Answering Your Most-Asked Question! Full Time Family Travel Insurance

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What insurance do you guys
use as a travel family? Oh, nice. Real life over here
you guys. We’re just being raw. We need to change your diaper, the
real Jurgys life right here. Alright, Bryce is going to take
the rest of this video. Yeah, so about family
and family and insurance. We want to just always be real with you
guys and not only share the highs and the wonderful moments of travel,
but also the nitty gritty things. Not only do we want to
inspire and hopefully motivate
people to adventure more with you friends and family, we want to educate and provide information
that can empower you to do so because if you don’t have enough money, it can make things more difficult and
if you’re paying so much for your health insurance as well, that depletes your budget faster than
you can spend per month. Full disclosure, Nellie and I are not filthy rich. That’s not why we’re able
to travel all the time. We’ve really looked into how can we best
use our allotted budget that we have and how can we make money while we’re
on the road to cover costs and and then more if you haven’t seen that video, we have a video how to
make money while traveling. You can watch it here after or
I’ll put a link below this video. After that video was uploaded, we still got a lot of questions asking
us about health insurance and if we always go back home and just pray
that nothing happens to Avalyn, we are home is the RV even with that factor
playing in like if you’re full time RV’ing, what are you going
to do for health insurance? We knew we needed to get the right type
of insurance that would enable us to not worry where we are and still be covered. And that’s what we liked about
Christian healthcare ministries. We’re answering what we’ve
chosen and why I’ve chosen it. And so even if you don’t
go with the same insurance, hopefully the same principles will
help you in your choice. Quickly, et’s cover two main questions that we
always get about the insurance once we start explaining it to people,
the cost and the benefits, so the cost of CHM is insanely cheaper
than all the other options that we knew of that still covered the same
type of benefits. For example, the entry level with CHM is 45 bucks a
person and if you have a family of three or more, once you’re paying for three
people, you don’t pay for any beyond that. So if you’re one of those that just keeps
pumping out kids after three people, you don’t have to pay for any
additional members in your family. And the tier that we are in is anything
that is over $500 CHM pays 100% of it. For example, having a baby, you have
your prenatal appointments of birth, the postnatal, all of that
costs way more than 500 bucks. They cover 100% of it for us and it
only costs 150 bucks a month for that premium. Please let me know in the comments below
how much you’re usually used to seeing for premiums. Maybe they’re lowering
and changing where you live, but where we were when we first
started all of this traveling in Utah, the premiums were insane.
It was a second mortgage, especially for people
that are self employed. Now you might be wondering is there
a catch to it? What’s the catch? The only thing with CHM that’s different
than a lot of insurances is there’s not like a copay and they
don’t cover it right away. Earlier this year we had
some situations come up. Our hospital bill was $4,500 yikes. CHM covered 100% of it. You’re considered a self pay patient and
you get a cash discount of at least 30% so that cut down my cost big time. Instead of my bill being $4,500 it was
$3,150 which is a big chunk of change. I emailed the bill to Christian Healthcare
Ministries, explained my situation, why I had to have the surgery
that it was recommended. They sent me a check for the same amount, reimbursed me back 100% so at the end
of the day I didn’t have to pay for that at all as they reimbursed me fully. They explain it better on their site.
We just wanted to explain what we did. First time I heard about it was from a
friend and they got it because of the whole free baby thing and
he was like, yeah, legit. We had our baby free and we’re only
paying 150 bucks a month for my wife and then I’m on a cheaper
plan for 45 bucks a month. So that got me really
looking into it and I vetted, I went through the entire website,
I read all the fine print, I called them and asked them multiple
questions and then we’ve been using it for the last while. Last couple of years.
It’s been an amazing experience for us. We know that when our next baby comes,
that’ll be a hundred percent coverage. A lot of insurance plans
also have a network, so if you go to the network
of doctors or hospitals, then there’s a copay and they
help you out financially, but if you go out of network, it costs you more money with
CHM other health-share programs, there’s no network to worry about. It
doesn’t matter where you’re traveling. If something happens or comes up,
you can find out the best doctor, the best urgent care facility and get
your situation taken care of and then CHM covers. It’s amazing. We have some other friends that
their parents are Canadian. They just moved to the states and they
were worried because they don’t have Medicaid, Medicare to help them out because they
haven’t been working in the United States their whole life. Right. They retired. They’re with CHM and they’re even
doing better than people that have been relying on Medicare this whole time or
hoping for Medicare after they retire. There’s many other health share programs. I can’t vouch for those
because I haven’t used them, but we have personally entrusted our
lives with Christian Healthcare Ministries over the last two years. I’ll put
a link down below in the video, in the description to check it out. We’ve been able to travel everywhere
with a peace of mind knowing that if anything happens, like there’s been scary moments while
we’ve been on our trip and we haven’t vlogged about them. A few times
Avalyn was choking. Holy crap, that’s a freaky moment. Your mind
goes to worst possible scenario, but I still have that peace of mind in
the back of mind that it doesn’t matter where we are. We can go to any hospital and CHM
will reimburse us for those expenses. That’s beautiful. And we wanted
to tell you guys about it. We just want to help you guys so that
you don’t have things holding you back. And these barriers of, “Well, we can’t travel because one of our
children has this serious issue.” Also, if you have a preexisting condition, CHM
has a program called brothers keeper. They cover preexisting conditions. Christian Healthcare Ministries does not
know that we’re uploading this video, this has no affiliation with them. We just have personally benefited greatly
by saving thousands by paying less per month and then having these expensive
things that have come up medically for us covered 100% for those of
you that are wondering, the medical procedure we got
was to uh, give me more muscles. So if that’s what you were
wondering, just kidding. I’m just going to delete
that. That got a little weird. They do have a refer-a-friend program. In fact when we joined there’s
a section in there to say, did you hear about us from anyone? And we put my cousin and her record
number and then she got a free month. So if you guys don’t mind, if you
end up joining this insurance, let them know that we sent
you or email us, DM us, and we can give you our record
number and then uh, yeah, we get a free month and that’s cool. We’ll find a way to give
something back to you. If we end up getting a ton of free months, maybe we can connect people
with your member record number. So let us know if you join because we’d
love to help out more people. Seriously, guys, we just want to help more
and more families to live
life on their terms and to be able to travel and be wherever
you want and earn an income. And this has been a huge peace of mind
for us that we can be anywhere and know that we’ll get reimbursed on everything
that serious that happens while we’re out traveling.
Avie, do you want to say hi? “Hi” Say hello….hello….snuggly?


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