Booking International Flights : How to Book Travel on Afriqiyah Airways

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Hi everyone, I’m Russ Handler. I’m a travel
agent. And if you want to book travel on Ariqiyah Airline, I suggest you go through a travel
agent. A good one too. That’s because oftentimes when you go to their official website, you’ll
get all the way through the booking process only to find that you’re going to learn that
it says the site is closed. Not a good thing. So make sure you have a good travel agent,
who understands timetables and who can get this done for you. Now you can choose to browse
their site, when it’s open, and you can choose to go ahead and see what’s available to get
yourself acclimated. Keep in mind, they operate out of Libya, they go to many major cities
such as Paris, Geneva and London. And the best trick I could tell you about traveling
on this airline is be safe. Traveling in and around Libya is not often a very pleasant
situation for Americans so you’ll again want to be safe, and make sure you know what you’re
doing and where you’re going. I’m Russ Handler, and that’s how you do it.


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