunsterProductions

    July 23, 2019 4:50 pm

    AB is flying for BA from Toronto to Heathrow i wish i could give them a try but can't πŸ™

  3. Edwardthebest101 Aylward

    August 5, 2019 8:31 pm

    Sam: ther is actually something missing from here but I'll tell you later.

    One second later: there is no BA magazine hear.


  4. Maine Igloo

    September 22, 2019 7:59 am

    I flew the BA/ABBA flight once….never again. I was in the club seats. It was a longish flight. Because of the configuration, they have squeezed the absolute maximum number of flat bed seats in the cabin. This make for a HUGE number of people in the same cabin. The problem with that is you have too many people all breathing the same air and bunched up against each other. It was almost impossible to get the cabin temp below 24C. With that number of people all in one area, there are too many of them getting up and down and reading and with their lights on etc. Due to the way the seats are crammed in there, your feet from the thighs down are in a very small tube. Even though I had a window seat with direct aisle access, I was getting claustrophobic. As a 2 million mile veteran of BA, I will never fly on this plane again. I will say that the cabin crew were EXTREMELY nice.

  5. John Allen Armenta

    September 30, 2019 11:26 am

    My Mom was browsing plane videos with me for her first flight to belgium. She saw this video. She was like OMG THEY FLEW WITH ABBA IM SO JEALOUS


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