Air India enters guiness world records yet again

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Hello people this is YOGI and welcome to my channel TUTOR YOGI As today is 8th march i wish all the women watching this video a very happy women’s day In this video we are going to see the initiative taken by air india on account of international women’s day state owned airline air india which is also the member of star alliance holds the record for flying a non stop flight for 17 hours last year this year it set a new record for the first round-the-world flight staffed entirely by women and scripted history just ahead of international women’s day The boeing 777 flew from new delhi to san franscisco on 27th February 2017 travelling over the pacific ocean the crew completed a mandatory rest period before flying over the atlantic back to new delhi completing the round the world trip before setting off to new delhi the air india crew wearing sarees and jackets posed for selfies in sanfrancisco international airport every member of staff from flight captain to the cabin crew, check in and handling staff were also women even the engineer who certified the craft and air traffic controllers who cleared its departure and arrival were also women air india has applied for a guiness world record to mark the occassion In recent years air india has taken several intiatives to improve its record on gender quality if you feel my video is informative please do like it and subscribe to my channel TUTOR YOGI to see some more cool videos like this once again i wish all the women here A very happy women’s day Thank you


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