Air France First Airbus A350 Delivered! (My Shortest Delivery Flight)


(dramatic orchestral music) – What a beautiful Air
France A350 behind me. (dramatic orchestral music) First Air France A350 has
been named City of Toulouse. (dramatic orchestral music) – I’m extremely proud to fly this aircraft all over
the world for Air France. – I make two records
on this flight myself. – How’s it going? – Oh my gosh, I am shell-shocked. Champagne for everybody on Air France. Cheers! (dramatic orchestral music) Hundreds of staff waiting at
the Air France Headquarter. – [Pilot] You can tell the
left-hand side of the aircraft are the Air France staff welcoming us. (excited upbeat music) – Very nice stair. Today I’m at the Airbus delivery centre, taking the first Air France A350. – We are the only airline in the world who have operated every
model of commercial jetliners that Airbus has produced,
starting with the Airbus A300, the A310, the A320, the A330, the A340, the A380, and now the Airbus A350. So, by the end of this year we’ll have three A350 300s in the fleet. We’ll have three more by
the summer of next year and then we take 11 additional aircraft by the end of 2021 and we’ll
have all 28 aircraft delivered before the end of 2025. – This aircraft’s ferry
to Charles De Gaulle, we will partly use bio-fuel
and this illustrates importance of this level for the industry, minus 25% in CO2 emissions
is average consumption in only 2.5 litre per passenger
and per 1000 kilometre and the noise footprint
will be reduced by 40%. The 7th of October,
first commercial flight of the Airbus 350, will be the 86th
anniversary of Air France. So the hippocampe ailé,
so the winged seahorse, is a distinctive, historic
symbol of Air France. It appears on the winglet of this beautiful aircraft and
also on the engines. In the winter season, 27th of October, it will fly to Toronto. Then when we receive the third aircraft, it will fly to Cairo and Seoul. (relaxed pop music) (clapping) – What a beautiful Air
France A350 behind me. (dramatic orchestral music) They just revealed the
first Air France A350 has been named City of Toulouse. (dramatic orchestral music) Cheers. (dramatic orchestral music) Welcome aboard the brand
new Air France A350. (dramatic orchestral music) (relaxed pop music) Today’s delivery flights
a little different, there’s a lot, a lot of people showing. I was told over 250 guests. I figure a lot of staff for Air France, they hold an internal
competition and their prize is to come to take delivery of
the first A350 back to Paris. Hello.
– Hello, Sir. Welcome aboard.
– Hello. There’s– – Thank you, your seat
is 10A, thank you, sir. – [Sam] Oh, you’re very
stylish with the red leather, okay.
– (laughing) Yeah. On your right, please. Enjoy your flight.
– All right. (relaxed pop music) – [Sam] Welcome on board. – Thank you. (relaxed pop music) – Take a look at the Business Class seats. All direct aisle access,
I love the fabric here, leather and the fabric,
just like Air France, very chic, very nice design and it’s very, very clean as well. (relaxed pop music) The seat’s designs are staggered, so the middle aisle seats
face little bit diagonal. The pair seats face straight. (relaxed pop music) How are you? – Fine and you? – [Sam] Yeah good, how do
you found the seat so far? – Very comfortable, very easy
to put in bed, very clean. – [Sam] Very clean, yes. – Yes, very clean, look
out through the window. – Ooh.
– Very nice. – [Sam] Electric window. – So beautiful. – Oh, a new generation, yes.
– A new generation. – [Sam] Wow. – So big, very big, very big. – So, Kevin, how do you like
your Business Class seat? – Oh, it’s very nice, Business Class, I really enjoy it. – This is the new
generation for Air France. – Yeah, the leather is very, to the utmost feels very great. – I envy you, you have
a Business Class seat. I am at Premium Economy today. – Yeah. (laughing) I’m not like you but you
will do it next time. I’m sure.
– Next time. Enjoy your flight! – Thank you, you too. (relaxed pop music) – I’m just trying out
this economy class seat. This is 16C, this seat has a
little bit extra leg room here as you can see and it’s,
surprisingly, you think it’s narrow but I actually think it fits me perfectly. (relaxed pop music) (speaking in foreign language) – I am Pascal Boydoi,
I will be the captain of this first flight,
this delivery flight. So, we’re now in Toulouse,
on course to Paris, Charles de Gaulle with
this brand new A350. Today we’ll be flying at
flight level three five zero, it’s normal because we’re an A350 and it will take us 1 hour to reach Paris with a fuel consumption
of 6.2 tonnes of petrol which is very low. This type of aircraft is
very low in fuel consumption, about 25% less than previous generation of aircraft and I would say that it’s an environmental signature when we speak about noise, it’s 40% under the previous
generation of aircraft. So this makes, I wouldn’t
say a green aircraft, but presently this may be
the best aircraft we can have to do the job and I’m extremely proud to fly this aircraft all over
the world for Air France. – [Sam] And, Captain,
I heard today’s flight is also powered by bio-fuel. – Yes, this is it. Yes, today we have an experiment. Half of the fuel we have
on board is bio-fuel. (cheering in foreign language) – [Sam] Today’s the shortest
delivery flight in the world, probably, one hour to Paris. I’m sitting in Premium Economy. We don’t need Business Class. – But um, of course we need no
