Cambodia In Rs. 35,000 – Pool Parties, Pub Crawls, Cheapest Flights and Hotels, All You Need to Know

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I am Traveling Desi. Welcome to Cambodia. The country which often gets overshadowed by its immediate neighbor, Thailand. In this video series, I’ll show you the city located just an hour-long flight away from Bangkok, which most Indians miss out on. It’s amazing pool parties… Wonderful pub crawls…. Mesmerizing historic Hindu temples. And a various kinds of amazing experiences Siam Reap is a city which is unbelievably cheap. Where, like me, you can make a lot of new friends. Is that actually you? Yeah, that’s me. You are still in my heart right now. Obviously, since the city is cheap, the accommodation is cheaper as well. Whether it’s local food.. Indian food… Thank you (Shukriya). Or amazing activities. The major expense here is the flights. But cheap tickets can be arranged. A return trip to Siam Reap from Mumbai costs around Rs.20,000. It costs around the same from Delhi as well. And generally Air Asia is the cheapest airline. But like most tourists, I too came here on a flight from Bangkok. It cost me a total of Rs.6,000 for return tickets. This was also an Air Asia flight, which reaches here from Bangkok within an hour. The first expense as soon as you land here is the on-arrival visa fees, which is $30. Yes, US Dollars. Since the American Dollar is the most popular currency here. And if you have Dollars, you don’t need to get them converted to the local currency. Because every place, whether it’s small restaurants or expensive bars; Grocery stores or auto rides, everyone accepts US Dollars. Even in case of massages. Now if you are coming from India, the minimum return ticket price would be Rs.20,000. And in case of Bangkok, the minimum price is Rs.6,000. On top of that you have to spend $30 or Rs.2,500 as a visa fee. But on the other side of these two expenses lies an incredibly affordable place which is hailed as a party destination city; Siam Reap, and it’s amazing pub crawls, pool parties.. The food here is delicious and super-affordable. This is the most famous beer here, Achor, a local beer brand. The can costs 60 cents and a pint will cost you $0.85 Once you reach here, the main expense is for accommodation. There are value-for-money lodging options available for everyone here. If you are a solo traveler, or a group of young travelers, the best option would be to choose one of the many amazing hostels. This is where you will find the majority of Western travelers. I was traveling with my Nikhil, my nephew. Who is my friend, companion and camera person for this trip. So we chose to stay at the Funky Flashpacker hostel, which claims to be the best party hotel in Asia. This is where young travelers from dozens of countries come to socialize. In which you get a dorm bed inside a dormitory in which there are 8-10 people. It costs around Rs.500 per night, per person. And to show you guys that hostels have private rooms too, we booked a private room at this hostel for 2 nights. It cost us Rs.1,500 per night. Double occupancy, for two people. There are several advantages and disadvantages of party hostels. Now coming to the question of how you can make new friends and party on the cheap.. You’ll get to see all this and more in my upcoming videos “The Siam Reap Pub Crawl” and “The Funky Flashpacker Pool Party”. You can even get 4 star hotels in this city through Tripadvisor in the Rs.1,000-Rs.2,000 range. And if you like 5 star hotels, they are many options within just Rs.3,000-Rs.4,000. To help you get the complete experience, I’ll be dividing my Cambodia series into 5 videos. In which each video will focus on specific experiences like parties, nightlife, socializing.. Discussing accommodation and outdoor activities in detail. The first video would be about traveling from India to Siam Reap on the cheapest possible flights. The commute from the airport to the hostel. My journey from Bangkok to Siam Reap and checking-in to Asia’s number 1 party hostel, the Funky Flashpacker. In-depth information on staying in Cambodia, it’s local food, Indian food, etc This is really nice. The second video would be on one of the most amazing and chilled out pool parties of my life. In which apart from the expenses breakdown, I’ll also tell you how you can having amazing fun at these parties and how you can employ them to socialize and make new friends with Western travelers. The third video will focus on the infamous pub crawl party in Cambodia. I’m shooting video from the outside from my ATD, but Nikhil has got the access to the bar. He has gone inside to shoot videos. The full experience for which, I’ll obviously share separately. The fourth one will cover Cambodia’s ancient stone-carved Hindu temples. We have finally reached the Angkor Wat temple to watch the Sun rise. The 5th and the last video will be dedicated to the remaining activities here, including the famous floating village. And the details on my return journey to Thailand. Since we had to attend the Full Moon Party back in Thailand. But by the time this Cambodia series ends, I’ll give you so much information about this not-so-popular-among-Indians city that you can easily plan an amazing budget trip whenever you want. And some of this information would be provided directly from the locals. You speak very good English. Is it common for most Cambodians to speak this good language. Or? A lot of people can speak but not really. Um, Mostly the people who can speak English are in Siam Reap, which is the country that you are (in) now. And also in Phnom Penh, where we have the tourists coming. Some information will come through fellow world travelers. What would be your message to women, particularly Indian women. You know the Indian culture a bit. Particularly the Indian women who wish to travel alone, travel abroad, but fear for their security. I would say for women who want to travel. There’s a lot that you can do to educate yourself about where you are going. And for the remaining info, you have your Traveling Desi here for you. I’ve ordered a chicken with fried rice. It cost me $2. The menu here is quite extensive and it has a lot of available options. Oh and are you guys following me on Instagram? Because I keep posting a lot of live stories during my travel on Insta. The Sun is too hot. But there’s a lot to do and experience in this city. I can’t cover everything in a single video. Behind me is the famous night market of Siam Reap. You can shop for a variety of things here. Hence, I’ve divided this series into parts. If you guys like this format, Please don’t forget to hit that Like button. 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