Best Seats in Premium Economy on the Qantas Dreamliner B787 9 – Business Traveller


(soothing music) (plane engine) – [Tom] This is premium economy in a 2-3-2 configuration on the 787-9. There’s only four rows. There are overhead lockers
above all of these. And each row of the window seats has two windows apart from row 22. So it goes from row 20, 21, 22, and 23. Seats 20 K and J, I think
they’d be a good choice. – [Karen] We’re seeing a 232 layout. This was designed by David
Caon, our industrial designer. Our seat supplier was the same seat supplier as business class. It’s Thompson Aero Seating,
they’re based in Belfast. This was a prototype
they had in the cupboard that we actually saw
potential to bring forward and actually redesign our premium economy. Not just the seat, but the experience. It’s designed for space and comfort. A bit more privacy with
the wings on the side here. The headrest is one of
the ergonomic designs, and the pillow is actually
designed specifically to fit over the headrest,
so as you’re traveling it fits in specifically to
that so it’s nice and comfy. Another ergonomic design is the leg rest. So both these two features
we had an ergonomist on the project that we
worked really closely with David Caon the seat
designer and the ergonomist to make sure that the
foot rest and the pillow once in full recline gives
as much support to the body without it being a lay-flat bed. The screen is actually 25%
larger than our previous premium economy inflight
entertainment screen, and it also has an inbuilt ledge that people can put their own devices in. So we have the little pocket
in here for personal stowage, another, there’s two
USB ports for charging and a shared AC power as well. The other highlight for
this seat is the integrated (mumbles) and ambient light. It’s not meant to be a reading light, reading lights are still overhead. It’s just more that when you’re traveling in the middle of the night you need to find your own belongings, and it’s light enough to actually fill out your departure card. – [Man] Do you switch it
on and off, or it stays on? – [Karen] You can switch
it on and off through the inflight entertainment screen, and it’s been designed so that you’re not disturbing the person
next to you (mumbles). (plane engine)


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