Business Class for one hour. (upbeat pop music) – Everything is just so new on this plane and I think I’m the first one to sit here, first one to open the table, first one to use the IFE screen. (upbeat pop music) – [Air Hostess] To evacuate the aircraft, follow the illuminated spots. (instructs in foreign language) Place the mask over your nose and mouth. (upbeat pop music) – [Flight Attendant] Gentlemen,
your captain say we’re on the runway, ready to go
but unfortunately the aircraft which had just landed has performed a bird strike and
so I want the runway checked before we may go for
obvious safety reason. So this operation, we ask five minutes, I thank you for understanding. – Oh, this is pretty close from
the captain’s announcement, there is a bird strike down
the aeroplane landing before us so fingers crossed,
hopefully it will be smooth. (engine humming) (upbeat pop music) Catherine, I want to know,
I’ve been sitting here, during the flight, and
this is a recliner seats. This is a different seats
to your Premium Economy in other planes, which is a fixed shell. – Yes. – So, why you now chosen
to have this kind of seat? – It’s another kind of comfort. Please, recline in your seat, you will feel.
– Recline. – Yeah, perfect. – Oh yes. I see the nice lighting just came up. – Yeah, exactly. The light in this aircraft
is very, very important. – It’s good comfort, yes. – Yeah, and you have a beautiful support even in the shoulder so it’s really– – Even in the shoulder. – Yeah, it’s really good that you can feel in your
body with the recliner seat, that’s a relaxed position. – I actually feel I’m relaxed,
I’m relaxing too much, I’m reclining too much.
(laughing) (upbeat pop music) – [Sam] Champagne for everybody
today on today’s flight. – But we always have
champagne on every flight on Air France, even in
Economy class, but today– – [Sam] What is the champagne name here? – Champagne Thiénot. – Champagne Thiénot. Everyone come to my
window, take photos there because the view, in
English, we call this, the logo Air France,
is the winged seahorse. – [Catherine] Yes. – The seahorse. But how do you call this
in France, in French? – Yes, in French we said hippocampe. – Hippocampe. – Yes, hippocampe. – [Sam] Thank you very much, thank you. – [Air Hostess] You’re welcome. – Champagne for everybody
on Air France, cheers. (glass clinking) (sighs) Good one. (relaxed pop music) (engine humming) – Hey, Sam, how’s it going? – Oh my gosh! I am shell-shocked. Very rarely there’s an airline CEO so down to the earth, he come
over to every passenger. Are you Canadian? – Yes, I lived in Canada for 43 years. I was actually born in the UK but I spent most of my life in Canada. This is, you know, the first new Airbus long
haul aeroplane in Air France in a long time, and as you
can see it’s fantastic. It’s really fantastic.
– I love the way you said about bringing the
tradition back to Air France. Bringing the seahorse,
the winged seahorse, which I’m seeing right here.
– Seeing it here, right out here.
– I can see it right out here so– – I got it right here on my tie. – On your tie, oh look at that. – This is what’s called
in French, the hippocampe. – Stylish. I hope really one day you
turn around Air France and because there are lots
and lots of fans like myself. We love Air France. – Oh thank you.
– We love the gastronomic, we love the comfort and the
chic and we hope Air France will become a formidable European carrier. – Do you like French butter? – Of course. – Do you like French chocolate? – I love everything. All the food made in French.
– Do you like French bread? Red wine? (laughing) – We’re already started our descent. (upbeat pop music) – [Flight Attendant] Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing shortly. Please fasten and adjust your seat belts, please put your seat back in the upright, stow away your table, your cup holder and your footrest, disconnect
anything from the SCPC or USB socket and open all window blinds. – I make two records
on this flight myself. The first record is, this is
the shortest delivery flight, just one hour. And also the second record
is there’s almost 300 people, every seat is filled so Air France used this good opportunity to
showcase their product to the staff and industry professionals. (engine humming) (plane shuddering) (engine humming) Woo hoo! (passengers clapping) (relaxed acoustic music) (dramatic orchestral music) (passengers clapping) (dramatic orchestral music) – [Pilot] You can tell the
left-hand side of the aircraft are the Air France staff welcoming us. (dramatic orchestral music) – [Air Hostess] (speaks
in foreign language) – That was amazing, there
were literally hundreds of staff waiting in the
Air France headquarter, just standing on the
rooftop next to the fans, welcoming this new aeroplane. Bye. – Goodbye, sir. – [Sam] Bye.
– Such a pleasure to see you. – [Sam] Thank you, bye bye.
– Did you enjoy? – Oh, of course, thank you so much.
– Yeah, it’s nice. (laughs) (upbeat pop music) – How are you? – [Sam] Nice to see you.
– Pleasure, yes? – [Sam] Beautiful. – You’re welcome, thank you. – Oh my God, that was super nice, what a beautiful welcome to Paris. – It’s Mr Sam Chui – [Sam] Hey. – Hey, it’s Mr Sam Chui – [Sam] How was your flight? – Nice. – [Sam] Good flight. – See you, Sam. – See you next time, Mike. Wow, I didn’t expect this,
that was a grand welcome. Look at these ladies holding
Air France Welcomes Airbus 350. I hope you liked the
video, thank you so much. (upbeat pop music) – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you so much
– Thank you, bye bye. – [Together] Toulouse! (air whooshing) (popping)


