♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (Finebros) So today is gonna
be a little bit different. – We’re fighting to the death?
– (Finebros) Almost. – (chuckles)
– “Almost.” – (Finebros) We have
a food challenge for you. – Woo!
– What? – I’m hungry. I haven’t had lunch yet.
– That means– – (Finebros) We’re gonna have you
try a few different hot wings, all with increasing heat intensity, and see how much heat you can take. – Oh, I’m so down.
– Oh my. I’m not down. – Oh no!
– Yes. Yes, yes. – I am terrible with spicy food. – I’ll eat ’em all. Just pass it on to me. – I love spicy food, and I love wings. – White flag, white flag.
– Oh, not big on spice? – No.
– Oh, okay. – She’s ready for this.
– Oh! They’re my favorite food.
Like, I love hot wings. – (Finebros) The rules are,
you have to finish each wing before moving on to the next one, and you can’t have a drink
until the end, or you’re out. – Deal. Okay.
– Mind over body. – Oh, this is not okay. – Between consoling her and
eating the wings, I should be fine. – I’m so hungry that I’m
gonna swallow anything. That came out wrong.
– (laughs) – (Finebros) For the first wing,
we’ll start off gently. The sauce is Cholula. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ This sauce ranks at about 3,500
on the Scoville heat scale. – Okay, whatever that means. – That’s reasonable.
– Easy, yeah. – Ate this on a burrito the other day. – All right.
– All right. I’m so nervous. Like, I put Cholula in my food when I’m feeling really adventurous. – I love chicken wings.
(chuckles) This is nice. – I’m not that scared,
because if this is at 3,500 on the spice level–
– I think is gonna be like a 50,000. – Cheers. (chuckles)
– Cheers. – So how does that feel to you?
Does that burn you? – No. – Ew, it’s so– – I love chicken wings so much.
– This is good. It’s good. – I’m totally gonna win this.
I love this so much. – I feel like I kissed the devil. (snickering)
– Aw. – This is gonna be fun. – It didn’t feel hot to me. – No.
– Just like saucy. – I’m good. I’m done. (chuckles) – Is that good? Thank you. – (Finebros) The next wing is coated with Pain Is Good Louisiana Style. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ – (Finebros) Reaching up to just 50,000 on the Scoville heat scale. – 50,000!!
– Oh, wow!! You went from 3,500
to 50,000? That’s illegal. – Ooh, that’s like a 47,000 increase. – We just jumped.
(both laugh) You don’t have to be a hero,
you know? You can just stop. – No, I mean, I think I can do this. My grandma’s from Louisiana.
– Just go for it? – It’s probably not gonna help me at all. I just want to say that. – It’s good. – (Finebros) You have to eat it, Jeannie.
– Okay. Hmm. Hmm. – It’s not bad as of right now.
– Not bad. – This one’s not bad either. – Like, I can feel the heat,
but it’s not bad. – It’s kinda like wasabi–
like, hits you out of nowhere. – Eat through the pain. – Holy mother of God. Oh my god! (coughs, takes sharp breath) – This is definitely more spicy. – (Finebros) You can quit at
any time; you’ll just be a loser. – No. – Definitely spicier than the last one. – That’s hot.
– It’s a little spicier. – I’m already falling apart. I think that’s like my ceiling,
is like right at this one. – Okay.
– Shit. – ♪ (humming) ♪
– I don’t– this one’s better. – This challenge is all– this is so good. – Previous one was child’s play.
– Yeah, for sure. – The burn’s gradual.
– Yeah, it’s like a– I mean, it’s a constant burn. It hurts. But it’s–
– Tolerable. – (hums with uncertainty) – (Finebros) Wing three is Marie Sharp’s
Belizean Heat Hot Sauce. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ This is 20 times hotter than a jalapeno and scores 100,000 on the Scoville scale.
– I am so terrified. – Mine looks like it has more
sauce than hers, just saying. – If you see any tears, they’re man tears. – I actually sweat through my eyes. – That’s– yeah, yeah, that’s what it is. – The bigger the bites, the better. Everything in life: if it’s tough, you just do it quick, and you’re done. – Cheers.
– Cheers. Mm. – This one didn’t feel
as spicy as the other one. – No. – (sighs deeply) This looks hot. You can see the seeds.
That’s where the spice is at. – This one looks more hot. – (snickering)
– Mm. – That one’s definitely more spicy. I think it’s the aftertaste.
My lips are stinging. – You see these eyes
right here? You see these? I can’t control this. – That one’s good. (sucks teeth)
– Kinda spicy. – My mouth is on fire right now,
but I’m not giving up. Eat through the pain. – Every instinct in my body is telling me, “Reach for that glass of milk!
