BLACKPINK: Journey and Friendship

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BLACKPINK is the hottest act in global music right now One of the hottest groups in music today– KPOP sensations, BLACKPINK Best charting female Korean group of all time–BLACKPINK Wildly popular KPOP group–BLACKPINK Hottest KPOP girl group in the world International phenomenon We’re just four little girls We’re four different girls that came from four different world We all had one dream and it wasn’t an easy thing to just stay there Rosie joined us last That’s when these girls became my family and they really really stuck by me through all these times We had a lot of fun. Went through a lot of hard times too It was really really difficult to be honest Some people just go home after a month, some people go home after three years I didn’t want to go home I feel like it was a fight against myself. I have to make this work I’m never gonna leave Korea without making this work Sorry, thank you, love you A lot of you guys are asking for our comeback It’s hard to ignore because it hurts my feelings, just to read them and just ignore I’m not ignoring guys, it’s just that We’re not too sure I’m sorry But Don’t give up guys Let’s not give up Both of us You are going to be the first Korean artist that many people at Coachella will ever see for the first time How do you guys feel about that? I can’t believe we’re the first of anything Us coming all the way from South Korea, we didn’t know what to expect It was such a big stage and we all had pressure We went up there not knowing how many people, or even if a single person, would enjoy our song or appreciate our song and just going up saying, you know, “what’s up Coachella,” and everyone’s like It’s truly a dream come true to be performing here tonight The best part of it was that we did not expect it -We’ve lived together for already like -10 years -Almost 10 years I think we’re closer than like our family Family, family shot So, we’re basically like new sisters to each other. Instant sister She’s very important in our group They’re like, they’re super supportive. My members, they know that I have a hard time They always come to me and ask like “what’s up? do you want to go hang out? or like grab some food?” It’s good to have someone to lean on I think that’s the best part You guys should be very proud of our Lisa She’s been healthy, she’s been strong, she’s been positive I wanted to say it when I was at your hometown to let everybody know, it’s okay we’ll take care of Lisa We’ve literally spent more time with each other than our family So we know each other We’re younger than them but we’re always there to protect them Those are my guardian angels *6 years when this speech was given in 2016 We’d like to thank our BLINKs for supporting us ever since day one We’re really eternally grateful to have you guys by our side We always say it but really thank you so much for listening to our music and It’s a miracle that it’s even anywhere close to that chart So, it’s all for you guys, thank you so much Thank you BLINKs For always supporting us and listening to our music and liking our and just for, for existing and we love you so much I love you guys way more than you think Thank you BLINKs for making my day and making everything happen You guys are my angel I just want to say we’re the luckiest because we have you guys They seem to love our imperfections also. They’re very very kindhearted Thank you for making me feel comfortable so I can actually cry, which is just bizarre -We love you -We love you more I’m gonna stay here til you guys all leave I don’t want to leave -I love you so much -I love you more -Oh, you’re my prom date (someone asked Rosie to prom at their concert) -You’re so pretty -You’re prettier -We’re not leaving yet -I don’t want to go -Stay? -Let’s do it. We’re allowed to do this, let’s do it Stay with us BLINKs Stay with us BLINKs, we love you Thank you for being [a] BLINK


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