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I’m Jen your local New York City guide
and welcome to Broadway one of the top attractions is to see a Broadway show here
in New York City but you’re probably wondering how do you find those
affordable tickets what are the hacks and secrets to get budget tickets… I am
about to share all of that and more check out the blog post linked down below
subscribe follow me on Instagram @jenniferscamera and let the show begin! First let’s start with Broadway history,
secrets, and fun facts. There are 41 Broadway theaters but only four are
located actually on Broadway the street. To qualify as a Broadway theater there
must be 500 seats or more and it must be located between 40th Street and 54th
Street between 6th and 8th ave. All other theaters outside this area that are 99
seats to 499 seats are considered off Broadway Broadway. In the 1890s was
originally known as the Great White Way because it was one of the first streets
ever to be fully illuminated with white electric white light bulbs. Most theaters do
not have an I row many people were disappointed when they found out that
their row number 1 was actually I and they thought it was the first row it
ends up being the ninth row so a lot of theaters have actually just skipped I
altogether. The longest-running Broadway show isn’t the highest earning I’ll give
you one hint (Phantom of the Opera sign behind me) The longest-running show is the Phantom
of the Opera from 1988 until today and the second longest-running show is
Chicago. 60% of Broadway audiences are female and 60% say they purchased their
tickets online. So you’re probably wondering where is the best place to sit?
The orchestra of course is the closest to the orchestra but I would say that
the first couple of rows can sometimes be an angle looking up so I really like
the middle of the orchestra if you can afford it I also love the aisle rows
which has a little bit more leg space because some of the seats can be a
little bit cramped for especially tall people you have a little bit more space
in the aisle to tilt your legs which is really nice I also really like the
mezzanine level which is definitely more affordable but the first couple of rows
of the mezzanine give me that best perspective oftentimes unobstructed with
no one in front of you and you really get to see the whole perspective of the
stage and everything going on. Timing two things: the cheapest tickets are usually
matinees during the middle of the week and they’re usually during winter. 2. Timing
duration: double check all on the show is because
some shows can be an hour some can be up to three hours so you want to make sure
that you plan ahead and you have enough time for parking or dinner reservations
make reservations ahead of time many of these restaurants right before the show
or after the show will be super crowded so you really do need a reservation and
sometimes they’ll even ask when your show is to make sure that you have
enough time to eat and have plenty of time to get to this theater. At a TKTS
booth you can wait in line for same-day tickets which are really highly
discounted some of the cheapest tickets to Broadway
shows although they do not have the most popular shows you will find a lot of
shows for about 50% off. A couple of quick tips: first of all there are three
locations there’s the location behind me here in
Times Square which is the most popular and it opens earliest but it is the only
location that doesn’t have next day matinee tickets so if you’re looking for
that you might want to check out the other two locations, which will also have
a shorter line walking distance from this Times Square location you can go up
to the Lincoln Center location which is sometimes a 20-minute long wait when
this line is an hour long so you can definitely save some time walking up
there getting into in line there it’s shorter and then enjoy the rest of
Central Park or I also recommend if you’re staying downtown to check out the
downtown location in South Street Seaport there used to be a location in
Brooklyn but just note that is now closed. Tip number two next day matinee tickets I cannot stress it enough it is really
awesome that the other location is not the time square location with the
Lincoln Center and a downtown South Street Seaport location have next day
matinee tickets so if that’s what you’re looking for I highly recommend you go to
those other two locations. Tip number three there is a separate line for plays
so if you want to see a play and not a musical get in that almost empty line to
go see a play there’s a 7 day fast pass line if you’ve already purchased tickets
from a TKTS booth you can actually skip the entire line
show them your sets and then purchase your next discounted ticket. Tip number five bad weather if there is bad weather for example a rainy day a
lot of times there will be almost no lines so if you’re willing to wait out
in the rainy cold I highly recommend it because you’ll get better tickets
quicker. TodayTix app if you don’t want to stand in line I highly recommend that
you download the really helpful TodayTix app and that is something where you can
get discounted tickets the same day or even a week in advance. Lotteries if you’re
feeling lucky check online for the show you want to see and the lotteries that
they have available there are also a number of discounts for youth student
and seniors I’ve been super fortunate to see about 10 shows in the last year
alone I really love Broadway and there’s so many great shows and they’re
constantly new ones opening and closing so some of them have already closed but
