Can You Beat Fallout 4 With ONLY a Flight Stick?


Gamer’s I think I’ve found it. The
controller to replicate the hyperbolic gaming chamber. The controller that will
turn every gamer into the ass clapping Dorito munching quickscoping God they
all long to be. Previously, on Senza answers bizarre questions I ventured out
into the unknown to locate the birthplace of the CEO of $13 a month or
a hundred dollars a year baby for a dead guy after much studying in prayer I
discovered an ancient Mandarin controller hidden away in a temple far
from civilization with the help of a hot dog the most groundbreaking innovation
of our century I was able to beat fallout 4 using the one thing no one
thought was possible a Wii Remote my conquest for power has yet to be over
though if I want to tackle Borderlands 3 with a Nintendo Power glove more
training had to be done clinical trials advanced last time it was all about
precision and developing a great and comfortable way to play games while also
providing the gaming prowess of a Lebanese mountain goat and the
resilience of the arbiter from a low three but now it was time to enter back
into the hyperbolic chamber and put myself to a dubious task
although the Wii controller training was done and accomplished and you know I
became known by GQ and Forbes magazine as a Tom Cruise / Chris Kyle of gaming I
have to be fallout 4 in the third person without that melee weapons and only hip
firing all while only controlling my character with a flight stick and
thruster today we won’t answer a question no sane person has ever asked
can you beat fallout 4 with only a flight stick the rules this run are
simple I can only use my keyboard to type in my character’s name grab on to
your codename kids next-door blankies and Capri Suns gentle boys and get ready
to join Sansa Stark on his conquest for this bread getting this flight sick up and running
was easier than I thought quickly downloading a program that turned
anything with the USB into a controller was all I needed to turn my nipples into
adamantium the only part that sucked some seriously smelly farts was setting
up the bindings but after a bit of trial and error I figured out a great
controller scheme we’re in business he needs a new pair of shoes
me a little fucker now my sweet little default skins it was time for
preparation lent to me by my baby man of a friend Noah a military-grade flight
stick developed by Lockheed Martin himself and removed straight from the
insides of a downed American fighter jet next a full throttle system ripped from
the fastest known fighter jet to mankind I waited seven years for the President
of the Republic of Congo Ryan Gosling to send me this bad boy to help each of
these reached peak performance the flight stick will be receiving a
state-of-the-art hot-dog military-grade stabilizer and the throttle a full
momentum Cucumber system not only will these tactical attachments give me the
upper hand and being an epic gamer but they are all kitto friendly because you
know a boys always on a diet baby now that my setup was finally complete I
just want to thank my friend Noah for letting me borrow his actual flight
setup and and I I probably should have told you that I was going to be throwing
hot dogs and cucumbers on this thing but listen we got a waistline to save I had
to do what had to be done the run started like any other I made my
character exactly as I wanted top half Alaskan flounder and bottom half human
retribution palette and perfect for such a run after spending a bit of family
time with my gorgeous wife it was time to get acquainted with these controls
although they were hyper sensitive and a little finicky at times I was feeling
pretty good I named my character after the dude that
invented the greatest anime of all time That’s So Raven and pumped my points
into charisma intelligence and agility mr. Adam was about to drop the nastiest
diss track on Massachusetts and I don’t think anyone was ready for this amount
of heat maneuvering to the vault was actually pretty easy and I’m not gonna
lie I was now wet the flight stick wasn’t too hard to get used to but you
should know now the moistness of my genitals will definitely not last
Adam blew his load we took a trip down into the
of Todd Howard’s fantasy dungeon and this was where I noticed I had no hands
I guess looking like George Clooney’s asshole comes at a cost this was where
this journey was to begin Nora dying didn’t faze me because that bitch never
let me play xbox with the boys and now I was free this family size bag of flight
sticks and really shitty jokes was ready to be consumed getting through the vault
was easier than telling my parents about my YouTube channel I’m them disowning me
and all I had to do was avoid the radroaches till I had my 10 milli after
acquiring my firearm I ran into my first obstacle learning how to aim in
third-person firing from the hip the radroaches alone almost turned my
boners into fried rice but I prevailed grabbed my Rolex and set off out of my
mom’s basement unfortunately leaving my hentai body pillow and Morgan Freeman
flashlights behind the first destination on the diaper booty flight stick
conquest was Concord our boy toy Preston was in need of help and my cucumber
throttle was feeling generous killing the Raiders out front wasn’t too
bad all that was needed was a couple of well-placed shots from yours truly and
they were mincemeat I entered into Preston’s domain and went
through ripping some serious ass cheeks after taking all the Randall Weems
recess and dealing with my nipples wincing and cringe from how terrible it
is having to kill people and third person Preston gave me the praise that I
didn’t deserve and it was time to take this deathclaw down I didn’t get any
footage on this but come on guys you know me I fucked that little f-word up
and I didn’t have any trouble at all with my flight stick I did this shit
with my eyes closed didn’t even die once with the death claw dead I let the
homies know the bully was gone and then I set off for bigger and greater things
like killing Karla after taking care of the trash now my flight stick was
feeling quite generous so we helped grandma with the goons trying to steal
