BIM Quantity Takeoff – Case 8

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Hello, welcome to the next movie of the BIM Quantity Takeoff series. Today we will use the model from Tekla Structures. The native model was made by the M.A.D. Engineers. We will make a list of steel elements for
pipe rack and platform for pipeline service taking into consideration: steel grade and
weight. To select all steel elements from the model, we can use the Objects Info plugin. We set the grouping criterion as ‘grade’ and choose all steel grades. We can hide unnecessary elements and launch the BIM Quantity Takeoff plugin. We select all items from the list of available elements, set the number of properties, grouping and joining options. We add the steel grade in the first column
for all elements and complete text descriptions. We select the weight as the summed parameter, except for the first and last items on the list. For these elements (anchors and nuts), we change the summed parameter to ‘quantity’. We save the ready spreadsheet settings to a file and the data in Excel format. In this way, we have received a list of the
entire steel structure: the mass of plates and beams, and the number of anchors and nuts. That is all for today, see you in the next


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