Caitlyn Jenner’s Courageous Journey

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– Hi.
– Hi, Ellen. How–how are you doing? We haven’t talked
in a long time. Anything new?
– No. Anything–anything new with you? – No! Nothing with me.
– Nothing? Nothing at all? No? You look–
you look fantastic. – Well, thank you.
I appreciate that. – And how does it feel? I know this is your
first talk-show appearance, and you have kind of stayed away
from the press, other than the ESPY Awards
and Diane Sawyer, but… – Right.
– How do you feel? – Fabulous.
– Yeah? [cheers and applause] No. Thank–thank you. [cheers and applause] It has been such an experience
to go through. I’m just a very lucky person
in so many ways that… And my experience
has been so different than the people
in this community, and I’ve learned that
over the last few months. – Right. – And doing our show. I– – Which I love, by the way.
I watch every week. It’s fantastic…
– Well, thank you. – And educational…
– I appreciate that. – And I hope people
are watching it, ’cause– – We have so many great people that are putting
this show together, and we’re really trying
to make a difference and educate people
and open up a conversation so we can talk about this issue, because it’s out there. – Yeah. – People are dying
over this issue. But the things I’ve learned
over the last few months has just been overwhelming, and my experience is very
different than anybody else’s. – Right. – I get–I mean,
I’m on your show. I… There’s nothing better
than to wake up in the morning and be able
to be your authentic self. – Yes. I think–I think everyone
can relate to that. Whether you understand this
or not… – Yes.
– Everyone wants to feel free. Everyone wants to feel good
in their own skin. – Yeah.
– And some people aren’t even really sure
of what that means, but some people are aware
early on in life that you feel different.
– Very true. – And I’m watching you
learn things every week and be turned on to a world that is something you probably– – Very different.
– Yeah. You–you knew you wanted
to make this change, and you knew you wanted
to become a woman, but you didn’t know
what that meant. Yeah.
– That’s exactly right. I had no idea. – Like, what is the–what
is the biggest surprise to you, and do you ever think
you would do it differently? Or that–that–
do you ever wonder, “Should I have done it earlier?” – I’ve thought about that:
“Could I have done it earlier?” For me, it just wasn’t the time. Back in the ’80s, I went through
a real difficult time. I isolated myself. I lived six years
basically by myself up in the mountains
in Malibu. I never really left the house
besides just to go to work. I was on hormones. I thought for sure
I was gonna transition before I was 40 years of age, and I got to 39
and just couldn’t do it. I mean, I just–I couldn’t
go any farther, and so I thought, “Well,
I’m getting back into the game,” and, you know,
“Let’s get back into life. I’m wasting my life away,” and that’s when I met Kris,
a few months later, and the next 23 years,
I raised a family. And it’s the best part
of my life. It’s a wonderful time. But I got to this point
in my life, that all of a sudden, now,
there I was, back in Malibu, all by myself in a house, with the same issues I had
had when I was ten years old. What am I going to do? How can,
at this point in my life… It seems like– I had a lot of conversations
with a lot of people, with all of my family members– everybody within the family– with my pastor, and now is the time, you know? I’ve raised my family. I’ve got just wonderful
children. I’ve done so much in my life that maybe now is the time
to talk on this issue, to come out publicly. ‘Cause I was getting destroyed
in the tabloids. – So here’s something
that I read that I think
is really fascinating, and this is really gutsy of you. You were doing these
motivational speeches. You were traveling
around the country and being a motivational speaker
as an athlete. – Right. – As a–as Olympian. And, under your suit,
you were wearing a bra and pantyhose
to feel like yourself. – I did. Yeah. – Weren’t you–
– I did do that a lot. – Right, and did you get nervous
that if someone, you know, patted you on the back
or something, they would feel a bra? – I was always wearing a suit, so they couldn’t really
feel anything under it. I was… I was very stealthy. I was good at this stuff. I would literally
go back to the hotel room, cross-dress,
walk out around the hotel, and they never knew. – And they didn’t know
it was you? They couldn’t recognize you? – No.
– How could–I mean, I think I would recognize if it was Bruce Jenner
dressed as a woman. – Okay, but they don’t expect me
to be in that position, and so you can be a little bit
more stealthy that way. ‘Cause they would never,
in a billion years, ever think that.
– Yeah. – Okay? So I never got caught. Never had a problem.
– Wow.


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