I’m going to share my top five all-time favorite shows that I highly recommend
you see if you’re super lucky to be one of the 46 people given a $10 tip that is
in the orchestra for Hamilton but there are so many people that enter online
digitally it is very hard to get it I know people who have tried for months
and still not back yet so just in case worst case scenario you can always just
fly to Chicago because people actually do that if you fly to Chicago you can
get $100 ticket in a very good seat compare that to sitting in the very back
of this theater if you can get those tickets far enough in advance. Now the longest-running show on Broadway, you have to check it out it is about the Phantom that haunts the Paris Opera stage
and falls in love with the soprano. Don’t forget to look up at the Paris Opera
House chandelier replica which has 6,000 beads and weighs one ton. The Lion King is
the first show to hit 1 billion dollars in revenue and it is super
family-friendly I saw it as a kid I highly recommend it there are six
African languages that are spoken or sung in this play and 232 puppets some
are five inches and some are 18 feet tall. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, this
is not a musical it is at play and it is two very long parts that are spaced out
so there are about two hours and 40 minutes each but sometimes depending on
when you see it they have a long break in the middle where you can have a full
dinner or even they show it the next day it is amazing it is truly a magical
experience if you are a devout fan you will not like the plot it is not about
the plot that is not why you see it you definitely come here to see the familiar
faces to enjoy the amazing magic and to really honestly revel and how they can
even make some of the things happen but they make
happen I am NOT going to share all of the details because they do have a
hashtag hashtag keep the secrets so I’m not going to tell you all the secrets
but come and enjoy it because it feels more like a magic show it is absolutely
stunning I really seriously loved it I was in awe the you know it was a long
show but it definitely went really quickly highly recommended so come here
see it yeah yes that’s all I can say cuz there’s a bunch of secret that I’m not supposed to tell you so come see it! Frozen this new musical shares a beautiful story between
two princesses and sisters it made history as Elsa wore pants not a dress in the beginning of the second act. The magical icicle scenes and familiar music make it a great show for kids and adults. And now what you’ve all been waiting for
and interview with two Broadway stars yes I put on a little extra glitter a
little extra glam because these guys are killing it they are so cool
oh my gosh I cannot wait to see them on Broadway again I actually met one of
them in a Broadway show so I was watching a Broadway show I noticed that
there was this one guy he like knew what was gonna happen next you could tell
like he’s watched this many times he knows the routine I was like oh I bet
he’s in the show to my friend I was like I wonder if he’s in the show and he
ended up asking you I was like hey like I noticed I feel like you know you know
what’s gonna happen next and he’s like yeah actually I’m gonna be in the next
show so he was actually in the show right after that performance and it was
so cool to meet him and meet his significant other they are both so
amazing I I honestly they are goals they are hashtag goals because they are
killing it on Broadway they’re a beautiful story and you know what I’m
not gonna give it away you just need to keep watching because this interview is
like one of the coolest things ever they are killing it and yet okay let’s just
cut to the interview… I’m Clay Thompson and I’m Christopher Rice and I just
closed King Kong on Broadway and I just closed the musical Pretty Woman on
Broadway on the same day and up next I’m choreographing a production of Matilda
in Boston which he was a part of the original Broadway cast of Matilda so
that’s pretty fun and I’m currently working on an upcoming Christmas special
that’s the Christmas musical that’s gonna be playing at the same theater
near Boston called taffy Christmas live. I’m from upstate New York and I’m
originally from Oklahoma but now we’re both Manhattanites yeah past like
seven years yeah when you qualify someone does in New Yorkers when they
hit the point of like wanting to yell at somebody on the subway or like being
like oh the city smells great the first day of spring within like the next day
having to deal with it smelling like urine…hot trash and yeah that’s kind of what I when I
get to New Yorker mark yeah that’s a so auditioning in New York can be crazy
there are thousands and thousands of people that are in New York City that
want to be on Broadway so my first audition for Newsies which
was my broader debut I there were hundreds of boys and we danced and we
sang and we did scenes from the show and at the end of the day the next day and I
started rehearsing for Newsies so it can be months long and it can also be
happened overnight I made my Broadway debut in the Book of
Mormon here in New York and there’s one song at the second song of the show it’s
called two by two and for like 30 pairs of people and I was a swing so I covered
seven different roles in the show and I kind of forgot who I was on for and I
wound up in the final pose with three guys living my partners to be one guy so
there’s almost called two by two and I guess that night it should’ve been
called three by one because I messed up a couple nights before I made my