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  1. kompressor01

    October 1, 2019 3:29 pm

    Pressure level 100 for the pilot when landing. All the top staff and the CEO of the company were inside the plane (have to make it perfect lol)

  2. Dans Shade

    October 1, 2019 7:37 pm

    Only in this vid I've realized how aerodynamically clean wing and engine nacelles are, especially wing. Great work, Airbus! And congrats to Air France on this great bird in their fleet!

  3. Mattie Ldn

    October 1, 2019 8:59 pm

    Excellent vid as always. Been watching your vids and you are one of the best vloggers doing these reviews. Would it be possible to shout out my dad on the next vid I got him watching you as well.. Let me know if this is possible.

  4. Ryan

    October 2, 2019 12:32 am

    I live in Dallas, directly between DFW and DAL. The DAL final approach starts right above my dwelling. The other night I was on my porch watching a Sam Chui video when a Southwest plane flew over. I found it ironic that I was mad that actual airplane noise was interrupting Sam's video which was talking about engine noise.

  5. Nguyguy

    October 2, 2019 8:30 am

    Honestly, the premium economy is VERY disappointing, with a 2-4-2 layout (compared to 3-3-3 in eco), and those horrible recliner seats….

  6. Ziolin Camba

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    I wonder, will you get free flights and free plane tickets if you ride a plane on a delivery flight?
    Wow. I wasted a lot of money to buy plane tickets flying from other countries.

  7. Juan Gallego

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    This reminds me. 2 weeks ago I came back from NY (via Paris/CDG airport). I was flying on an A380, upper seats in Premium Economy. When we landed in Paris, the plane next to us was the 787 Dreamliner, and I was like "I wanna fly on that thing". Then when exiting the plane, we had to walk above the gate that had access to the 787, both gate and terminal were closed.
    But I stood there looking at it until the cabin crew from my flight came out, one of them said to me "Nice plane huh? But soon we have better plane. A350 soon, much better" and walked away till he caught up with the rest of the cabin crew.

  8. Little Traveller

    October 2, 2019 4:27 pm

    I used to love flying Air France when I worked in Paris. They used to give those little bottles of champagne that was like one and a bit glasses.

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    I think this is my last video I will watch of his. He really needs to start developing a better vocabulary and say things in a more exciting and colourful way. I hope his sponsiors read this, YOU CAN DO BETTER! Tired of "very nice", "so pretty". #boredwithsamchui

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    I Love the A350 but AF have chosen a very bland interior with their seating they could of made it more special because it's their First A350

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    That's a nice aircraft. I don't have anything against Air France but what's going wrong with that airline? Continuously underperforming, in comparison to KLM.

  16. Kiki Tay

    October 12, 2019 12:42 pm

    Damm there was a bird strike and I missed it?? I would love to see little birds picketing with signs while marching down the runway, they must be sick and tired of all the planes taking over their job!

  17. Fernando VILLARREAL

    October 12, 2019 10:06 pm

    Did the Captain say they were experimenting with bio fuel on the flight? I don't think you do any fuel experiments on commercial flights. What is Air Italia going to experiment olive oil?

  18. Caroline Liu

    October 13, 2019 2:08 am

    Air France, which is the flag airlines in Airbus's homeland, finally got the first A350 in almost 4 years after A350's first delivery.

  19. Rafa v

    October 14, 2019 9:56 am

    1:42 Guy says A350-300… not very well prepared huh? Lets hope it was just a slip up

    edit: and the the CEO says 2,5l per 1000km while the board says 100km. Slight difference. How do they mess this up? Are they working for an airline or what?

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    10:20 the real answer to your question is: this is not an Air France cabin, it's a Joon cabin. But it was too late to change it for the first 10 A350's after they killed Joon. It's still good though, and you can expect a new cabin after the first 10 deliveries.

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