her krabby patty formula and then I left her alive for once and one of my
playthroughs remember to change things up my friends
it’s good for you it was time to hit up the buzz light your cosplayer and get my
free weapon due to my aim being equivalent to my chocolate starfish
which means my aim was straight up ass for all you that haven’t graduated the
first grade I couldn’t kill the radiated homeless men and Buzz Lightyear refused
to help me after a bit of dirty work we hit arcjet and I killed all the baddies
inside I’m displaying this footage merely to show off my power level and
elite military gaming capabilities because I know not many of you have been
graced with such glorious footage I was given a valuable asset to the
success of this run and then I was off on my way to pokemon diamond and pearl
city surprisingly your voice somehow made it in one piece and after spamming
through some really aids dialogue with Piper and Rosie McDonald I got some
fatty free XP and then it was time to head off to find android 17 at this
point I was about a day in on this run and the cucumber was starting to rot
from me resting my palm on it for so long and fear of breaking hot gamer boy
Noah’s flight thruster I had to result to a new momentum system thanks to our
great sponsor Oscar Myers the official hot dog of the diaper booty gang we now
had a set of akimbo uncured turkey hotdogs on the throttle which was
equivalent to one cucumber let’s fuckin go big Park Street Station was the next
destination and I made haste I don’t know how it was possible but I was
actually making it through the game with this controller and my third person set
up on another note I also don’t know how it’s possible that this video of mine
got 500,000 views and there are only 100,000 people on this earth try and
answer that one reddit getting through Park Street Station was an actual pain I
didn’t die much but not being able to aim and just clenching my ass cheeks as
hard as I could every shot I fired hoping that it would hit an enemy was
starting to take a toll on me Dino stood no match against my flight stick and I
saved Android 17 it was time for Nathan and I had to hit up skinny Malone and
tell his girl that his dick game is level zero because of the curse of
elements debuff it turns out that my shitty World of Warcraft reference
didn’t fucking matter because they decided to slap me with their throbbing
condomless boners anyway with all boners now sheath thanks to my gun it was time
to tell Nick’s mom that I found him this dialogue scene was a travesty my
monstrosity of a character is absolutely horrifying I know Susan will demonetised
me for this shit and I I really contemplated not adding this in here but
I’m sorry for releasing the footage gentlemen fort Hagen was the next
destination on this journey with the throttle and overdrive the original
Avengers set off to go find Kellogg the frosted butt plug
we encountered a yaoguai and I attempted to convince an incredibly friendly
trader to deal with it for me the plan didn’t work just like all of my advances
towards trying to make friends in real life and karma had its word with me I
was forced to wait outside for Hagen because I ran to my ass cheeks off after
the yaoguai tried killing me silly old me forgot I had an ass pounding
appointment with the super mutant version of the boys in motion at 4:00
p.m. so I enjoyed their company and set off into Hagan inside fort Hagen was
quite something I don’t know if it was the fact that I wasted 300 fucking
bullets due to my straight up sewer water aim or that they hadn’t cleaned
this place in ages because my allergies were starting to act up I couldn’t seem
to pinpoint it after a couple of hefty extra-large trash bags of AIDS I somehow
made it to Kellogg and forced him to commit eating tortilla chips vertically
I pulled his aux cord out of his head and let’s just say that things were
starting to get a little hoc scored so I got out of there I made my way to good
neighbor and was touched by this ghoul jumping in front of my bullets to stop
me from ending this man’s life and ventured off into Kellogg’s memory oh
shit he’s dreaming of chill okay get me out of here give me the fuck app now was
time for the most dreading part of fallout 4 and it wasn’t going to be any
better with this controller setup we needed to make our way through the
glowing sea in order to get to Virgil I prepared myself throwing on my favorite
nipple tassels and made my Trek the trip this time actually wasn’t too bad I for
once didn’t get my salad tossed her titties played with I didn’t nearly cry
shit my pants and come at the same time at one point but I made it
Virgil told me where I could find the courser fuck boy so I could get a free
pass into the Institute and before I could take him down I wanted to recruit
Piper to join me on this conquest inside Green Tech I’ll tell you now that things
got ugly and so did the bastards inside there until they started playing chutes
and ladders with my tight innocent body and passed me around like a gravedigger
Hot Wheels in kindergarten the flight stick controls really started to piss me
the fuck off and made me question whether this video was worthy of my
sanity and then I remembered I wanted to be
and sorry with a Nintendo Power glove and took everything I thought back now
I’m sure you guys are aware of how much dog ass this run is but get ready for
probably the most painful fire fight you will ever see in your life whenever
you’re feeling down and realize that life actually sucks not having friends
or a future or a girlfriend or a car or money or or butt plug just watch this
clip to remind yourself that nothing in your life can get as bad as this with coarser dead I was hyped but I
needed to skedaddle because I was on borrowed time these hot dogs had been
out for almost a day and a half now and I could hear the bacterial colonies
conspiring against me ready to rob me of my fortnight account and social security
number I took a quick trip to the Tubman’s to get the chip deciphered and
when it was done Virgil gave me the schematics to build a
3d printer before I could build it though I was going to need aside with
the best possible faction in the game this faction and the fact that probably
