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Well traveling is something
that is loved by everyone but if it’s the first time
you’re taking an international flight, then there’s a huge feeling of nervousness Today I’ll tell you,
how to take an international flight seamlessly without any worries So come with me, I’m taking a flight to South Korea Well firstly if you’re taking
an international flight, you need to know your airline’s name
and based on what airline you’re taking, you have to stand at that gate
like Korean Air is at Gate number 6, where their counters are present,
which is where I am standing right now and even before
you enter into the airport, you have to show the security
your passport and ticket So keep that handy before
you get into the airport Let’s queue up If you don’t have a
printout of the ticket, that’s not a problem at all,
you can also show your E-ticket, which is what I’m going to do Well that was easy
But now there are a lot of counters here,
so firstly look for your airline’s name at any board
Then you go towards the counter Well so like I said,
I’m Travelling by Korean Air and that’s my counter,
that’s where I have to go So every airline has a
different luggage limit depending on how you’re traveling,
which airline you’re traveling, whether it’s economy,
premium economy or business, the details for this will be
shown on your ticket that is how much weight
your bag should carry Another very important thing,
never carry a portable charger in your check-in luggage,
you can put it in your handbag but if you put it in your check-in luggage,
chances are that your luggage will not be allowed
in the flight and will remain in India only
So ensure you’re never carrying a power bank
in your check-in luggage I’ve got my luggage tag,
with this, I can identify my luggage and because I’m traveling
by business-class I also have a GVK Lounge access If you have forgotten
to carry your medicines then there’s a medical store
at the airport where you can buy your medicines
I didn’t want to buy any medicines, I just brought a nail polish remover
because As you can see, my nails are quite messy
Also, liquids are usually not allowed inside the aircraft,
not in your handbag especially but if you buy it from the airport,
which is about 100ml, it’s allowed Chances are, if you’re
getting it from home, you won’t be able to keep a track of the quantity So I would say that avoid carrying any liquids
in your handbag Also another thing importantly, once you’ve checked in your bag, make sure that you don’t
have too many handbags or carry on bags because
the gates are usually really far and you have to walk
for quite some time, that’s why it’s preferable to travel extremely light
especially your handbag, always keep it light Now it’s time for the security, let’s
go Well, so this is the security area,
cameras aren’t allowed over here but I’ll quickly brief you
on what you should do here You have to take all your things,
from mobile phone to passport, everything you need to
keep inside your handbag except for your boarding pass, that you need when you’re
passing security who will stamp it
and it’s all clear but there are chances that
if you worn long chunky boots, you’ll need to take them off,
sometimes they’ll tell you to remove your watch or belt
But don’t get nervous, this happens with everyone
and it’s very normal Let’s go If you don’t want to get
stuck at the security, ensure that you’re not
carrying any water or any sharp object,
that way you can get away faster from the security I’ve got my stamp on the boarding pass Let’s head next to the immigration No cameras are allowed here too Let me tell you something
before stepping into immigration, here they’ll check your passport, they’ll check if you have the visa of the place you’re flying to
and both these things are very important for
your flight to take off No mobiles phones allowed,
forget about shooting, you can’t even talk on your
phone here and at the immigration office, and whoever the officer is
and whatever questions they ask you, you have to give a straight answer to it and by the end of the immigration process, they will also click your picture
So do cooperate with the officers Well my boarding pass
has 2 stamps now, one from the security
and the other after immigration The immigration officer asked me
only 2 questions, 1. What’s my final destination
which means, where am I going? The other question he asked me was,
2. What’s my purpose of going there that is for what reason
am I going to South Korea? It’s very simple, I’m going
there to roam around These were the only 2 questions
I had to answer, they stamped my boarding pass right after,
they also stamped on my passport, mentioning my date of departure
that is 3rd of September Now I have some time free
at the airport because our time of boarding is 1:55AM
and the time now is 01:15AM, which means now I’ve got
30 to 40 minutes to explore the airport, but at 01:55AM
I have to reach gate number 75 But until then, let’s explore the airport At the airport, you can
spend your time in 2 ways, you can either go shopping
or you can eat at the food court It’s 01:25AM in the night
and I don’t want to do either I’d rather sit at someplace and chill
I’m a bit lucky, whenever I travel in relation with work,
then mostly, as much as I can, I travel by business class
but it’s not that important to travel that way.
Economy is also comfortable, I’m a bit lucky so I have
some access to GVK Lounge right now where I can sit and relax
for a while and I can show you how to access the lounge
and all the facilities available So this is the business lounge,
where all the business and first-class passengers relax
There are many dishes available here on an offer, which is also
available free of cost Not only food, but there’s
drinks too, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, you can enjoy this too,
till it is the time for your flight to board
Not just eating, there’s also a dedicated relaxation space,
there’s a lounge, where you can sit and enjoy
as well as relax As for me, I wasn’t
in the mood to eat, but looking at all the
delicious dishes here I got tempted, and right now I am enjoying
some Schezwan noodles along with some chicken I had a great meal
at the lounge but now its 1:50AM and it’s time to board my flight
which is at 01:55AM, so I only have about 5 minutes
to get to the Gate 75 There’s instructions everywhere,
there’s boards everywhere telling you which direction to go in
Gate number 75, I can see a board Gate number 75
Let’s go Okay
So that is gate number 75 The time is 2:00AM
which means I’m 5 minutes late but that’s fine
First, we checked in the luggage, then security, then immigration
and sometimes after all this, the queue gets so long
that it takes a lot of time that’s why it’s highly recommended,
that you come 3 hours prior to the airport before boarding your flight Time now to board your flight, and for that, we have to keep
our passport and boarding pass handy Well this is enough for you
to know what’s your seat number, My seat number is 10H,
so let’s get there The flight doesn’t look too crowded,
so that’s a good thing The colors here look very pretty,
it’s very very Korean As you can see,
my seat number is 10H This is my seat, looks
very comfortable and cozy Luggage you need to
either keep it here Well get comfortable
Only the things you need keep with yourself, other than that,
things like my mobile phone, I’m going to keep it
with myself and all my other things, very conveniently Well, with that,
it’s time for us to fly it’s time to fly, very conveniently, you too can take an international flight it’s very simple and there’s
no reason to get nervous at all Don’t be afraid of an international trip,
it’s extremely simple With that it’s time to wrap but if you have any questions
regarding this video or if you have any suggestions, remember to leave it
in the comments below Until then, it’s me, Kamiya Jani
Signing off And taking off for Korea See you on the other side And remember to like, share
and subscribe to Curly Tales


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