Bradley and Holly play hide & seek with an unsuspecting family 🙈🏃 | Take Off with Bradley & Holly


Finally! What do you mean finally?
I’ve been stuck in traffic. Come in. All right. Got a lot to do.
I don’t doubt that. I’m having a cup of tea first,
though. We’ve got no time for tea. Get yourself in. Move, quick. The reason we’ve got to be quick is
cos his family are going to be home any minute now. You need to dig in here
and pop that on. Pop yourself upstairs and go
and hide somewhere. That’s it, OK? Costume, upstairs, hide. Why are you talking to me
like I’m in some sort of home? LAUGHTER “Hide, stairs, up, go. “Matron’ll be here in a minute.” Go! Hang on a minute. I could rob a Christmas bank. Actually, I’m not being funny,
they stink. LAUGHTER LAUGHTER Come on, let’s find a hiding place.
Come on, Ben. FAKE GLASS SMASHES Bradly, they’re going to be home
in a minute. I can hear you running
around up there. Aha! Why would you have that
next to your shower? Bradley? Are you hidden yet? Right. Bradley! Here you go. Reversing, reversing. LAUGHTER LAUGHTER LAUGHTER Hello? Bradley, are you hidden? I’m in a wardrobe,
I’m, like, in Narnia. Right, stay in there and stop
speaking cos you’re really loud. I’m going to hang up now.
Don’t hang up, don’t leave me. SHE SIGHS SHE PANTS
OK. Hello, Yiacoumi family! Hi! Happy Christmas! SHRIEKING AND LAUGHTER Welcome to YOUR house. I love you so much.
Are you actually Holly Willoughby? I actually am, yeah. Come in, come in, come in.
Come in. I was going to say make
yourselves at home but, literally, you are in your own home. Louise, you love Christmas.
I love it. I think you love it as much as I do.
Yeah. So, before Take Off, Bradley Walsh
and I are trying to give families the best possible
Christmas present ever. What you’ve got to do is you’ve
got to do some challenges. And if you complete these challenges
in your own home right now, you will be going to Lapland. Today? Not today. Not today. Tomorrow! FESTIVE JINGLE PLAYS For your first challenge,
you’ve got to go and find my elf, Bradley Walsh,
somewhere hidden in your house. This is a challenge for you, Louise,
and you two kids. Dad, you’re going to stay with me.
You’ve got 60 seconds. On your marks, get set, go find
Bradley the Elf! Go, go, go! Mikey’s room! Go into Mikey’s room. Look under the bed!
We’ve got 60 seconds! Look in there. We’re going
to the bathroom, quick! The shower. No, he’s not. Quick! I’ll look in the wardrobe.
Look in the wardrobe. He’s not here. Mum, your room. Where is he? Where is he? SHRIEKING Have they found him?
Have they found him? SHOUTING OK, OK! SHOUTING You did it! Good job. Good work. Good job. Well, well done. First part
of your challenge is done, that’s brilliant, you’re on your way
to getting those tickets to Lapland. Bradley, you need to go
and get yourself ready for the next. OK, let’s do that. See you in a bit. Well done. Very good.
I won’t be long. Are you ready for your final round? Think so. Mikey, Amelia,
you’ve got to stay with me. Grown-ups – Mum, Dad –
you go off with Holly. Come on, let’s go.
Shall we put our shoes on? No, you’re staying here with me.
Because you’re going on holiday… Where?
Where would you like to go? Lapland. What a coincidence.
LAUGHTER I need you to pack a suitcase
and put things in it that your mum and dad could not do without. On your marks, get set,
let’s go. Come on. The items they’re putting
in the suitcase may not necessarily be traditional holiday items. They’re items
they think are important to you. All you have to do is identify
three of those items. If you do that, you get
the tickets on the plane, OK? Yes. And let’s hope they do it
quickly cos it’s freezing out here! We need make-up. Daddy’s flip-flops.
OK, Daddy’s flip-flops. Let’s put them in here. What else? Mummy needs perfume.
Have we got less than 100ml? Because 100ml is obviously
banned on airplanes. You have to put them
in a plastic bag. Right, I tell you what we’ll do.
Let’s wrap this up, get downstairs and get some more stuff.
Come on, let’s go. Are you ready? There you go, why don’t
we have that? Yeah. A picture of me! There you go,
we need a picture of the kids. Bradley, hurry up,
it’s freezing out here! Holly’s shouting. Let’s zip that up.
We, I think, are ready to go. BRADLEY AND KIDS: Ready! It is so cold out there. We’ve got a very nervous Mum and Dad
here. Take a seat, Mum and Dad. You’ve got five guesses and we’re just looking for three
correct answers. We are all rooting for you.
You’ve got 60 seconds. What you thinking?
Toothbrush. Toothbrush. Toothbrush. Look at us. Like we can’t count. One… Underwear. OK, underwear. I’m not going to go
through your underwear drawer, am I? Hairdryer. Hairdryer. OK. Perfume? Perfume, you’re saying. I can’t give you any clues but
there’s something in your kitchen that I think you might
need in Lapland. Teabags. Teabags. Oh, no! Sorry! Oh, my God! And you got one more. Oh, my God! One thing I can’t do without. My children. That’s one thing. Children. OK. My children. We can’t get them in the case
but you’ve said children. I’m sorry,
you’ve said the five things now. I’m going to open the suitcase now.
Now then… Oh, gosh. You didn’t mention… ..your handbag. All right? However, you did say perfume. Yes! You did say…tea bags. But there are none. Oh, my God. Oh, my gosh. You did say… ..hairdryer, which is in there.
So that’s two. We just need one more.
One more’s all we’re looking for. You did say the thing you can
never do without is… ..your children. Congratulations. SHRIEKING


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  1. Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt

    December 24, 2019 9:17 pm

    Jesus introduced to us our Supernatural Father Elohim/Allah/Parbrahm of our souls that has no gender, colour, etc. Christ is the son of Elohim, Spirit, the Father of our souls.

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  2. Jack Stringer

    December 25, 2019 11:52 pm

    Why are you guys giving a free holiday to a family that obviously doesnt need it just think it would be better picking a family that could never afford it

  3. country boy

    December 27, 2019 7:59 pm

    Yo, Holly is so Hot, been hearing of alot if females doing it latly, I think Holly would still be so cute shaved bald head!!!!

  4. gadgets and games 1975

    December 30, 2019 5:44 pm

    this is the BBC for you not giving this opportunity to a poor family but will give it to a wealthy family just shows BBC discriminates poor people see this so many times from the BBC when did you last see a poor family get some opportunity like this on the TV never is the BBC for you not giving this opportunity to a poor family but will give it to a wealthy family just shows BBC discriminates poor people see this so many times from the BBC when did you last see a poor family get some opportunity like this on the TV never and this is why I don't buy a TV licence and don't watch the BBC see they discriminate so many people the BBC disgust me


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