Aeroflot flight to Moscow: First time flying with Aeroflot

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I’m gonna go ahead and get in line
everybody’s lined up some people are doing yoga I don’t know what’s going on
it’s like 2 a.m. in the airport in Beijing so who knows what’s going on, but I’m going to Moscow! Hey, Tripsters I’m here are at the airport and I’m about to head to Moscow and I’m gonna meet up with Yvonne but I’m about to fly out, this plane behind me is
actually not my plane I’m in another area because it’s a little bit busy in
the airport so I decided to come over to a quieter area so I could try and film
this part. I’m flying to Moscow and I’m actually
flying on Aeroflot and I’ve heard a lot about Aeroflot and I’ve heard that
they’re not very good as an airline. They tend to have a very bad track record I
was actually looking it up online because I thought oh maybe I’ll do a
review of Aeroflot you know sure why not and they actually had a crash in the
airport I’m flying into in Moscow like two
months ago and it killed like a hundred people or something because the the fuel
fuel I guess tank blew up when it landed it was a
really rough landing and it sparked and like it crashed and then it blew up and
killed a bunch of people which was not a good thing to look into right before you
get on an Aeroflot plane but I’m gonna try and do a little review of this see
how it does see if it’s as bad as everybody says it is and my flight is
from Beijing to Moscow and I think it’s about eight hours because I’m I’m flying
overnight so I’m hoping they’ll be food but I don’t know if there
lotta noise in airport still but hopefully I can I can get some
interesting little shots of the plane and give you guys and I kind of a feel
or an idea of what what it’s like to fly Aeroflot I’m sure many people have done
reviews but this is my first time flying and I’ve tried to avoid them for my
whole life pretty much because I’ve heard that they’re bad so you know
they’re like a budget Russian airline that’s that’s what it is in my mind at
least I don’t know if that’s the truth but that’s how I always perceived it as
like kind of a budget Russian airline that was not very good in terms of
service or quality and they had a lot of problems with the planes themselves so
I’m gonna get on and see how this goes and I will see you guys in Moscow if I
make it I don’t wanna jinx it, knock on wood right but yeah I’ll see you guys
in Moscow and then we’ll start our trans-siberian trip which will be super
exciting. I am here in a pretty empty part of London Heathrow and ready to get
on my plane as you know we’re flying to Moscow today or I’m flying Miguel
already on his way from Beijing. I’m flying from London and we’re meeting
each other at the airport so that’s the first time I’m flying with Aeroflot
and I thought I’m gonna show you what that is going to be like because I’ve
never flown with them before it’s my first time like I said and I try always to avoid them like when I find look for flights I always like check
take off the check mark of Airlines I want to fly with like Aeroflot I don’t want
to fly with that I know them image is not very good I mean I don’t have a good
feeling with them but for this trip for this flight this was the best deal for
me best time best price and so on so here we are London Heathrow going to fly
with Aeroflot and I’m going to show you what it’s like if my like prejudice is
really correct for not your blah blah Blee or if it’s really not that bad as I
thought or as I think it is it’s almost time for
me to board we’re leaving a little bit earlier so let’s go I will see you in Moscow why are there people doing yoga in an
airport look at this girl back here her boyfriend’s on the ground and
lifting her up I swear people are weird We are boarding now, we are on time We are actually early, I got a text message saying we are leaving earlier than planned. So far we are all good. So as you can see here as I’m trying to scroll
the entertainment system doesn’t really keep working I’m not sure why…. Oh, and now it’s crashing so this is a problem. Hello Tripsters, the trip is officially starting, I have landed in Moscow. Now I have to go through customs and get my bag and wait for a little bit, until Miguel arrives here. But than our trans-Mongolian Express adventure is starting….. hey guys so I just landed here in Moscow
and I’m trying to find my way to the passport control I’m going around in
circles but back to the flight they’re a Aeroflot flight what’s actually pretty
standard there was nothing strange about it their
landing was fine now I just got to go through customs and actually get into
Moscow and I have to meet up with Yvonne try and find her because her flight was
a little bit earlier so I’m trying to figure it out pretty excited and
hopefully everything works This was your first flight with Aeroflot yeah I was
the review right…. How did your flight from London to Moscow go? It was fine I think I slept most of it
yeah but all and all it was alright for a short flight there was no entertainment system so
that was sad but it was only three or four hours so that’s doable
I guess I remember the food I don’t think I was very impressed so I think
for like a short flight, I would fly again especially if it’s like a cheaper
option like it was saving energy… For me it was my first Aeroflot flight and as you
saw in the video the entertainment system wasn’t working for me so I
couldn’t watch any videos but I slept most of it because there was a night
flight also in terms of the food and in terms of the service I mean an airplane
is never fun I don’t like flying very much so it got me to Moscow and I didn’t
have any issues with the staff or with anything I mean only the screen as you
guys saw would I do it again I mean one flights not going to change
my mind about the airline they still have a pretty bad track record as you
saw in the video I was talking about the flight that crashed two months ago and
so you know it was fine for a flight I probably avoid them in the future but if
I have no other option then yeah why not I mean the flights of flight and it
wasn’t really that bad so if you guys liked this video give it a thumbs up and
be sure to watch the rest of our content because the trip is starting as you saw our trip is starting! Ohhh Yeah!!! We got some train videos coming up some food videos coming up so be sure to subscribe and hit the bell button so that you get the updates for
this trip thanks for watching and bye bye bye


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