AirFare #15 1300 on Fillmore

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I got cooking and a very young age
back in England at the age of 13. One of my heroes on TV was a gentleman
called Graham Kerr of The Galloping Gourmet who I loved watching and he got
me excited about cooking. I worked at Le Gavroche which is the most famous restaurant in all of England which famous alumni like Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White. One of our signature dishes is the shrimp and grits. Grits are the cornerstone of Southern cuisine. I wanted to invent a dish that was not
like no other shrimp and grits out there. Everybody loves it. One of the other dishes that we’re very
famous for is the maple syrup glazed short-rib. We braise it, we sear it and
we and all those guilt ingredients on top of it literally you can cut it with
a spoon. It has a jazz and a blues atmosphere
that was indicative of the Fillmore area for over 40 50 years and you will see
that in our food and the ambience of decor of our restaurant that we were
able to transport and bring here to the airport as well. My name is David Lawrence and my restaurant is
1300 on Fillmore.


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