Boeing MQ-25 First Test Flight

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AVO commanding takeoff in 3-2-1, now. What we just saw was the MQ-25 take
first flight. This has been an enormous accomplishment but it is more than that
it is a partnership with the Navy. It was awesome. I mean I think it I was just
saying I’m still shaking because this is incredible. You know you think of this
does not happen very often and especially when I think of you know
there’s so many different thoughts going through my head right now. Everything
from how incredible these two teams are to make this happen and every motion
from what we’ve accomplished to what this is going to do even on a level of
national security. Just in the capabilities that it delivers for the
Carrier Strike Group of being able to free up Super Hornets for being
able to do their primary mission to get them out of the tanking mission and use
MQ-25 for that vital mission.


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