A lifesaving journey for Princess

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(music playing) Today is a journey to
a life saving surgery. This is something I
will never forget. I met Princess a year ago. For me to serve as a flight
attendant for Shannie is an absolute honor. It’s important to
celebrate her now. She needs to see the
love and support she has. She’s actually going
to go ahead and get to get up and go ahead
and provide a service. Her smile will just
light up the room. She has so much joy. I have three of my
finest flight attendants ever on board the aircraft. Thank you all very much
for joining us today on this special day. Welcome aboard. She has a series
of airway disease– so she’s 87%
obstructed– and when she’s experiencing an
episode, when she breathes in, she’s 100 percent obstructed. Just knowing that she’s
about to have the surgery, and that she’s not going
to be able to speak, that we could bring joy
and laughter and just some fun to her on her last
day of being able to talk, has just been overwhelming. When this one came
about, I just asked if we could collect
scarves because she’s having the trach put in, and
it turned into to all of this with the original crew. It’s important for
American to take care of people on their journey,
because that’s what we do. We’re taking people to some
of the most important parts of their life. And we’ll forever have these
memories, no matter what the outcome. I’ll be able to say as a
parent that I did everything I could to save my baby. That’s all that matters, and
I had y’all to help me do it. Thank you. Thank you, and goodbye. And goodbye.


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