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Now he was hot He was hot. Jean-Michel was gonna make
things happen in the creative space by any means necessary. He did whatever he needed to do in order to be a painter and in order to be an artist and I think
it takes a tremendous amount of balls to do that. I’d never seen a black artist with this kind of unbelievable talent and
unbelievable charisma. The word got out in the art world very quickly that there
was a genius working in Anita’s basement This work that’s just screaming
revolutions their intentions The idea popped up like let’s start
Museum Club. Jean would get a good kick out of that guy’s crown. You don’t envision that your brother would be famous but it is always something that
he felt that he would be “I feel like, I was right you know I mean…” Jean Michel grabs my arm and says “Oh my god, it’s Andy.” Where? Where? And, Andy was like, “Oh god, you’re so fast and these are so great!” And that was the beginning of everything between Andy and Jean-Michel All of a sudden we went from total poverty to having so much money
that we didn’t know what to do with it He got paid in cash, he got paid in drugs
I never did that. He had this real fear that he wasn’t
really allowed in because it was a mostly white affluent world. I think Jean became very paranoid and suspicious of even Andy and he had this
reputation of being a vampire and feeding off of younger artists. He felt guilty because he dropped Andy. and then he really got into drugs. But I could have done anything to
prevent that from happening I would have and should of. The old show was like a prophecy of his death. It was like a goodbye… Already I felt it. As his sister, almost 30 years later I continue to be saddened by the fact that my brother isn’t still here. I think if you want to know what there is to know about Jean-Michel the place
to go is to his work.


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  1. Amanda Flegel

    August 28, 2018 4:58 pm

    At 42 seconds wow. Cuz you know it's a rare for black people to be able to do anything exceptionally well that Caucasian people do correct. Are you kidding me dude I cannot believe that comment I really cannot believe that, that he's never seen a black artist in his words this talented. Dude you're like 50 I can guarantee you in New York you seen some talented African American Artist not to take away from this gentleman he was beyond talented and he was a great but you sir at 42 seconds got some issues!

  2. melvina628

    June 12, 2019 6:58 am

    They should make a movie about who got hold of his unsold artwork, and who collects his money now?


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