BUSY/DEMANDING VFR DEPARTURE | Getting familiar with advanced engines

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Hello everyone, you’re radar contact and welcome to another VASAviation video. We’re coming back home today after a few days out. We’re gonna take advantage o this splendid weather to do a VFR flight instead of IFR. This will entail a few more restrictions for us especially on departure, but this way we can go direct and, you know, it’s always great to do some VFR manual flying and and be familiar and aware of the airspace you’re flying in. For example, this was my first time taking control of this aircraft on departure and although I have flown in and out this airport many times, I am not very famiiar with the airspace and altitude restrictions that VFR airplanes have. There are some at or below altitudes that we must throughly follow in order to remain out of the Alpha airspace above. It was indeed a very demanding departure for me having the controls and I am not used to deal with this advanced engine parameters. The engine of this aircraft is very delicate and sensitive and we have to run it at precise parameters to have it run within good and safe temperatures. More to the fun. It was interesting and it’s all about learning so I am happy I had the opportunity to do it. Expecting nice weather all along our flight and clear skies upon arrival so… without further ado welcome aboard, fasten your seatbelts and have a nice flight. OAR1KW, I need you to extend your downwind to allow a second departure ECMSA, line up and wait runway 27. Line up and wait, ECMSA. Runway clear, final is clear. Final clear, runway clear. Line up and wait, remember. ECMSA, your precedent traffic will also proceed to the west. You may overpass him. Wind 090 at 3, runway 27, cleared for takeoff. Cleared for takeoff, traffic in sight, ECMSA Takeoff thrust Full Anemometer’s alive Everything is green 50 knots 70 knots Checked Rotate Positive climb — Gear up Do you have them in sight? ECMSA, traffic at out 12 o’clock, we’d like to leave via November November is approved Via November, ECMSA, turning right Aerotec 258A, the traffic will proceed via November Set power 35 Very good


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