A Gender Reversal Reversal | Flight of the Conchords: Live in London (2018) | HBO

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We’re gonna do some songs,
this next one is, um, -is another duet, um…
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) …and, it’s– It’s kinda
groundbreaking for us. Um, because, um,
we’re really challenging the gender stereotypes
that exist, uh, within the band, and, and for those of you
who know some of our songs, I often play the ladies
in our songs -and–
-And, you do it well, Bret. -You do it well.
-Thank you. Um, but this next song,
we’re doing a gender reversal-reversal. So, what we usually do
is we gender-reverse it so Bret’s the lady,
but we’ve reversed it back on itself, full 360,
till he’s back to a man. -Yeah.
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) He’s very excited to be playing
the very macho– -Ian. A guy called Ian.
-Ian. Ian. A British– A very, um– -It’s a very macho name.
-It’s a very macho, sexual, uh, -British guy.
-JEMAINE CLEMENT: Mm. And, Jemaine takes the role
of Deanna. -Yeah. I really–
-It’s an office place romance and she’s a very complex
character. A lot of layers that you put
in there. -Yeah, I’ve put in two layers.
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I’ve added another dimension
to what I usually do to make a fully two-dimensional
character. -Yeah.
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I’ve really embraced the role.
I’ve studied a woman. -That’s right.
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) And, I just thought I’d watch
the little things she did. -It’s like this kind of thing–
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) And, you’ll see that coming,
you’ll see it. -I wanna do it, now.
-Save it. Save it. I’ll save it
for the performance when you see me become Deanna,
you’ll see it. -Oh, it’s a transformation.
-Yeah. -Thank you. Thank you.
-BRET: Um… -But one last detail, um,
-JEMAINE: Oh. before we do play the song,
you know, I think– You know, we wanna point out
that we are aware that comedy is a very
male-dominated industry. Unfortunately. You know, we’re writing
the roles for women but, um, the problem is the band itself
is very male-dominated and– (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) -It’s systemic.
-Yeah, it’s the– It’s– It’s– It’s–
It’s systemic problem. It’s the fucking patriarchy,
that’s what it is. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS AND CHEERS) Yeah. So we’re sorry about that.
We’re trying, we’re trying. Yeah, yeah. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) (BRET BLOWS RASPBERRY) -What? Too fast? What you think?
-Yeah, a bit too rocking for us. Turn it down a little bit
people are moshing at the front. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) ♪ (GUITAR-PLAYING BEGINS) ♪ (AUDIENCE LAUGHS)♪ You walk in to the office
In your corporate attire ♪
♪ It’s only morning tea-time
Yet I’m burning with desire ♪
♪ I catch you in the corridor
A smart casual blouse ♪
♪ You brush past my cubicle
I’m instantly aroused ♪
♪ I watched you at your desk
This morning ♪
♪ Filling out some spreadsheets
I could not help ♪
♪ But picture you
Spread out on my bed sheets ♪
♪ I watch you
From the water cooler ♪
♪ Talking to Finance
I had to take my paper cup ♪
♪ And pour it down my pants ♪♪ Well let’s get out
Of these clothes ♪
♪ Let’s get out of this office
Is that a tent in your pants? ♪
♪ No
That’s a two-bedroom cottage ♪
♪ Gonna feel your boob
In the back of the Uber ♪
♪ I’m going to play
With your jack see ♪
♪ While you pay for the taxi ♪♪ Well you look good
In that skirt ♪
♪ And you look good
In that shirt ♪
♪ Well you look so good
It hurts ♪
♪ And then we uh-uh ♪TOGETHER:♪ Oh ♪JEMAINE:
♪ Just two irresistible forces ♪
♪ The tension is mounting ♪♪ Oh, I’m Deanna
From Human Resources ♪
♪ And I’m Ian from Accounting ♪(ECHOES)♪ Accounting ♪♪ Well, you’ve waxed your legs
Your legs are looking smooth ♪
♪ Your legs are looking fine ♪-♪ Uh ♪
-♪ Ugh ♪
-♪ Ooh ♪
-♪ Ugh ♪
♪ I’ve only waxed one leg ♪♪ The left leg
Then I ran out of time ♪
♪ Well you’ve got one hot leg! ♪♪ You’re intoxicating
You smell so sweet ♪
-♪ It’s like confectionery ♪
-♪ Thanks, it’s my deodorant ♪
♪ You’ve been learning
Big words ♪
♪ From a big word book ♪-♪ A dictionary? ♪
-♪ Yeah, that’s it, thanks! ♪
-♪ You’ve removed your clothes ♪
-♪ I’m unclothed ♪
-♪ Do you look good nude? ♪
-♪ Yeah, I do ♪
♪ ‘Cause I had a spray tan
Been working on my pecs ♪
♪ And I trimmed my pubes ♪♪ And they’re
The perfect length of pubes ♪
BOTH:♪ Oh! Come fight this fire
Come fight this feeling ♪
♪ Let’s take it higher ♪♪ I’ve got the spunk
On the ceiling! ♪
♪ You can touch my boob ♪♪ It’s like they do it
Remove us ♪
♪ When we’re finished we’ll have
To replace all the duvets ♪
-♪ Oh! ♪
-♪ Ooh, it’s just human nature ♪
♪ Yeah, it’s a primal calling! ♪♪ Hey-oh, I’m Deanna
Deanna from HR ♪
♪ And I’m Ian from Accounting ♪♪ Hey, come put out this fire ♪♪ No, not even with a fountain ♪♪ Hey-oh
We are bound by human desire ♪
♪ And I’m Ian from Accounting ♪
Sex moves ♪
♪ ‘Cause you just touched
My nips ♪
♪ Yes, I’ve been readingCosmo♪ For clothes advice
And sex tips ♪
(REPEATING)♪ Sex tips ♪BOTH: (REPEATING)♪ Sex tips ♪♪ Hey girl, spice things up
Try touching his nips ♪
BOTH:♪ Oh!
We couldn’t fight this fire ♪
♪ Couldn’t fight this feeling ♪♪ We took it higher ♪♪ Now let’s wipe off
The ceiling ♪
-♪ We should go back to work ♪
-♪ I’ve got spunk on my shirt ♪
♪ I’m going to wipe down
the ottoman ♪
♪ Ooh, then I’ll have
My bottom then ♪
♪ I had a good time, Ian ♪♪ Oh, I had a great time
Deanna ♪
♪ We should throw out that rug ♪-♪ I wouldn’t eat that banana ♪
♪ Just two irresistible forces ♪
♪ It’s a primal calling ♪♪ Hey-oh, I’m Deanna
From Human Resources ♪
♪ And I’m Ian from Accounting ♪♪ Deanna from HR ♪BOTH:
♪ And Ian from Accounting! ♪
(CROWD APPLAUDS) -Now I’m back to a man.
-(CROWD LAUGHS) -Did you see that?
-It’s so seamless. -Yeah.
-It’s true.


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