It’s gonna be great!” I’m kinda getting this
Tim Curry in Legend vibe from the next one. – This is the real challenge right now. Like, we’re about
to get into the challenge. – Those look like death.
– I’m kinda ready. – I’m not. But I’m gonna
beat you, so I’m ready. – (Finebros) For the penultimate wing, we have Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Hot Sauce. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ This is taking us to an extreme of around 180,000 Scoville heat units. – Oh, only 80,000 more
than the last wings. – I know this sauce. My grandma gave it to me, and she told me it was
chocolate syrup when I was little. – (laughs)
– It was not chocolate syrup. – Holy [bleep]. I’m gonna curse. – The milk is starting to look good now.
– Yeah. – Mm.
– Oh lord. [Inaudible]. – (coughs) No! – Ooh!
– No way. People eat tens of these? (coughing) – Are you giving up?
– No. – You have something on your face.
Here, let me get it for you. (both giggle) – Hmm. – Oh, wow.
– I’m waiting– oh, okay. – (coughing)
– (whimpers) Dominic, we’re making it to the last wing.
– I know, right? (groans, coughs) – Oh, I know this is gonna be bad. – This is bringing back memories. Man, my grandma’s so mean. – (suffering) Okay. (whimpering) – She’s way late.
– I’m scared, actually. This one looks scary.
This looks like blood. – Oh my god.
– Mm-hmm. – Ugh!
– Wait, wait, wait. Oh shit! Oh shit, wait. (retches) – Oh my god! (breathes slowly)
– Hoooooo. – This one screwed up my life.
I’m not going to school tomorrow. – I’m tearing up. – You’re tearing–
– Yeah. – Your eyes are red. – I want to go home and cry! (laughs) Like, you hit yourself in
the funny bone really, really hard. And you just want to leave your body. That’s what I’m feeling right now. – I don’t remember when
was the last time I cried, so this is worth something. – I’m starting to cry, so this one’s probably gonna
be like The Notebook, like tears. – When you breathe, it hurts. Ow! My stomach’s like,
“Tom, what are you doing?” – I really don’t think
I can go for the next one. I think I’m done. – My threshold on pain is like, “Tshew!” – This sucks.
– Dude, what the [bleep] is that? – (Finebros) For the final wing, it’s the Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce.
And like the name says, it takes us all the way
to 357,000 Scoville units. – 357? Wow. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ – So that’s double?
– (sighs wearily) – Kids, don’t do this.
Seriously don’t do it at home. – I know I just met you,
but I think we may die. (snickers)
– I think we bonded. Feel like I should be like, “Yeah, back in Nam,
we went through a lot together.” – Ugh!! I’m so terrified of this one. – Oh, that’s disgusting, guys. – Oh no! [Inaudible].
– You look good. – All right. Oh yeah, that’s hotter than this. – Three…
– (both) Two, one. – (Finebros) You guys
are tearing this apart! – “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” – Oh, it smells horrible. – Oh, I’m [bleep]. – (mouth full) Oh god. Oh god. – (exhales) – (sniffles) Oh shit. Oh my god! – (shakily) Okay. It’s okay. (sniffles) – It’s kinda sweet at first. And then it really,
really starts to sting. I’m in legit pain now.
– (eating noisily) – Ow.
– (cracking up) – (suffering) So hot! Can I have milk now? – (spitting/laughing) – My entire face– my– – Oh dawg, come on. – Oh my!
– This sucks. (both sucking air)
– Can I drink milk? Can we drink milk? – (Finebros) We have some
questions for you first. – Ask the question!
– Ask it! – (Finebros) What did you think
about that last wing? – It’s more intense.
– Oh! I can’t even talk. – I can’t– I can’t breathe. – It’s a disgusting fla– Aaaaaaaaah!
– No, it’s hot. – [Bleep] up! It’s so bad! – (Finebros) You can drink
now! Congratulations! You’ve finished the
React Hot Wing Challenge. – The milk does nothing! – (sniffles) Oh, sweet baby Jesus. You guys should’ve brought a cow. I mean, we can just
go right off of the tap. – This is what being
a champion feels like. – Aah! – I tore my meniscus. This has got to take the lead
of how much pain I’ve been in. – I did good, but I’m
gonna be suffering for it. – I want my mom or my grandma. – I made a serious mistake.
(burps) Oh, excuse me. – (chuckles) That was cute. – Thanks for watching
this episode Adults vs. Food. – What food should we try next?
Let us know in the comments. – Don’t forget to subscribe.
We got new shows every week. – I may have won this challenge, but I’m not gonna win when
I go on the toilet later tonight. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪


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