Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds

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The art of a good travel itinerary comes from
planning and preparation and at CheapOair, we do our best to provide you with an
easy to use, step by step booking system. However, every now and again, changes occur
and these can be the source of great frustration and heartache if you are not prepared, or
at least, aware of the best way to process any changes or cancellations to your booking
with CheapOair. In the same way that you use CheapOair to
provide access to a world of cost effective travel options, in the event that you need to make a change
or a cancellation, you should always use our Customer Care agents to manage your cancellation
and the return of your money from the appropriate carrier, if indeed a refund is applicable. Changes made to your itinerary are subject
to very restrictive airline fare rules and possible fees. This you know! The majority of bookings made on CheapOair
do not allow any date or name changes after the booking is completed. So, if you do need to make changes, call a
CheapOair agent or utilize the CheapOair online Self-Help Desk to learn about your options. Once the original booking is complete, additional
passengers can only be booked by making a new reservation. If you are adding an additional traveler to
your travel itinerary, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the same flight or fare
will be available. Most bookings are non-refundable, 24 hours
after booking, but if for whatever reason, you cannot make your flight, your cancellation
and refund requests must be made over the phone. Remember, CheapOair does not hold onto your
money! Ticketing and payment processes mean that
CheapOair is dependent upon its airline partners for receiving authorization for refund requests. CheapOair devotes an entire global team to the management of changes to bookings, cancellations, and refunds so you don’t have to. This is just one of the many, highly managed
customer care benefits that clients of CheapOair can count on, so make sure that you use it. Once you have provided CheapOair with your
cancellation request, they will work with the airline on your behalf to determine if
you are eligible for a refund. If the airline approves the refund, under
normal circumstances, it should reflect on your account within one to two billing cycles
depending upon the airline billing processes. Remember, airlines generally charge a penalty
for refunds. Also, CheapOair services fees associated with
the original travel reservation or booking are non-refundable. However, CheapOair understands that unpredictable
things happen and for this reason certain customers may be eligible to receive a discount
off CheapOair service fees. Once again make sure that you clarify this
when talking to the customer care agent. Sometimes airlines cancel flights unexpectedly. CheapOair will do everything they can to notify
you of any changes or cancellations to your itinerary, but it is always best to contact
the airline directly to reconfirm your flights within 72 hours of departure More information on this topic can be found
on the CheapOair website. We recommend that you familiarize yourself
with our terms and conditions and FAQ’s. If you still can’t find what you’re looking
for, please call one of our Customer Care agents. Enjoy your CheapOair experience and safe travels!


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