in 20 years I’ll be able to get a cybernetic dick implant that plays the
m1 grand ping sound every time I nut is the sole reason why I wake up every
morning with the Minutemen now by my side there was not a doubt in my mind
that this wasteland was going to be saved
Preston informed me of my first settlement that needed to be saved and I
was giddy with excitement my flight stick and I went off to go do God’s work
after clearing out corvée go and helping a few settlements I made the signal
receptor and then 3d printed my Hey Arnold looking had asked right into the
Institute to talk about a potential alliance
I put the minute mens nut into the mainframe so sturgeons can locate their
hidden foot-fetish folder and shortly thereafter and made my way to talk with
father no trouble was necessary and just a formal meeting was needed after a nice
little chat I struggled on my way back to the elevator and that was that only a
few more side quests and then I was clear of this run so far this all had
just been tedious and mind-numbing the controller barely wanted to work and
getting in a firefight made me want a hydraulic press my testicles but it was
almost over boys and all that was left was to find a new base of operations for
the Minutemen and a couple of more settlement saving missions Preston and I
brought justice and testosterone to the mirelurks that invaded the castle and
took back what was rightfully ours afterwards was the best possible thing
that this game has to offer the settlement side quest I couldn’t wait to
do these on my flight simulator controllers this shit was just an easy
way to speedrun hating your life and potential suicide and I love it you ever
tried to flip a burger with your bare ass cheeks on a charcoal grill well
lucky for you running the Minutemen questline will give you that sensation
let me give you a rundown of how these basically turn out hey Senza could you
help me clear out a couple of Raiders here yeah okay I’ll do that and get my
ass eaten now it’s a fucking screwdriver baby whoa oh wait Senza I needed to take
care of boomer he’s a big bad Meany head yeah yeah sure Preston I got you
fortunatelly ow mini-nuke says butt plugs anyway so it
doesn’t fucking matter hey Songz’s start go to a nearby school
and take up the ghoul thread yeah you sure dude I’ll go yeah I now had the
armory mission and this shit should be a breeze I fumbled around downstairs not
trying to hit any landmines and relied on Piper and that one woman that no one
actually could remember the name of to take out the securitron with the armoury
open and some super neat new weapons it was time for me to set up artillery and
get ready for an impending Institute attack two more missions and this shit
was over the Institute’s stormed the castle with the force of 100 rotten
leaking cucumbers and it was overwhelming
I was literally putting band-aids on them every time I fired a shot
thankfully grenades were still in my arsenal and this is what kept me
floating in this fight I eventually got annoyed with missing every single shot
so I just saddened hidden in a corner till the Minutemen finished up the
remaining trash the attack was over and now it was time to retaliate this would
mean that this was the last mission in this run I made sure the team was ready
and launched operation removed the raid shadow legends adds this operation was
the final piece to end this hot dog filled flight controller sidequest
the Institute told me that her parents weren’t home and I made my way breaching
through a sewer pipe I ran past everything like a little bitch and then
let the homies in from the backdoor so we could all get in on this smashing for
the first part of this attack I decided to stay back and let the Minutemen do
most of the work unfortunately me getting gangbanged by a couple of synth
guerrillas led me to use my supplies and if you know me then you would know that
I literally planned for nothing so sends MOG the big dumb head was now screwed my
supplies were ridiculously low and everything from here on out needed to be
played safe oh my god yeah planned plan baby shit was all planned
one of these for you yeah this far in the run I had mastered the flight
control so maneuvering was a breeze I was now in the final room my health was
so fuckin low that just breathing on me would bring me death and it didn’t help
much that I was using this poop shit controller in my moment of need though
my cries to the heavens were heard and I was graced by God’s asshole with the
single stim pack this meant one thing and one thing only I was originally
going to wait for Preston and Piper to pipe their way through killing
everything but I thought of a daring plan and honestly I had no idea if it
would work but fuck it because I was getting really tired of Fallout 4 and
these old rotting hotdogs I popped the medics and started hauling ass
effortlessly and beautifully like the 2005 Marvel movie Avengers Herbie fully
loaded I ran my ass cheeks off swerving in and out of shots displaying stamina
and a combination of every single grand athletic performance of all time the
bomb was planted Counter Terrorist 1 and what the fuck dude this is not the game
I was playing the Institute was done the main questline was done all of this aids
was now done I did this so you little sweet sugar cookies didn’t have to you
can beat fallout 4 with the flight stick and a thruster even though I seriously
wouldn’t wish this upon my greatest enemies this will probably be the last
fallout 4 video on my channel this game will always have a place in my heart but
I will end it all with just this if you enjoyed the video push forward that
throttle on the like button if you like me in general and want to go out on a
date slap that sub button thank you all for 1 million subscribers and the
support means the world to me the bathtub Q&A video will be out next week
or the first week of November and stay tuned for the giveaway that will be
coming alongside that more Borderlands 3 and outer worlds content will be coming
soon stay tuned for next week’s video where we have a talent show and a diaper
booty gang discord you


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