Biman Bangladesh Boeing 787 “Dream Flight”


[All] Welcome on board the Biman 787! [Sam] Hello! Welcome on board the Biman 787 Dreamliner. Today is such an exciting and momentous day
in Bangladesh – these lucky winners around me, they have never flown on an aeroplane
before and so today is their first ever flight and we are going to Chittagong. Are you guys excited? [All] Yeah, yes. [Sam] Awesome! So, tell me your name. I’m Suraiya. It’s really awesome because it’s my first
time and it feels great. – Awesome. – And this aeroplane is the new one, so… – It is, it is the latest one from Biman airlines. My shirt matches your shirt as well! – What’s your name? – Mohammed Labib Khan. – Mohammed Labib Khan. How old are you, Mohammed? – Seventeen. – My name is Khaled. – Khaled. – I cannot actually express my emotion because
this is my first time and this Boeing 787 is one of the most advanced aircraft brands in the
world, so you can imagine how happy I am. – I mean, you guys know about aviation – it’s
just that you haven’t had a chance to fly. – Yeah. – I hope that today, after you fly, you will
appreciate aviation more. Last but not least… – Hi, I’m Hasibul. I’m 22 years old. I never thought that my first flight would
be so special with Sam chui… – Oh. – …Being on the 787 Dreamliner. – It’s a pleasure to have you. – Good afternoon – I’m captain Siddique. Welcome on board our Biman flight. Today, we are going from Dhaka to Chittagong
– it will take about 29 minutes and we will be flying at an altitude of 15,000 feet. The cruising speed will be about 310 – 315
knots and the weather is fine – welcome on board our Dreamliner flight. Thank you very much for flying with us. You know, in the Dreamliner, we have got the
larger screens – there is a lot of information on the monitors. We also have the head up display – it makes
it easier to monitor the height – and we see the same information here that we see on the
lower screens; these head up screens help us especially in the bad weather. If the visibility is very poor, in that case,
we can look through this. And we have two very powerful engines – the GEnx providing 67,000 pounds of power for each engine. If you come and follow me – we are doing the check now and we start from the nose edge. If there are any marks on the wheels or if
there is any seepage from the hydraulics or something… [Sam] Hello. [Man] Hello. [Flight attendant] Welcome on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. [Sam] Do you like the plane, is it good?
– Yes.
[Sam] Good, good, good. Good. Good. [Sam] Can we have a look at the cockpit of
the 787? Ah, you brought cameras. [Sam] This is a really good camera. [Sam] It’s nice. I’m just sitting in the economy here checking
out the leg room. I think it’s decent. I think it’s standard, like the other 787. You’ve got three, three, three sitting, enough
leg room, a little bit narrow. Reclining’s quite good. How do you feel? – Yeah, it’s good but I think the way you
said – it’s a bit narrow. – Yeah. – But other than that, it’s okay. – Yeah. Big touchscreen here right. It’s like an iPhone you can slide around. Oh yeah, nice. [Sam] Got your window seat! How do you feel, on the 787? – Excited. – Excited? Yeah. In about 15 minutes, we’ll take off. – Yes. [Sam] Hello everyone! Welcome on board the Dreamliner. Do you like this aeroplane? Here’s Shakil. Shakil is the PR general manager at Biman
airlines. He really supported my vision and idea to
bring those people who love aviation but who have never flown on a plane before. We have just closed the door and he has just kindly upgraded the four lucky winners to business class. [Sam] Is this better? Good? – Yeah, sure. [Sam] This is nice. The Biman’s new business class seat is supposed
to fold fully flat, so I’m going to try it out. You know, it’s a bit narrow when you’re fully
reclined but there is one thing that you can do. You can push this button and this thing gets
lowered, so you can lower it and now you’ve got a bit more shoulder room. It’s no longer sloping flat – much improved
on the Boeing 777. I have good privacy because I have tall, very
high walls here. Good privacy in the window seats especially here.[Radio] Cockpit, you are okay to start your engines.
[Pilot] Okay, starting engines. [Pilot] Ready to perform take-off checks.[Pilot]
165… [Pilot] That is good – the heading is okay…[Pilot] Set take off thrust.[Pilot] 80 knots.
[Pilot] Check – 80 knots.– How was the takeoff? – It was very smooth. – Very smooth?
– Yeah.
– You like it? – Enjoying the window view from there?
– Yes.
– Awesome. [Pilots] – Recall?
– Check. – Notes?
– Check. – Autobrake.
– Free. – Landing gear, VREF and minimums. – 35 landing gear, VREF 142 and minimums,
T45 set on both sides. -35 landing gear, VREF 142 and T45 set on
my side. -Approach briefing. – Complete. – Descent check is complete.[Computer] 2500… 500. Approaching minimums.[Computer] Minimums, minimums.[Computer] 100… 50, 40, 30, 20,
10, 5. [Woman] Smile. [Sam] Did everyone have a good flight? [All] Yes! – Congratulations guys – congratulations for
your first flight. [All] Thank you. [Sam] Thank you very much for the short flight,
thank you. [Woman] Thank you. [Man] See you again. [Sam] Bye, thank you, thanks a lot.
