Airline Commander gameplay HD | Licence C ATR 42| ADVANCED TAKEOFF (w. subtitle commentary)


Welcome too License C for the ATR 42, in which we will learn the advanced takeoff. In the previous video you learned how to takeoff in a simple way, but alas. That is not reality. This advanced takeoff is more like it. We are about to takeoff from the runway. Are you ready? We cannot takeoff with the flaps at 0. So we have to lower these to 2. Push the throttle forward and there we go. In this case, once the VR (109) is reached, lift the airplane. There we go! The landing gear is not needed anymore, so pull it up. The flaps can be retracted as well. This means you can turn these to 0. You did it! You have done your advanced takeoff! One more thing, you need to fly full throttle for a while, we have not reached 3.300 ft. yet. So go for it. You have passed the test! Great! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe, share and like!


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  1. GameplayWorldChannel

    September 8, 2018 2:01 pm

    Welcome to this new tutorial. In this tutorial License C for the ATR 42 we will focus on the Advanced takeoff.
    Check the other tutorial if you don't know how to take off yet for in this tutorial we will do a little more in the procedure of starting up and taking off.
    This is not so difficult, you will make it! Pay attention.
    We are on the runway and all is started up. We have to put the flaps down to two and full speed ahead. Mind the VR speed which is at 109 in this airplane. That's the moment when you can lift the airplanes nose.
    Once in the air, you can put up the landing gear. Fly to the indicated destination and don't forget to pull the flaps fully up.

    Good luck!
    If you have questions or comments let them know below! And don't forget to share, like and subscribe!

  2. Raju singha Singha

    September 15, 2018 5:53 pm

    I was faced a problem… airline commander trainee ATR 42 licence C is invisible… will shown that level 2 required


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