Broadway debut hurricane sandy hit New York and I did not get a put in which is
your rehearsal for someone who’s replacing in a show so I never did the
show in my costume so the first time I did that was during my Broadway debut
and I ripped my pants open in the one of the big dance numbers and it was so
embarrassing but the show goes on live theater a lot of Broadway theaters are
rather small backstage even though they seem huge from where the audience sits, backstage they’re really small so a set pieces that you’ll see on stage when
they come offstage to the wings with the audience can no longer see them
you usually hook them up and they fly them up so when you walk up stage is
huge like thousands and thousands of pounds other set pieces are hanging
above you at all times my favorite place to sit when I see a Broadway show is
definitely in the front of the balcony or the front of the mezzanine so you get
like a bird’s-eye view of this stage and it’s you could see all the formations
and the dance numbers and you’re still close enough to see the actors faces so
what every Broadway show is a little different so the best seats made to pay
on the show you’re seeing we can always ask the people to box office
I feel like center of the orchestra is like probably my favorite spot also the
front of the balcony people sometimes are afraid of because they feel like the
balcony is really far away often the balcony or the mezzanine are
really close so front in front of the mezzanine is a great spot I think my
favorite show on Broadway right now is called Come From Away it’s a show that
is about 9/11 and the small town that all of the planes were diverted to and
it’s so heartwarming and it’s funny and it’s an incredible piece of theater
everyone in the show plays like four or five people the whole show and you
really care about every single character they play it’s it’s a really good piece
of theater one of my favorite Broadway shows of all time is the musical
Thoroughly Modern Millie and the guy who was the lead in that his voice is unlike
any other voice in musical theater today or ever really it seems Gavin Creole and
we actually got to do the Book of Mormon together in New York and he keyed on the
tour and other show in London and they announced he was coming to New York to
you know play the role on Broadway and I was so stoked it turns out he’s the
loveliest guy because the he’s a leader on stage off and it was just one of
those experiences when you’re so glad you get to meet your heroes because he
just exceeded all my expectations ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to be
a performer I went through a little bit where I wanted to be in the Olympics as
a gymnast but from day one I was like I be on stage and that’s all I wanted to
do so I feel so lucky to get to it now I feel like everybody has a really unique
path to get to you know where they end up on Broadway and I feel like mine had
a few more roadblocks earlier on and some I auditioned for colleges for
musical theater and I got in like nowhere so it was really tough for me
cuz all my friends I was studying with in high school had scholarships like
great schools and I didn’t even get in so if that was one moment where I had to
say do I want to keep doing this and I chose to you know risk it all and keep
pushing so eventually I have wound up at a school musical theatre and I was
really happy there I’m getting to study what I love and it all paid off because
my very first week in the city well I moved to New York on a Friday and then
Monday morning I auditioned for the Broadway first national tour of West
Side Story along with Clay touring that we both got it and with my first New
York audition and I finally had my big break so we met in auditions for West
Side Story and we got put into the show together so we both were placed with
pre-existing actors that were playing the roles at the same time so we got to
know each other in rehearsals and then we let our put in city then were about to
open in Dallas Texas and sparks flew kind of early and we’d actually been
together ever since so when we were on the national tour of
West Side Story we were actually playing Newark New Jersey and there’s a scene in
the second act right before the song officer Krupke if you know the show and
officer Krupke didn’t come on stage when he was supposed to so the next song is
called officer Krupke so it’s just the two of us on stage and we had to improv
an entire scene about why we were about to sing the song officer Krupke it was
so stressful and it felt like it was like 45 minutes when it was probably
like maybe 45 seconds. We’re getting married on the 11th so we’re getting
married on our eighth year anniversary which is so exciting we’re gonna get
married in Palm Springs California which is / we did a concert of West Side Story
out in Palm Springs so we’re gonna like revisit our old stomping ground and get
to get married. So I proposed to clay actually last May with a full flash mob proposal with all of our friends dancing it was so cool
saying his parents came in and surprised him and do all the choreography – we’ll send you a link to check it out thank you so much for watching
don’t forget to check out the blog post a link down below for more details on
getting the best tickets and all the links I also have a ton more videos all
around New York City follow me on Instagram click that subscribe button if
you have not already and as always say yes to new adventures and I’ll see you
next time! Bye!


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