[Women] Bye, bye. [Woman] Have a nice day in Bangladesh, bye-bye. [Sam] Wow! Look at this! Oh my God, thank you so much, I don’t really
deserve it. We are on the tour in Chittagong and we’re
on our way to do some site seeing, to the sea-side, right now. So, this is the seafront of Chittagong, or
I should say Chattogram – that is the local word they use for Chittagong. It’s really, really, really relaxing here. Well, you know, I was here for about half
an hour and I didn’t see one foreign tourist. I think that there are very few foreign tourists
who know about and visit Bangladesh. When they have better roads, better transportation
and better hotels, I hope that foreigners will come here to visit because it’s fascinating
– the locals are so friendly when they see you and when they see your camera, everyone
smiles and everyone loves you. What you can’t see here is that there are
so many mosquitoes around – hundreds of mosquitoes. There’s a mosquito coming with us on this flight.[Woman] It’s a patriotic song.
[Sam] Patriotic song.
[Woman] Yeah.
[Sam] Awesome. – Our flight is actually two and a half hours
late. – Yeah. – So, instead of going at 8:30, we’re going
at 11:15. – Are you tired? – Kind of. – Kind of tired. – But I think that when I reached the airport,
all the tiredness that I had just went away. – This is funny – we flew for thirty minutes
on the Dreamliner; now we have stayed in Chittagong, with the delay, for four, five, six hours. We were flying for thirty minutes but we have
to stay here for six hours. You still want to do it? – You still want to fly back?
– Obviously. Alright guys, finally we got our plane here. It’s the Dash 8 400. – Ready to fly?
– Yes!
[Sam] Let’s fly! [Computer] Fly slow. 100. 50, 40, 30, 20, 10. [All] Bye! [Sam] The lounge scene at Dhaka is thriving. There are many credit card lounges. The Biman Maslin executive lounge has had
a face lift. It is very good with lots of food. And at the Biman lounge, they’ve got lots
and lots of yummy finger food. We’ve been faithful friends for a long time.
– Very long. – Suria is famous – the most famous DC 10
flight attendant. – Yeah, I know, he’s your son, OK. Your father, Inaas Khan, is here with me. Yeah, nice to talk to you. Okay, see you on the YouTube video. Okay. [Voice on phone] Okay, thank you. – Take care, take care – bye bye. This is my last flight – I’m leaving Bangladesh on the Biman Dreamliner for Muscat. I’m very tired already as you can probably
tell. I’ve had a long day under the sun! This is our traditional bandhani print. [Sam] Bandhandi print? – Bandhani print. Bandhani print is our traditional sari and
a very famous sari, liked by everyone. [Sam] So this is the pattern on the sari? [Woman] Yes. [Sam] Like on the… Oh, you have this. [Woman] Yes, like this. I have this, yes. [Sam] Sure, you have this on your sari. – What’s your name? -Sharhadee. – And you? – Sharbeam. – Is this your first time flying on the Biman
Dreamliner? – Yes, yes. – How do you feel? Do you like this plane? – Yes, it’s good, it’s quite pretty and quite
good sir. – You know, you’ve got to be proud of it. Bangladesh has a Dreamliner – not many countries
have a Dreamliner. So, they have an amenity kit on this flight
to Muscat. [Pilot] MCP altitude. [Pilot] 162, 144, 6000…
[Pilot] Sure. [Pilot] Take off speed.
[Pilot] 156, 157, 162.
[Pilot] Check. [Pilot] CDU preflight.
[Pilot] Completed. [Pilot] Taxi and takeoff briefing.
[Pilot] Completed.[Pilot] Check. This is our crew rest room on the 787 that
I’m showing you. This is the 787 Dreamliner crew rest area. Unbelievable. Better than first class, better than business
class, which every seat in the future, of the premium cabin, will look like. You have a mattress that you can sleep on
like this. Are you ready to have your dinner now? [Sam] Yes please. – We have madeleine chicken with mixed vegetables
and we have mutton stir-fry with rice, we have mixed vegetables and chicken curry and
rice and we also have the vegetarian option which isand vegetables. [Sam] The entertainment system is fantastic. There are plenty of options. I was so impressed with the number of live
TV channels on offer. I also found the Bangla music video very entertaining
– I couldn’t stop laughing whilst watching it. There was WiFi on board but it didn’t work
on my flight. – See there is cake – Sam is on board. So, we are going to surprise him and not let
him forget us. And now I am going to go and get Sam. So, everybody, get prepared, okay. I’m going to bring him. [Woman] For you.
[Sam] Wow. This is amazing. Wow – look at this! A Biman cake. Is this for me? – Yes, this is for you.
– Oh my God. This is Suria’s idea! – Yes, it was my idea. I planned it. [Sam] Look at this – Biman’s logo. -This is for you. This is for you! This is for you! [Sam] Oh my God, oh my God.[Sam] Oh, my cake! [Woman] You can take a video of your face. [Sam] My face is safe but now you have to
lick it off my shirt. [Sam] All the boys and girls on Biman airlines – thank
you very much ladies and gentlemen.[Sam] Suria… [Suria] No, no, no, no, no! I don’t want it on my uniform! – Welcome on board BJ021 of Biman Bangladesh
airlines. Route is Dhaka to Muscat. Today, we are cruising at an altitude of 40,000
feet and our ground speed is 470 miles per hour. On this route, we will be flying over Calcutta then Bombay, the Gulf of Oman and finally to Muscat. We hope that you are enjoying the flight with
us. Thank you very much for choosing Biman. [Computer] Minimums, minimums. 100. 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5. [Pilot] Five knots. [Pilot] Thank you, thank you very much. [Sam] Bye, Suria.
[Suria] Thank you, see you.
[Sam] Thank you, see you next time. [Sam] Bye, bye.


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