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– Are you guys ready to see this sweater for the next three days? Because it’s all I have. – You’re looking at my uniform.
– (Damon laughs) My Iceland uniform. – Bought this jacket just for this trip.
– Paige, we get it; you packed really well. – (Paige laughs)
– [Jo] Paige is the packing queen! – Okay, so votes on how much this meal at Café Loki’s is gonna cost? – Fifty dollars EACH for a toast!
– (Damon laughs) – For a piece of bread. – So, the first thing you read about Iceland is that it’s very expensive. – It’s like, “If you are broke, don’t go to Iceland!” – Guess who pulls up in Iceland? We do! – Hey, our names are Damon and Jo, and we’re here to see what’s expensive here. – It’s our first day.
– So throughout our trip we’re gonna document how much each meal costs and you’re gonna see what we got. – You’re gonna see what we DON’T get. – What we don’t get. Let’s go see what we don’t get. – This is one of those countries that I’ll be hungry (laughing) the entire trip. – Jo, I’m hungry right now! Paige, are you hungry? – [Paige] I’m so hungry! – (Damon laughs)
– We’ve been hungry! I woke up from the best nap of 2017 and all I thought was, – [Damon] You guys…
– “I’m hungry, but I’m in Iceland, I can’t eat.” – I’m call… I’ve already deemed it the Iceland diet. – [Paige] Oh, man! – [Damon] Just look at the orange hues coming out of the windows! – [Jo] We’re going to like, the one place that’s all in English so you know it’s touristy. – [Damon] It said “traditional Icelandic place.” – [Jo] I mean, they translated…
– [Paige] It says it right on the fucking building. – (Damon and Jo laugh) – [Damon] So, Jo, do you want the $16 bagel or the $17 bagel? – Um, I’m gonna eat a side of air… with my nothing. – (Damon laughs) On the side of my water. – I just threw my silverware on the floor because JóiPé just sent us a message. (reads) – Can we hang out with him?
– We… – are in touch with Iceland’s finest… musician.
– [Damon] Hip-hop group? (hip-hop song playing) – [Damon] My favorite part of this is how everyone went, “Thank you. Thank you.” – [Jo] This was supposed to be one of the top-rated places to eat. This cost $22. – [Damon] This cost $13. – Paige hooked us up with this… What is this? – [Paige] I’ve never seen it before. – Damon’s gonna try the first piece of something fattening he’s ever eaten in his entire life. – (Damon laughs) – (cricket sound effect) – [Jo] It’s good! Stop acting like you’re eating poop. If you wanna smell poop, go in the bathroom and put the (laughing) hot water on. – It smells like sulfur.
– [Jo] ‘Cause it’s heated by sulfur. – That’s not cute. – You guys, the grocery store closes at 6:30! (reading message by Patrick Linder) – (Jo squeals) Cash me at Bonus! – (announcer voice) Come with us, Damon and Jo, as we discover just how expensive this gas station is in Iceland. Let’s do it. – (normal voice) That’s 10 dollars! – [Jo] Aww, snaap! This is the kind of country where you forego your entire diet because it’s not up to you, it’s up to your bank account. Today, I will probably be consuming hot dogs, gas station coffee and anything else that is under $20. – ‘Cause that’s how much everything is here. – Okay, I don’t know what you see in my hands… – Two free coffees.
– We got two coffees! – And why is it free? Because they’re nice. I’m like, “I’m sorry, how do I get coffee?” – And she’s like, “Here you go, just take it.”
– “Take it.” – [Paige] Shit, that looks good! Look good! – Okay, this is one of those countries that I’ve always wanted to come to. I thought I would love it! I dooo! This is the thing about Iceland: It’s like one of those really cheap flights that you get here, and then you get here and you’re like, – “How much does it cost?”
– “Everything else is expensive!” – But this was free and look at it.
– This was free! This is why I love it; there is nobody trying to sell you fidget spinners, lightsabers, the things that trip you on the floor. Paige is like, “When you get up there, they’re going to be selling you fidget spinners.” Let’s hope not! – (Damon laughs)
– [Paige] I hope so. – [Damon] Okay, see, this one wasn’t THAT expensive.
– [Jo] Mm-mm. – [Jo] The crust is like paper, and it’s really delicious, – but it costs twenty dollars.
– Only $20! – [Jo] And the beer was impressive. Only $7. – [Damon] Paige, five million dollars.


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