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Hi everyone, as you already know from the
title I’m gonna be making barbecue chicken wings in the air fryer. Real
simple to do. I’m going to be using slap ya mama seasoning because it has
everything in there that I like. You can season your wings however you like. So
I’m going to go ahead and do that now okay they are seasoned now, all we need to do
is go put them in the airfryer. So let’s move on over. Okay I’m going to be
using one of these liners again. The only reason is for easy cleanup since we will be
putting barbecue sauce on these wings later. I have three pounds of chicken
wings which it really don’t matter, but I’m probably not going to be able, I mean
I could put these all in here at the same time, I just rather not.I’m going to put these in
a single layer ,and I actually might be able to get all these in here, almost all
of them. So we are going to pop these in for 20 minutes at 360 but after the
first 10 minutes I’m going to flip them over. So at 10 minutes take it out and flip
them over. When these are about done, like the last
three minutes, I’m going to take them out and cover them in barbecue sauce. so
I’ll finish flipping. Turn over you little booger and I will be back when
there’s three minutes left in the cooking time. I just took these out they’ve
been in for a total of 17 minutes there’s three minutes left to go so now
I’m going to put the barbecue sauce on them. I took them out because. I was just
gonna brush them with BBQ sauce, but I’m going to dunk them in barbecue sauce because I
just want them loaded with barbecue. I will put a couple of these in here at a time, and just get them all nice and coated. Put them back into the air fryer basket. I’m gonna go ahead and finish these and then we will put them back in for three
minutes and they should be done. Okay let’s go ahead and put these back in the
air fryer for the remaining three minutes. okay they’re done, oh my goodness that looks so good. Okay everyone, I hope
you try this if you do leave me a comment tell me how you liked it. I want
to thank all my new subscribers and my old ones. Thank you all again and I will
see you soon


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