Behind The Scenes at Delta’s Flight Attendant Training Facility

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– So, when you hear all flight attendants prepare doors for departure, crosscheck and all-call, do you remember that? – Yep, what is all-call? – Okay, so what that means… – We’re finally finding
out what all-call is! – You’re gonna find out what this is. (soft, upbeat music) – Ah, let’s do this!
(airplane engine roaring) (soft upbeat music) – We just got off our
quick and easy flight from LaGuardia to Atlanta. I love Delta’s 8321, nice big T.V. screen, power outlets, fast
wifi, and delicious food. The kind folks at Delta picked us up in these nice Porsche Cayennes, and we are now going behind the scenes at Delta in Atlanta. We’re going to see how they fix planes and maybe even do a little bit of flight attendant training. How fast have you gotten
this baby going? 100? 150? (laughing) (soft, upbeat music) – [Brian] Engineering ingenuity. Are there any parts you can’t fix yourself here at Delta? Everything on
the plane gets fixed here? Wow, so did you just build
this portion, or was this- – We did! This used to
be four hanger base, we’ve converted it to an engine shop. (soft, upbeat music) – Ooh, she’s so pretty! (soft upbeat music) Ooh, it’s so shiny! – [Chris] This is uh… – Your newest toy? – This is the Trent 7000.
We weren’t working it, we don’t have an adapter
yet or it correlated, but- – Can I touch the end of it? – Absolutely. (soft upbeat music) (jet engine imitation) – This is actually an
XWB right here, so this goes on our 8350. This is the first, one
of the first engines that we brought in just
to test out the cell. – I guess you really don’t
wanna drop a piece in there. (laughs) The pretty blades, they’re so pretty. Nice clean workshop too. – Thank you thank you. – I love all the bicyclists. At a jet engine workshop, they’re cycling. This baby needs a car wash. (upbeat music) (jazz music) – Hey Brian, I’m Patres, nice to see you. All right, you guys ready to get started? – Yeah – Yeah (jazz music) – Welcome to the Delta
Airlines training center. I’m Patres Hillis, I’m a Delta
Airlines flight attendant. I’m also an instructor here
in the training center. I’ve been flying for
about twenty two years, I’ve been in the training center for six. Are you Brian, are you ready? – I guess I have to be! – All right, let’s do this! (chatter) – All right, watch your head. (laughter) – So when flight attendants
come for initial training, they are here for eight weeks. This particular mock up can
do all kind of crazy things. So we can put fire in
that window, and train to what to do if you see fire. We can open that door, no we’re not right? We can also give you
passenger panic, right? So you get a real sense
of what it might really look like and sound like. All right, so I’m gonna run
a typical evacuation drill that you would expect
from a flight attendant who is coming to be
proficient on this door. Bend over! Stay down! Bend over! Stay down! Stay seated! Stay seated! Release seat belts! Leave everything! Release seat belts! Come this way! Leave everything! Jump and slide! Come this way! Leave everything! Jump and slide! All right, so, whoo! Gets the adrenaline going, right? Whoo! So when you hear flight
attendants, prepare doors for departure,
cross-check at all call. Do you remember that? – [Brian] What is all call? – Okay so, – I’m finally finding
out what all call is. – You’re gonna find out what this is. When you arm a door, which
is what we’re doing when we’re preparing for departure, you’re engaging that slide. So that movement engaged
the girt bar at the bottom right there, so it hooked the slide in. So now, automatic assist will take over, so now when I throw this
up, automatic assist takes over, you get slide deployment. So when you hear on arrival, (muffled) arrival cross-check and all call, you’re asking them to put those doors now into normal operation,
so we don’t get slide deployment, we don’t wanna hurt people. So, we’re gonna disarm it. So now if these doors get
opened, the door’s disarmed, the slides not engaged. So all-call is us all
talking to each other. So I’m at one left, so
hey, one left is disarmed and cross-check between,
I’ve checked the person over there too. They’ve checked me. – [Brian] Cross-check is
cross-checking each other’s work? – That’s right. That’s exactly what it is. – What’s the height maximum
for flight attendants, asking for a friend? (laughter) – So, I think that, I don’t
know that there necessarily is a maximum, I think it’s
whether you pose a safety risk for yourself or for somebody else. – So this is a 757 cabin trainer. It’s got a galley; it’s
got doors that work, you could see that it’s got a cabin. Basically we take flight attendants whether they’re in
training, or they’re already on the line, and we put them
in here and run scenarios. – In an aircraft do you
actually have on these? – We actually have a megaphone, yeah. – Excuse me ma’am, we need
another bloody Mary, emergency. We have a fire extinguisher,
oxygen, and this is a raft? – [Patres] That is a survival kit. – Oh. – [Patres] This is what
we call our wet jet. So that door opens,
everyone has on a life vest, they inflate it and jump into the water. There is a raft in the water, and they are responsible for getting
themselves into the raft. So you work together as a
crew, you put up the canopy. – Do you have a plane
that does mock turbulence? – Yes we do. We’re gonna go on that. – Oh sweet! – Yes. – We’re gonna go smoke,
shake, move, and turbulence! – All right, so this is
our motion based trainer. This is the trainer will shake and move. We can simulate turbulence,
we can smoke this cabin, see what it’s like to
have a smoke-filled cabin and we can evacuate. So today we’ll go up there,
we’ll take a ride on this, we’ll evacuate right down
this slide right here. This is coming off of a 75, and so this aircraft will actually
pitch up here towards the end, it’ll be a steeper descent there. This particular slide
fails to inflate and so we can train flight
attendants right here to what happens when you have a
slide that doesn’t inflate, but that might be your only option off. So that would be called a
hand-held slide at that point. And we teach flight attendants
how to shimmy down that. And safely evacuate the aircraft. Not ideal, but we want them
trained in non-ideal conditions and ideal conditions ’cause you never know what you’re gonna get. – I’m going on my honeymoon
to the Caribbean, I want a nice relaxing flight today. – Wonderful – Okay perfect, it’s gonna
be a smooth day in the sky. – [Patres] So Kira’s gonna start it. – Honolulu here we come! – [Patres] All right. (engine roars) – Bend over! – Stay down! – Bend over! – Get me off this ride! – Bend over! – That exit! Go to the back! That exit! Go to the back! Release seat belts! Leave everything! Release seat belts! Leave everything! Release seat belts! All right, come this
way, leave everything! Jump and slide! Go this way! (yelling) Run this way! Leave everything! Jump and slide!


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