Amazing Cheap Vacation ideas – Vacations bucket list ideas for family and couples

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Jill where you and Jack go on vacation we went to New York what did you do what sights did you see OMG you have to tell
me everything we did the typical tourist thing we took a hop on an off tour saw
the Statue of Liberty the Empire State Building and Times Square wow that must
have been crazy expensive it wasn’t cheap we saved all year to go we just
got back from Chicago a few weeks ago and how was it we had a great time we
did all the touristy stuff too but we also went to a white sox game saw the
Blue Man Group which is several museums and listen to free audio tours we added
some amazing restaurants while listening to local music wow that must have taken
a lot of planning it sounds great but expensive – not at all
we used my city comm to book our entire vacation we booked everything flied
Hotel car museum tickets and found local restaurants and music all on my city it
saved us a ton of time and money because they offer so many discounts and coupons
I’ve not heard of them I don’t think the whole code of cites I can’t trust that’s
just it they have partnered with all the companies that you’re already using and
trust but they put it all in one place so you don’t have to spend hours
searching for deals what was the name of the site again my
city comm only spelled my si TTI comm who here’s the planning my next vacation
with my city comm planning a vacation plan smarter think my city dot-com


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