Cessna 172 | Startup, Taxi & Takeoff from Tatoi, Greece | Cockpit View VFR Departure


We’re ready, right? We’ll play with this. This can come on too. 122.65 Are you flying on QNH or QFE here? (transponder 7000) We’re not turning on the lights. They will not tell us the QNH. Tatoi, good afternoon, this is SX-ASG. ASG, Tatoi, hello. Hello, at the aeroclub area, request taxi. ASG taxi to runway 21, QNH 1011. Taxi to 21, QNH 1011, SX-ASG. Have you asked me anything? Nope, not really. Let me change this here… Let me know if you need anything. We use QNH, you’ll never find someone using QFE here. Nice… Turning checks; [Checking compass, DI, ball, wing drop, horizon steady] Wind seems to be good. We need air … to cool off! On time. We’re going this way… Now I can see the final as well. … we’ll close the window in a moment. [visually checking flt ctrl deflections] QNH 1011, reading +/- 75ft checked. We have 785 here, fine. DI alignment… at 100 degrees. No flag on the turn coordinator. Throttle 1700. Max RPM drop 125, max differential 50. Max 125 checked. Max RPM drop 200. 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000… It’s hot now. 120.15 on stby. Pitot heat not required. Tatoi, SX-ASG, holding short 21, ready for departure. First point “ZOFRI” at 3000. ASG, line up runway 21, wind 250 at 10. Runway 21, line up and wait, SX-ASG. Ok, final is clear. Runway 21 has a downwards slope. 1670m long, about mile long. Statute mile that is. Approach & runway, Transponder, Pitot heat, Landing light (ATPL checks). These are the ATPL checks I personally do before departure. ASG, after departure ZOFRI 3000, cleared for takeoff runway 21. After departure, ZORFI 3000, runway 21 cleared for takeoff, SX-ASG. Timecheck :20. Good, let’s go. Vamos! Feel the air coming in? Climbing with 80 MPH. Up ahead is Aigina. Nice. All good. At 500AGL we shall turn to ZOFRI. 2000. Our route later has an altitude of 1000 but we’ll ask to maintain 2000. Athens is so beautiful! Do you like it? Right is clear, 500AGL. This is Menidi. Over hear it’s Agioi Anargiroi, Fili on this side… Elefsina Airbase is that way. Likavitos can be seen. It’s the third hill with the Acropolis on its right. Are there any routes taking you that way? There’s a route from Holargos. From Holargos and Hellinikon airport. Doesn’t help much, I like to sit upright anyway. We’re doing great. We could’ve gone over Hellenikon if we wanted to. Accelerating for cruise. 2350 RPM. Nice. Let me inform ATC. Tatoi, SX-ASG, approaching ZOFRI, 2000 feet. ASG, frequency change approved to 120.15. 120.15, SX-ASG. This is Elefsina AB. Elefsina, I see.


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    October 4, 2017 6:52 pm


  2. Timothy M

    October 4, 2017 11:23 pm

    Demetri, it was a grand situation, for you in the right seat for one of your videos, because, while you were retrospective, cool, calm, and collected, the lad in the left seat's demeanor, didn't even come close to matching yours. His excitement must have raised his blood pressure a bunch, as his nervousness was on full display. I'm glad things worked out for the best.


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